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Tourism Expo Japan 2022 is on!

It's been two years since Cool Japan Video released its first video, and this will be our first coverage of the event!
We will continue to publish articles about Cool Japan Video staff members who have actually visited Japan and provided first-hand accounts of their experiences.

The first article in this series covers Tourism Expo Japan, which was held at Tokyo Big Sight for four days from September 22, 2022 (two days open to the public, from September 24 to 25)!
The last time the event was held in Tokyo in 2018, a total of 200,000 people visited the big event over four days.

This Tourism Expo Japan is one of the world's largest travel festivals and was held in Tokyo for the first time in four years.
The exhibition is designed to bring various municipalities and companies a new form of travel that has been greatly changed by the Corona Transit.

There were also many new styles of travel, such as VR experiences that make it seem as if you have actually visited the destination.

With the convergence of the coronas in sight, the first and second days of the Japan Travel event were a great success.
With the convergence of the coronas in sight, the first and second days of the Japan Travel event were a great success.

Tourism Expo Japan 2022 - Photos from the First Day of the Expo

Here are some photos from the first day, Thursday, September 22, 2022.
The interview will be featured again later in this article, so stay tuned!

Information has also been added for Friday, September 23, 2022.

Photo:Japan Sake Brewery Tourism Promotion Council
Photo:Maritime Tourism Promotion
Photo:Ibaraki/Tochigi/Gunma/Kusatsu Onsen
Photo:National Parks in Japan/Haku Japan: National Parks Project
Photo:Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Photo:Tohoku Tourism Promotion Organization / East Japan Railway Company
Photo:Kyoto of the sea/ Kyoto of tea/ Kyoto of the forest/ Another Kyoto/ Nishiyama, Kyoto "Bamboo Village, Otokuni
Photo:Fukui Prefectural Tourism Federation
Photo:VISIT JAPAN Travel & MICE Mart

Lastly, ...

To our surprise, former Prime Minister Suga also visited on that day!

Tourism Expo Japan 2022, Day 2

The second day of Tourism Expo Japan was another great success.

It will open to the public on the third day, Saturday, September 24, 2022, so here's a rundown of all the highlights for everyone to enjoy!
First, booths of prefectures and local governments from all over Japan.
Various booths will be lined up from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south.
It introduces recommended sights, top sights and gourmet foods, so it will help you decide what to plan for when you actually visit on your trip!

At the Okinawa Prefecture booth, visitors were given information on sightseeing spots along with information from various remote islands.
You can also learn about the history of Okinawa.

The Kyushu booth features seven prefectures: Fukuoka/Saga/Nagasaki/Kumamoto/Oita/Miyazaki/Kagoshima!
This day, September 23, 2022, marked the anniversary of the opening of the West Kyushu Shinkansen line.
Of the 143-kilometer Shinkansen project between Hakata and Nagasaki Stations, 66 kilometers between Takeo Onsen and Nagasaki Stations has been opened.

At the Shikoku booth, Kochi, Ehime, Kagawa, and Tokushima prefectures
You will find a wide variety of natural activities and attractions.

Hida Takayama, Matsumoto City, Kanazawa City, etc. in Hokuriku, Hida, and Shinshu 3 star road trip!
You can also sample Shirakawa-go Cider, a local drink.

Check out the booths where you can sample sake and other local beverages.
Many of them have limited hours, so you need to check in advance.

At the Ishikawa booth, visitors can compare three types of Ishikawa sake.
I would have wanted to drink too if I wasn't working...

The Hokuriku-Hida-Shinshu 3-star road trip includes a tasting of Shirakawa-go cider, a local drink.

There are also several booths where you can try your luck at the gacha-gacha and raffle drawings.

At the booth of the Eastern Kochi Tourism Council, visitors can win a stuffed yellowtail, a specialty of Kochi Prefecture, in the "Buri Lottery.
You can't go wrong, so why not give it a try?

The Japanese Heritage booth had a giant rumble machine that will be open to the public on September 24 and 25.
Please visit and see what you can win.

Experience booths and event booths that are a little bit different and can only be enjoyed here.

You can actually enjoy the footbath!
Why don't you try to heal your tired body in a hot spring?

The history of life in Hokkaido is recreated.

Actual seats from the Anpanman train running in Shikoku are on display.
You can even sit down and have your picture taken!

Take a great photo and feel like an astronaut!

Yukimura Sanada's armor and ninja welcome you. This booth is a must-see for foreigners.

There is also the World Scallop Fishing Championships: how many scallops can you catch in two minutes!

If you can get the gold bars out of the box, you get a prize!

I'd love to travel all over Japan in one of these campers!

On the Overseas floor, you can also see booths from around the world.
You will feel like you are on a round-the-world trip if you visit each booth.

South Africa's colorful booth stood out in the large venue.

In Malta, the holy land of cat lovers, of course, cats will welcome you!

The Egyptian booth was so authentic, with its objects and costumes, I felt like I was actually visiting Egypt!

There's so much more to see and do!
Why not visit Tokyo Big Sight this weekend and find your favorite booth?

On September 22, 2022, Prime Minister Kishida announced a policy of eliminating the cap on the number of people entering the country, allowing free personal travel, and waiving visa requirements for short-term stays, effective October 11, 2022, over waterfront measures for the new corona.
We believe that the recovery of the tourism industry is another step closer to the after Corona.

Tourism Expo Japan 2022 Details

Date: September 22-25, 2022 (open to the public on September 24-25)
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight
Address: 3-11-1 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0063, Japan
Admission: 1300 yen at the door, 1000 yen in advance
By train: Approx. 3 minutes walk from Tokyo Big Sight Station on the Rinkai Line, approx. 7 minutes walk from Kokusai Tenjijo Station / Approx. 3 minutes walk from Tokyo Big Sight Station on the Yurikamome Line
Official website:

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Tourism Expo Japan 2022 was held at Tokyo Big Sight. One of the world's largest travel events, bringing together tourist destinations from around the world in anticipation of the full-fledged lifting of the ban on inbound tourism!
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