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Japan's political and economic news, popular entertainment news, sports news, regional news, international news, natural disaster news, top 10 rankings, and many other news and events in Japan are circulated and known by many people overseas.

Among these, Japan's natural disasters, such as typhoons, torrential rains, and earthquakes, have been particularly well covered overseas, and the "Great East Japan Earthquake" that occurred in the Tohoku region on March 11, 2011 had a tremendous impact on the world, with the international media being flooded with news of the disaster immediately afterwards.
In particular, the tsunami that occurred at the time of the earthquake is still fresh in the minds of many foreigners.

However, the devastation caused by the earthquake was not the only thing that was covered. The calm response to the disaster by the Japanese people was also praised.
The Kumamoto earthquake in 2015 was also widely covered abroad, with many people voicing their support for Japan.

Japanese News That Made Headlines Around the World

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News of the imperial family and politics also become hot topics overseas, and in January 2019, Emperor Akihito became the first emperor in 200 years to abdicate while still alive, leading to Japan's current era, "Reiwa," and making headlines worldwide.
This new era's name, "Reiwa," is derived from the "Man'yoshu," one of Japan's most iconic pieces of classical literature, which was composed at the end of the Nara period (710-784), approximately 1,200 years ago.

In 2021, Tokyo is scheduled to host the 32nd Olympic and Paralympic Games.
This will mark the second time in 57 years that Japan has hosted the Olympics, and will be the first time in Asia that the same city will host the Olympics multiple times.

There's also news about Japan's latest cutting-edge technologies, discoveries that are filling in the blanks of history, news about prominent Japanese figures around the world (e.g., Nobel Prize winners), and Japanese politics, including Prime Minister Suga, etc.

In the past, access to Japanese news information abroad was limited to newspapers and some TV channels such as NHK, which broadcast overseas, but now, thanks to the spread of the Internet, anyone can easily access the latest news and breaking stories from Japan every day through various video sites, such as YouTube, Internet TV, and live streams.

The most popular news sites offer a variety of genres, including popular front-page news, amusing stories, news from abroad, general news, shocking news stories, weather forecasts, and more.

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