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The Carpet of the Gods – Autumn Leaves on Mt. Kurikoma: Video Introduction

This video, titled "Autumn Leaves on Mt. Kurikoma|The Carpet of the Gods|Amazing Aerial Footage (Shot on a Phantom 4 Pro)" (栗駒山の紅葉 神の絨毯 絶景空撮 - Autumn Foliage at Mt.Kurikoma, Aerial Footage - (shot on Phantom 4 Pro)), was uploaded by "AQUA Geo Graphic."
Straddling Miyagi, Iwate, and Akita prefectures, Mt. Kurikoma is a mountain known for its beautiful autumn leaves. Its appearance is said to resemble that of a carpet for the gods. Mt. Kurikoma is a bucket-list location, and this video shows footage of the breathtaking mountain from the sky. Be sure to check it out as you read along.

The Beautiful Autumn Colors of Mt. Kurikoma

Image of Mt. Kurikoma, Miyagi Prefecture
Photo:Mt. Kurikoma, Miyagi Prefecture

Mt. Kurikoma is a 1,626-meter-tall volcano located in the central Tohoku region of Japan. It's known for its abundance of alpine flora, and is popular not only for hiking in the fall, but also in the spring and summer. Thanks to its many deciduous trees, including primeval beech forests and maple trees, the entire mountain changes color in autumn.

The summit is of course spectacular, but the mountain features excellent viewpoints for the red and yellow autumn leaves as you hike your way to the top. The mountain is crowded with hikers who come to see the beautiful autumn leaves in the fall.

There are nine different hiking courses on Mt. Kurikoma, and hikers can choose the one that best suits their fitness level and experience, which is one of the reasons it's so popular.

When to See the Autumn Colors on Mt. Kurikoma

Image of the Carpet of the Gods - Autumn on Mt. Kurikoma
Photo:The Carpet of the Gods - Autumn on Mt. Kurikoma

Mt. Kurikoma is usually at its best from late September to mid-October. The autumn foliage begins near the summit and gradually spreads over the entire mountain, creating what is called "The Carpet of the Gods," as seen in the video. In 2022, the autumn foliage reached Iwakagami-daira at the trailhead on October 6.

The "Carpet of the Gods" is so beautiful you can't help but gasp
[Video] 0:33 - Autumn Leaves and the "Carpet of the Gods" on Mt. Kurikoma

The entire mountain is truly a photogenic sight during the autumn, leading to crowds every year.
When the autumn leaves are in season, the trailhead parking lot fills up quickly, creating traffic jams. For a limited time on weekends and holidays, an bus runs between Kurikoma-Kogen Station and the Iwakagami-daira trailhead, so visitors may want to consider using this service.

Hiking on Mt. Kurikoma – Great for Beginners!

Image of hiking on Mt. Kurikoma in autumn, Miyagi Prefecture
Photo:Hiking on Mt. Kurikoma in autumn, Miyagi Prefecture

Mt. Kurikoma has many well-maintained hiking trails. All trails can be enjoyed on a day trip, making it a pleasantly accessible hiking destination.
Among the nine mountain trails, the Chuo Course and Higashi Kurikoma Course, which start from the Iwakagami-daira trailhead, are recommended for beginners. The Chuo Course, in particular, is the shortest trail (about 3 km) and it takes about 2 hours on average to hike it. It's recommended for beginners and families.

The Sukawa Course from Sukawa Kogen Onsen is another trail suitable for beginners, but please note that it is currently partially closed due to high concentrations of volcanic gases (please check the latest news of the Iwate Prefecture official website).

You can see what the hiking trails look like in the video as well.
[Video] 1:39 - Mt. Kurikoma Hiking Trails

Hot Springs Near Mt. Kurikoma; a Great Way to Relax After Hiking & Enjoying the Autumn Leaves

Image of Oyasu Valley in autumn
Photo:Oyasu Valley in Autumn

Next, we'll introduce some nearby sightseeing spots you can enjoy after viewing the autumn leaves at Mt. Kurikoma. There are several hot springs around Mt. Kurikoma where you can relax after a nice day of hiking: Sukawa Kogen Onsen (Ichinoseki, Iwate), Sukawa Kurikoma Sanso (Ogatsu, Akita), Shinyu Onsen Kurikomaso (Kurihara, Miyagi), Oyasukyo Onsen (Yuzawa, Akita), and Doroyu Onsen (Yuzawa, Akita).
In addition to overnight stays, day-trip hot spring visits are also available, so consider stopping by one of these hot springs after a drive. Please keep in mind that traffic jams can occur and parking lots may be full during fall when the autumn leaves are in season. In addition, there will be sections where cars are restricted as well, so be sure to check hot springs' website for up-to-date information.

In addition to the hot springs, other popular tourist attractions include the Kurikoma Foothills Geopark Visitor Center, Fukayama Pasture, and the some of the local restaurants.

Summary of Autumn Leaves on Mt. Kurikoma

Mt. Kurikoma, one of Japan's "Top 100 Mountains for Flowers," is a popular tourist attraction for viewing both the fresh greenery of summer and autumn leaves in the fall, as well as alpine flowers and grasses throughout the year. If you're visiting from far away, we recommend staying at a hot spring hotel after hiking the mountain and enjoying delicious sake and local cuisine from Japan's Tohoku region! It's also a wonderful way to enjoy the autumn leaves.

In the video, you can see the sunrise over a sea of clouds, as well as splendid views of the autumn leaves.
[Video] 0:00 - Sunrise Over a Sea of Clouds on Mt. Kurikoma

Mt. Kurikoma is called the "Carpet of the Gods" because of its spectacular views. We invite you to visit Mt. Kurikoma and experience its beauty for yourself!

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The Carpet of the Gods – Aerial Footage of Autumn Leaves on Mt. Kurikoma. Experience a Sea of Clouds, Sunrise, and Brilliant Autumn Colors on the Mountain Spanning Miyagi, Iwate, and Akita Prefectures!
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