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Introducing the post of the official account of the "Obihiro Tourism Convention Association"! Obihiro City, Hokkaido is a city rich in nature located in eastern Hokkaido. There are plenty of attractive sightseeing spots such as the local gourmet pork bowl and the famous "Happiness Station" as a sacred place for lovers, and many tourists visit throughout the year. ◆Obihiro Tourism Convention Association◆ 【Address】 〒080-0012 Hokkaido Obihiro City Nishi 2-jo Minami 12-chome 3-2 JR Obihiro Station Esta East Building 2F 【Access】Sapporo to Obihiro: About 3 hours by car (using the Doto Expressway)
Obihiro Tourism and Convention Association
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How do you do! This is the Obihiro Tourism Convention Association.
We will introduce plenty of the charms of Obihiro City, Hokkaido, so thank you!

Obihiro City, Hokkaido is a city with a population of about 170,000 located in the center of the Tokachi Plain in central Hokkaido.
In this area rich in nature created by the rich land and climate, you can enjoy the beautiful nature of each season, such as fresh greenery in spring, cool summer, beautiful autumn leaves in autumn, and pure white snowscape in winter.

First of all, we will introduce popular sightseeing spots that you should never miss when you visit Obihiro City for sightseeing!

At Banei Tokachi (Obihiro Racecourse), located about a 7-minute drive from Obihiro Station, you can enjoy the world's only Banei Horse Race, where horses weighing more than 1 ton pull heavy iron sleds to compete for power, speed, and endurance.
In the Meiji period, "Banei horse racing" began in the Hokkaido pioneer era, when horses were indispensable for transportation and transportation, by comparing the value of agricultural horses as a power comparison. The historic and powerful race has been certified as a Hokkaido Heritage Site and is a popular tourist spot in modern times.
Please watch its powerful run for yourself and experience the feeling of elation and unity!

In addition, it is conveniently located 15 minutes by bus from Obihiro Station, and you can see about 70 kinds of animals at Obihiro Zoo, the second long-established zoo built in Hokkaido.
You can also play with large playground equipment such as a Ferris wheel and a merry-go-round, so it is a popular tourist spot that everyone from children to adults can enjoy.

Next, we will introduce two sightseeing spots where you can enjoy the flowers and trees of the four seasons of Obihiro.
A 15-minute drive from Obihiro Station, Manabe Garden is located in Obihiro City. It is a historic park boasting a vast site of 25,000 tsubo, and the strolling garden where you can see three types of gardens at once, such as Japan garden, Western-style garden, and landscape garden, is popular.
Visitors say "It's like coming to a fairyland!"

Next, at the Shichiku Garden, a 15,000-tsubo flower garden that spreads out on the vast grounds of the Tokachi Plain, which is located 35 minutes by car from Obihiro Station, about 2,500 kinds of flowers and trees are in full bloom, and you can enjoy them throughout the four seasons.
At the restaurant in the park, you can enjoy dishes using pesticide-free vegetables grown in the garden and fresh ingredients from Tokachi.
It is also recommended to start the day of sightseeing with a breakfast buffet where you can feel the refreshing breeze!

Next, we will introduce popular gourmet foods that you should definitely try when sightseeing in Obihiro.
Obihiro City's most popular local gourmet and specialty dish "Pork Bowl" is grilled pork marinated in a sweet and spicy sauce and placed on rice.
This exquisite cuisine has become a specialty gourmet loved not only by Obihiro citizens but also by tourists.
In addition, Tokachi is the largest dairy kingdom with the Japan production of raw milk, and many cheese artisans make their own cheese from this fresh raw milk.

Please heal your fatigue when sightseeing in Obihiro at the hot spring.
Obihiro City has many hot springs, and you can enjoy them at about 20 unique facilities.
There are also many day-trip hot spring facilities, and there are also facilities where you can soak in the hot springs and see the scenery of nature.
Find your favorite hot spring spot and spend time relaxing while taking a break.

