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Introducing the Places to View Mt. Fuji

This video, titled "JG☆☆☆☆☆4K Mt.Fuji View Spots You can’t afford to miss" (JG☆☆☆☆☆4K 一度は訪れたい 富士山の絶景ポイント Mt.Fuji View Spots You can't miss) introduces many view spots and tourism spots where you can enjoy the magical scenery of Mount Fuji.
Mount Fuji is the tallest mountain in Japan with a height of 3,776 meters above sea level and has been recognized as a World Cultural Heritage site, one of Japan’s Three Great Mountains, and one of Japan’s 100 Finest Soils.

As is introduced in the video, you can also observe its grandeur from faraway in the Tokai Region (東海地方,Tokai-chiho) and Kanto Region (関東地方,Kanto Chiho), so why not go out and enjoy the scenery?
If you can't go out though, don't worry. We've got you covered with this article. Enjoy the sight of Mount Fuji from various places in Japan through this video.

Check out the Best Places to View Mt. Fuji!

Image of Cherry blossoms at Niikurayama Park
©Koichi_Hayakawa Modifying

The view of Mount Fuji from Osatsu (相差), Toba City, Mie Prefecture is one location introduced at the beginning of the video. The contrast between the five-storied pagoda of Arakura Fujisengen Shrine and Mount Fuji, which can be seen at 0:22 in the video, is exquisite. This magnificent view is currently the most famous Japanese scenery among foreigners. Many foreign tourists come to Japan to enjoy this view.
It truly is the apex of nature.

As you can see in the video, there are many popular viewing locations around Mount Fuji such as Lake Kawaguchi (Video 0:49〜), Lake Shoji (Video 1:15〜), Lake Yamanaka (Video 1:23〜), and Oshino Hakkai (Video 1:55〜). The views of Mount Fuji from the Kariyado-Geba Cherry Blossom Tree and Lake Tanuki in Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture, are also breathtaking.

You can see Mount Fuji up close from Satta Pass (薩埵峠,Satta-toge) in Shimizu Ward, Shizuoka Prefecture and from Miho no Matsubara (三保の松原,Mihonomatsubara), one of Japan’s Three Great Sceneries, as you can see from 3:05 in the video.

Fujieda Takizawa: Mount Fuji Over Shizuoka’s Famous Tea Fields!

Image of Night view from Otome Pass
Photo:Night view from Otome Pass

Gotenba (Video 3:40〜), Numazu Area (Video 3:54〜), Yamanaka Castle(Video 4:45〜) and Nagahama Castle (Video 4:58〜) are historic places where you can enjoy the beautiful view of Mount Fuji. As you can see in the video, the night view around the foot of Mount Fuji and the view of Mount Fuji from across the sea are nothing less than breathtaking.

Ose (Video 5:12〜), Heda Sea (Video 6:04〜), the canola flower fields of Ida (Video 5:58〜), Mount Daruma in Izu City, and Mount Takichi which you can observe from 6:23 in the video are also places where you can view Mount Fuji.

At 6:34 in the video, you can see the sight of Mount Fuji from Kyonan Town, Chiba Prefecture, a faraway place.
Mount Fuji, which stands in the endless sea with a hat of snow, is said to be the winter scenery that represents Japan.

It’s exciting when you can see Mount Fuji from the window of your car or when riding a bus.
From 7:08, you can see Mount Fuji from the window of a car on the express lane, a bullet train, and an airplane.

At the end of the video at 7:28, you can see a gorgeous view of the contrast between the bright yellow canola flowers and Mount Fuji.
The snow around the peak of Mount Fuji is beginning to melt, signaling the arrival of spring.

Climbing and Tourist Information About Mount Fuji!

Image of Mount Fuji Mt.
Photo:Mount Fuji

Many people visit Yamanashi prefecture and Shizuoka prefecture once mountaineering season has started in order to enjoy mountain climbing/hiking or walking around the crater.
Please thoroughly check the route and distance to the mountain hut and the camping area, the weather forecast, the time it will take, and information about eruptions before mountaineering.
It is also crucial that you check the live camera at the fifth station of Mount Fuji, carry a map, and wear clothes that you can move easily in.

You can arrive at the fifth station of Mount Fuji by car, using the Fuji Subaru Line or the Mount Fuji Sky Line. A parking lot is also provided.
The mountain paths are Yoshida, Gotenba, Fujinomiya, and the Subashiri Route, but be careful because some of them are closed depending on the season.
If you’re going to visit Mount Fuji, be sure to visit the Mount Fuji World Cultural Heritage Center and Kodomo no Kuni!


Image of Mount Fuji and cherry blossoms
Photo:Mount Fuji and cherry blossoms

As is introduced in the video, there are countless spots around Mount Fuji where you can enjoy the graceful scenery of the mountain that it has been revered for.

When you visit Mount Fuji, it is important to follow rules, behave respectfully, and avoid trouble.
Set out on an adventure to these viewing locations in Shizuoka and Yamanashi prefecture after careful and deliberate preparation.

Please enjoy the sight of Mount Fuji, the mountain that shows us different faces depending on the location and season. It is the pride of Japan.

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