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Everyone has their own way of enjoying Japan.
Visiting scenic spots is one of them.
There are many scenic spots throughout Japan where you can enjoy beautiful scenery.

Scenic Spots in Japan That Have Captured the Hearts of Many

When touring around Japan, it is important to gather information about places with amazing views.
By doing so, you'll know what's around the tourist spots you're planning to visit and can plan your trip accordingly.
The following are places with some of the best views in Japan.

・Lake Toya (洞爺湖)
Lake Toya is a popular tourist destination in Hokkaido.
You can enjoy the spectacular scenery by canoe or on a sightseeing boat.
If the weather is nice, you can also see Mt. Usu and Mt. Yotei.
Lake Toya is also known as the third largest caldera lake in Japan.

・Oirase Gorge (奥入瀬渓流)
Oirase Gorge is a tourist attraction located in Towada, Aomori Prefecture.
It's famous for its scenic views of the fierce Ashura no Nagare.
In winter, you can see icicles at Tomoshiraga Falls, and there's also the beautiful Lake Towada, which was created by a huge volcanic eruption.

・The Solitary Cherry Tree at Koiwai Farm (小岩井農場の一本桜)
The solitary cherry tree at Koiwai Farm is a tourist attraction in Iwate Prefecture.
It is said to have been planted in 1907.
At Koiwai Farm, you can enjoy not only the magnificent view, but also horseback riding and sheep shows.
You can also enjoy barbecue and Jingisukan (Ghengis Khan).

・Okama Crater (お釜)
Okama Crater is a scenic spot that straddles Yamagata and Miyagi prefectures.
It is known as the symbol of Zao.
You can see a panoramic view of the crater from the observation deck.
The scenery around the crater is also different in every season.

・The West Coast of Oga (男鹿西海岸)
The West Coast of Oga is a spectacular view in Akita Prefecture.
It's famous for the cliffs of the Oga Peninsula, which jut out into the Sea of Japan.
There are also cruise ships operating in the area.
Sakurajima, Kojaku Grotto, and other tourist attractions are also worth a visit.

・Tengendai Kogen (天元台高原)
Tengendai Kogen is a plateau in Yamagata Prefecture.
It is known as the trailhead for the Azuma Mountains, and has been selected as one of the top 100 mountains of Japan.
You can enjoy a spectacular view using the ropeway or lift.
There's also the Tengendai Kogen Ski Resort, where you can ski at certain times of the year.

・Goshikinuma (五色沼湖沼群)
Goshikinuma is a spot with beautiful scenery in Fukushima Prefecture.
It was recognized by the Michelin Green Guide in 2016 and received 1 star.
It's known for its mysterious lakes and swamps that change to different colors depending on the weather and season.

・Otome Falls (乙女の滝)
Otome Falls is a superb spot in Tochigi Prefecture.
The waterfall has a drop of approximately 10 meters and a width of about 5 meters, and you can enjoy its beauty in all 4 seasons.
It's also famous for the legend of a mermaid.

・Lake Okushima (奥四万湖)
Lake Okushima is a lake with beautiful scenery in Agatsuma District, Gunma Prefecture.
It's a lake created by the Shima River dam.
The water in Lake Okushima is so beautiful that it's called "Shima Blue."
Taking a break at the Tsuga Clearing (栂の広場) is a great way to relax and enjoy the scenery.

・Kamiiso no Torii (神磯鳥居)
Kamiiso no Torii is a beautiful tourist atttraction in Ibaraki Prefecture.
It stands on a reef on the Oarai coast and is famous for its beautiful sunrise view.

・Hodosan (宝登山)
Hodosan is a mountain located in Saitama Prefecture.
If you go to the top of the mountain via the Hodosan ropeway, you can enjoy a spectacular view.
You can see different scenery in spring, summer, autumn, and winter as well.

・Egawa Beach (江川海岸)
Egawa Beach is a beach in Chiba Prefecture with beautiful scenery.
Many people come here to see the beautiful sunset.
It's also famous for clam digging.

・Mt. Kofuji (小富士)
Mt. Kofuji is a scenic spot located on Hahajima Island in Tokyo's Ogasawara Village.
It's called "Kofuji" (little Fuji), and you can enjoy a spectacular view from its peak.
You can enjoy snorkeling and dolphin watching in the area as well.

・Lake Ashi (芦ノ湖)
Lake Ashi is a caldera lake located in Kanagawa Prefecture.
You can take a sightseeing boat or ride on the ropeway to get a panoramic view of Lake Ashi and Mt. Fuji.