Obihiro City full of highlights! Once you visit, you are sure to be drawn in by its charm.
We will regularly send out information on nature, sightseeing spots, gourmet food, and other attractions of Obihiro City, so thank you!
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Introducing the photos posted on "Everyone's Post"! This is a pickup post of the inbound tourism information SNS "Cool Japan Video". Today, I would like to introduce a post by "k Yoji". It captures the beauty and tranquility of nature. Nagatoro-cho, Chichibu-gun, Saitama Prefecture, is an area rich in nature located in western Saitama Prefecture, about 120 minutes by train from Tokyo. The entire town is designated as Nagatoro-Tamayodo Nature Park. Nagatoro's popular activities, such as playing in the river and rafting, are full of charm. The "Nagatoro Line Kudari" and "Nagatoro Rafting Tour" that go down the upper reaches of the Arakawa River by boat allow you to enjoy a thrilling experience while enjoying the nature of the four seasons. In addition, "Nagatoro Kosawaen", where you can barbecue while playing in the river, sells barbecue sets, so it is safe to go empty-handed (you cannot bring your own in this facility). We also recommend the Nagatoro Auto Campsite, where glamping and bungalows can be used. There are plenty of sightseeing spots where you can enjoy a superb view. "Nagatoro Valley Iwatami Mat" is a spot that represents Nagatoro, which is also called the "window of the earth" where you can observe historical geological formations, and is a nationally designated Place of Scenic Beauty and a natural monument. For Hodosan recommended for strolling, you can go up to the summit station with the "Hodosan Ropeway". You can enjoy seasonal scenery such as cold cherry blossoms, cherry blossoms, azaleas, and autumn leaves. In addition, Nagatoro Town is a famous place for cherry blossoms that has been selected as one of the "100 best cherry blossom spots" Japan. The so-called "cherry blossom tunnel" connecting Nagatoro Station and Nogami Station is a row of cherry blossom trees that stretches for about 2.5 km. It is also recommended for viewing by car. The promenade "Passing through cherry blossoms" at the foot of Hodosan is also a popular cherry blossom spot with more than 30 types of cherry blossoms and about 500 cherry trees planted. Both are illuminated during the best time to see them, and you can enjoy the cherry blossoms at night. ◆Nagatoro Town Tourism Association◆ 【Address】369-1305 Saitama-ken, Chichibu-gun, Nagatoro-cho, Nagatoro 529-1 【Access】Seibu Ikebukuro Line (Limited Express) to Seibu Chichibu about 80 minutes (Please see the official website for details.) ) ★ The 17th COOL JAPAN VIDEOS Photo Contest is currently being held with the theme of "Japan's best known sightseeing spots"! We look forward to receiving many applications from you!
k Yoji
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Fresh greenery of Nagatoro
This is a hidden spot from Kami-Nagatoro
The cobblestones are also impressive.
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Noboribetsu Tourism and Convention Association
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Noboribetsu City is a beautiful hot spring town surrounded by the rich nature of Hokkaido. Noboribetsu City is dotted with many wonderful spots that continue to fascinate visitors. This time, we will introduce in detail the most popular tourist spots in Noboribetsu City and the charm of Noboribetsu Onsen. We hope that it will be an opportunity for many tourists to visit Noboribetsu City. First, we will introduce the popular sightseeing spots in Noboribetsu City. "Noboribetsu Bear Ranch" is one of the largest bear farms in the Japan, and about 70 Ezo brown bears live. In the park, you can observe the bears spending their time up close and enjoy the feeding experience. Next up is "Noboribetsu Jigokudani". This is the remains of a crater with a diameter of about 450 meters formed by the eruptive activity of Mt. Hiyori. It is a spot where you can feel the mystery of the earth, and while walking along the promenade, you can enjoy the powerful scenery of Jigokudani and the moment when hot springs gush out. Noboribetsu Marine Park Nix, a popular tourist spot introduced at the end of this article, is an aquarium with the theme of "Nordic romance and marine fantasy" where you can interact with marine life such as sea lions, penguins, and dolphins. The dolphin show and sea lion show held regularly are popular events that can be enjoyed by both children and adults. There is also penguin walking time and experience interacting with dolphins. There are still many popular sightseeing spots in Noboribetsu City, so I will introduce them in a future post. One thing you can't miss when sightseeing in Noboribetsu City is Noboribetsu Onsen. The historic onsen town that has spread since the Edo period is still loved by many people. It is characterized by the spring quality containing sulfur and salt, and can be expected to have relaxation effects and skin beautifying effects. It is also said to be effective in improving neuralgia, muscle pain, joint pain, and sensitivity to cold. Noboribetsu Onsen has various types of hot spring inns and day-trip hot spring facilities, so visitors can enjoy the hot spring that suits them. There are a variety of options available, including inns where you can enjoy open-air baths and indoor baths, inns with family baths, and accommodations that offer elaborate private baths. You can also enjoy a hot spring bath or a foot bath. Access to Noboribetsu City is about one hour by JR from New Chitose Airport and about one and a half hours by car from Sapporo City, making access from within Hokkaido very convenient. There are also plenty of bus tours and car rentals to enjoy sightseeing in the city. Souvenirs that cannot be missed when sightseeing in Noboribetsu City include the local beer "Oni Legend" and the "Noboribetsu Toro ~ Pudding" made with Noboribetsu milk. Please check it out as a souvenir for your family and friends. What do you think? Noboribetsu City, Hokkaido is a tourist destination packed with various attractions such as nature, hot springs, history, and souvenirs. In particular, Noboribetsu Onsen has a wide range of attractions such as spring quality, efficacy, and diversity of facilities, and is ideal for those who seek relaxation effects that heal daily fatigue and skin beautifying effects. Noboribetsu Onsen is surrounded by beautiful nature in each of the four seasons, and you can feel nature while enjoying the hot springs. Please visit Noboribetsu City once and experience its charm. After fully enjoying the splendid hot springs and tourist attractions, enjoy local delicacies and souvenirs. You will enjoy Noboribetsu Onsen and spend a relaxing trip both physically and mentally.