・Lake Kawaguchi (河口湖)
Lake Kawaguchi is a lake with beautiful scenery in Yamanashi Prefecture located near Mt. Fuji.
It's famous for its reflection of Mt. Fuji on the water's surface.

・Mishakaike Pond (御射鹿池)
Mishakaike Pond is a picturesque lake located in Nagano Prefecture.
It's located in the mountains at an altitude of 1,500m, and is known for the beautiful scenery that reflects off the surface of the water.

・Beauty Forest (美人林)
Beauty Forest is a forest in Niigata Prefecture.
The beech trees are approximately 100 years old and it's called Beauty Forest because of the silhouettes of the trees is said to resemble beautiful women.
It's a superb spot where you can see a variety of scenery in each of the four seasons.

・Amaharashi Coast at Noto Peninsula (能登半島国定公園雨晴海岸)
Amaharashi Coast is a scenic spot in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture.
The 3,000-meter-tall Tateyama mountain range can be seen from across Toyama Bay.
It's also famous for its beautiful sunrise.

・Rokkosaki (禄剛崎)
Rokkosaki is a scenic spot in Ishikawa Prefecture.
The cape faces the Sea of Japan and is a great place to watch the sunrise and sunset.

・Yasha-ga-ike (夜叉ヶ池)
Yasha-ga-ike is a beautiful pond located in Fukui Prefecture.
There is a legend about a girl who threw herself into the pond to save herself from a drought, and it is also known as a rainmaking pond.
You can see a spectacular view of beech and maple trees here.

・Yume no Tsuribashi (夢の吊橋)
Yume No Tsuribashi is a suspension bridge with a beautiful view located in Kawanehon, Shizuoka Prefecture.
It is also famous as a power spot where you can make a wish for love and it will supposedly come true.
The bridge is built over the artificial lake of the Oma Dam.

・Shirakawa-go Gassho-zukuri Village (世界遺産白川郷合掌造り集落)
Shirakawa-go is a World Heritage Site located in Gifu Prefecture.
It has amazing views in each of the four seasons.
The name "Gassho-zukuri" is derived from the architecture of the village, and there are various theories about its origins.

・Shino Island (篠島)
Shino Island is located in Minamichita, Aichi Prefecture.
The sunset over Matsushima is so beautiful that it has been selected as one of the top 100 sunsets in Japan.

・Meoto Iwa (夫婦岩)
Meoto Iwa, or "Married Couple Rocks" is a unique rock formation in Ise City, Mie Prefecture. A 9-meter-tall male rock and a 4-meter-tall female rock are connected by a large shimenawa.
The shimenawa is replaced on May 5th, September 5th, and Saturdays and Sundays in mid-December.

・Makino Sunny Beach (マキノ・サニービーチ)
Makino Sunny Beach is a beach in Takashima, Shiga Prefecture.
It is known as a scenic spot where you can see Chikubu Island and Kaizu Osaki, two amazing views.
It is also unique in that it is fully equipped with outdoor facilities.

・Yuhigaura Beach (夕日ヶ浦海岸)
Yuhigaura Beach is located in Kyotango, Kyoto Prefecture.
It is one of the best spots to enjoy a beautiful sunset.
There are also various sightseeing spots in the vicinity, including Fudo Falls.

・Senri Riverbank (千里川土手)
The Senri Riverbank is a riverside area in Toyonaka, Osaka Prefecture.
It is near the Osaka International Airport and is known for its close up view of airplanes.

・Mt. Hyono (氷ノ山)
Mt. Hyono is located on the border of Yofu, Hyogo Prefecture and Wakazakura, Tottori Prefecture.
It has been selected as one of the top 200 mountains in Japan.
In addition to being the only remaining subarctic wet vegetation in western Japan, the mountain is home to the golden eagle, a protected species.
It's also a superb spot to enjoy frost and ice on trees.

・Sarusawa Pond (猿沢池)
Sarusawa Pond is located in Nara Park and has a circumference of 360 meters.
The pond is known for its beautiful reflection of the five-story pagoda of Kofukuji Temple and the surrounding willow trees in the water.
The pond has been selected as one of the eight most beautiful sights in Nara.

・Hashiguiiwa Rocks (橋杭岩)
Hashiguiiwa Rocks is a tourist attraction located in Kushimoto, Wakayama Prefecture.
It is known for its more than 40 rock pillars of various sizes.
Located in Yoshino-Kumano National Park, it has been designated a national scenic and natural monument.