Things to Do in Noboribetsu, Hokkaido! Enjoy Noboribetsu Onsen, 'Hell Valley,' the Nature of Noboribetsu, Theme Parks, and Many More Attractions!

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Obihiro Tourism and Convention Association
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Unlimited ride pass "VISIT TOKACHI PASS" Japan resident tourist version For those who visit Tokachi for sightseeing, we are selling an unlimited bus pass [VISIT TOKACHI PASS] that allows you to fully enjoy the charms of Tokachi such as Banei Racecourse, Tokachigawa Onsen, Lake Shikabetsu, Nukabira Gensengo, and the former JNR Happiness Station and Aikoku Station. 【Target Group】Those who live in Japan Japan and visited Tokachi for sightseeing * It is also available to those who live overseas. * Those who live within the jurisdiction of the Tokachi General Promotion Bureau are not eligible for sales. Please note. 【Applicable routes】 All routes in the Tokachi area of Hokkaido Takushoku Bus and Tokachi Bus (including Obihiro Airport Shuttle Bus) * Intercity express buses, regular sightseeing buses, and community buses of each city and town cannot be boarded. 【Sales period】 Released all year round 【Sales location】  (1) Obihiro Station Bus Terminal (Hokkaido Takushoku Bus Counter, Tokachi Bus Counter) (2) Tokachi-Obihiro Airport Information Center (Tokachi Bus Counter) (3) Sales site  【Type / Amount】  One-day ticket 2,000 yen [Elementary school students 1,000 yen] (Price revised from April 1, Reiwa 5)  2-day ticket 3,000 yen [Elementary school students 1,500 yen] (Price revised from April 1, Reiwa 5)  ※#Available only on the date of purchase. Two-day tickets can be used on the day of purchase and the day after. 【Contact】 Hokkaido Takushoku Bus Co., Ltd. Tokachi Bus Co., Ltd. 【How to use】  (1) Fill out the application form at the sales counter and purchase the pass (non-refundable or reissued) * Along with an ID that shows your current address (driver's license, My Number card, etc.) at the time of purchase, we will check your ticket, air ticket, etc. (mobile is also acceptable) when you come to Tokachi.  (2) Take the route bus  * Please be sure to take a numbered ticket for the usage section survey※  (3) When you get off the bus, please put the numbered ticket in the fare box and show the side with the date of the pass to the driver. ★One pass cannot be used by more than one person. ◆Please note◆ ★ Not available to residents of the Tokachi area. ★ You may also be asked to show your ID or travel ticket. ★ If you are found to be a resident of the Tokachi area, this Pass will be invalid and you will be charged a separate fare. #Hokkaido #十勝 #十勝バス #拓殖バス #バスの旅
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