・Kitanizawa Mountain Stream (木谷沢渓流)
The Kitanizawa Mountain Stream is a mountain stream in Tottori Prefecture.
It is famous for the fact that Suntory has a natural water plant here.
Many tourists come to see the beautiful mountain stream.

・Kuniga Coast (隠岐国賀海岸)
Kuniga Coast is a natural scenic spot in Shimane Prefecture.
Large cliffs and oddly shaped rocks, which have been eroded by the Japan Sea, jut out from the coastline.
You can enjoy the spectacular view of Kuniga Coast from a sightseeing boat as well.

・Rashomon Gate Ruins (羅生門)
Rashomon is a spot in Okayama Prefecture with a spectacular view.
It is known for its huge 40-meter high limestone arch created from a collapsed cave.
It is a natural monument.

・The Sea Fog of Hiroshima (海霧)
Sea fog is a natural phenomenon that occurs in Hiroshima Prefecture.
It is known as a spectacular sight to be seen in the Seto Inland Sea.
It can be seen for only a short time before dawn when weather conditions are just right.

・Tsunoshima Bridge (角島大橋)
Tsunoshima Bridge is a tourist attraction in Yamaguchi Prefecture.
It is known as a superb spot for viewing the emerald green sea.
Tsunoshima Bridge is also famous as a movie filming location.

・Mt. Bizan (眉山)
Mt. Bizan is a mountain in Tokushima Prefecture and is a symbol of Tokushima City.
In addition to its spectacular views in the spring, summer, fall and winter, you can also see the Seto Inland Sea if the weather is nice.
It's famous as the best night view in Japan's Shikoku region.

・Chichibugahama Beach (父母ヶ浜)
Chichibugahama Beach is a beach in Mitoyo, Kagawa Prefecture.
It is called the salt Uyuni Salt Flat of Japan.
The sunset from Chichibugahama Beach has been selected as one of the top 100 sunsets of Japan.

・The Shimanami Kaido (瀬戸内しまなみ海道)
The Shimanami Kaido is an expressway connecting Imabari, Ehime Prefecture and Onomichi, Hiroshima Prefecture.
There are a number of islands floating in the sea along it.
It was also the first bicycle route in Japan that allowed you to cross the straits.

・Kashiwa Island (柏島)
Kashiwa Island is located in Otsuki, Kochi Prefecture.
It is a popular diving spot, where you can see approximately 1,000 species of fish.
The view of the the sea is beautiful here.

・Mt. Sarakura (皿倉山)
Mt. Sarakura is a mountain in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka Prefecture.
If you use a cable car or slope car, it's a great place to enjoy a beautiful night view.

・Nanatsugama (七ツ釜)
Nanatsugama is a scenic spot located in Karatsu, Saga Prefecture.
There are seven caves and many tourists visit here.

・Kujūku Islands (九十九島)
The Kujuku Islands are a sea area that extend from Sasebo City to Hirado City in Nagasaki Prefecture.
Nearly the entire area is designated as the Saikai National Park.
It is a superb spot where you can see the intricate rias coastline.

・Nabegataki Park (鍋ヶ滝公園)
Nabegataki Park is a tourist attraction in Kumamoto Prefecture.
There's a beautiful waterfall in the rear of the park as well.

・Mt. Yufu (由布岳)
Mt. Yufu is an active volcano located in Yufu, Oita Prefecture.
Also known as Bungo Fuji, it has beautiful twin peaks.
It is also famous for the brocken spectre phenomenon, in which your shadow is reflected in the clouds and fog ahead of you and you can see a circle of light around it when you stand with your back to the sun.

・Umagase (馬ヶ背)
Umagase is a tourist attraction located at Cape Hyuga in Miyazaki Prefecture.
Here, you can admire the 70-meter-tall cliffs.
It is a nationally designated natural monument.

・Ogawa Falls (雄川の滝)
Ogawa Falls is located in Minamiosumi, Kagoshima Prefecture.
The falls have a drop of 46 meters and a width of 60 meters, and there is a promenade to the basin of the waterfall.
The emerald green color of the waterfall is very popular.

・Hateruma (波照間島)
Hateruma is Japan's southernmost inhabited island in Okinawa Prefecture.
Kitahama beach is visited by many tourists for its crystal clear waters.
It is also famous for being able to see the Southern Cross.

Exploring Scenic Locations Is One of the Best Ways to Enjoy Japan

There are many scenic spots in Japan.
When you go sightseeing, be sure to look up transportation access and times of day when you can see the sunrise/sunset, etc.

Be sure to upload pics of the beautiful scenery you find and share it with the community!
It's possible you'll have found something that no one else has seen before!