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『Kirakira Donki Video Introduction

Sweets and other types of cute goods are very popular on Japanese Twitter and TikTok. Many people are tempted to check out these popular goods, but don't actually know where to buy them. In this article, we'll introduce Kirakira Donki, a trendy shop that recently opened in Odaiba. The video, titled "Kirakira Donki Opens in Odaiba! What's There to See? TBS NEWS DIG" (「キラキラドンキ」お台場にオープン!見所は?【Nスタ】|TBS NEWS DIG), was uploaded by "TBS NEWS DIG Powered by JNN." Be sure to give it a watch!

Kirakira Donki in Odaiba, Tokyo

Kirakira Donki opened in Tokyo's DiverCity, a shopping mall in Odaiba, in May 2022. Don Quijote has developed stores specializing in different concepts, such as "Okashi Donki" specializing in sweets, "Sake Donki" specializing in sake, "Cosme Donki" specializing in cosmetics, and even "Konkara Donki" which specializes in spicy foods. Their newest store, Kirakira Donki, which targets "Generation Z," has now popped up in Odaiba with trendy items, such as cosmetics and sweets that are popular on Japanese social media!

About 60% of the staff working there are Generation Z, in their teens and 20s, and they select products that are popular on social media, as well as cutely-colored goods. In the video, you can see the inside of the newly opened Kirakira Donki.

When you enter "Kirakira Donki," you'll see Don Quijote's official character "Don Pen" painted everywhere, and the ceiling is decorated in a playful style, reminiscent of an amusement park. In addition, large, cute pop-ups and handwritten product descriptions are meant to make the store catch the customer's eyes. These are just a few of the many creative details that draw customers to the store.

Goods Sold at Kirakira Donki

The store has a wide variety of Korean food products, such as Planet Gummi, that became popular on Japanese TikTok, photogenic candies shaped like stars and hearts, as well as juices and even popular Korean and Chinese cosmetics that can be purchased for 500 yen or less! The store features a whopping 10,000 products that appeal to Japan's Gen Z.
In addition, they have "Mobile Foods," like waffles and "Beauty Vinegar" drinks for take-out.

4,000 Kinds of Cute Cosmetics and Nearly 2,000 Varieties of Candy!

There are about 4,000 reasonably-priced cosmetics sold at the store. This summer's hot sellers include stick-type A'pieu sunscreen in cute colors and bang styling sticks. The bang styling sticks are a popular product among teenagers that helps neatly tuck away frizzy hair during Japan's rainy season.
In addition, there's a selection of around 1,800 kinds of sweets popular on Japanese social media, including cookies, gummies, and all sorts of candies. There's sure to be a candy that you'll like!

Gummies Galore!

The Planet Gummi gummies became a hot topic on Japanese social media because of the sound they make when opened. The video even shows an elementary school girl that came to the store with her parents saying, "I'm happy I got to try the Planet Gummi gummies that I'd seen YouTubers eating! The girl's mom, who came with her to the store, also seemed to enjoy herself.

Planet Gummi is a favorite in Japan, and now they're also available in a transparent blue color called "Planet Candy." This product was created by a long-established company founded in 1975. This candy is also slowly gaining popularity and is sure to be popping up on Japanese Instagram in the near future.

In an interview with a customer to the store, she says "I was able buy some Korean snacks like Planet Gummi and Ozzy Strawberry so I'm happy!" Some of the items are available on the Internet, but being able to buy them in person is a totally different experience.

In addition to the "Planet Gummi," new snacks such as "Pop Eye" and "Monster Gummies" that resemble poke balls are also popular on Japanese social media. Kirakira Donki has tons of products that fulfill the desires of Generation Z. It might even become a new tourist attraction in Tokyo!

◆Kirakira Donki DiverCity Tokyo Plaza Store◆
Hours: 10 AM – 9 PM
Address: Tokyo Plaza 2F, 1-1-10 DiverCity Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN, 135-0064
Access: Public Transportation - A 5 minute walk from Daiba Station via the Yurikamome Line, a 3 minute walk from Tokyo Teleport Station via the JR Rinkai Line

【Official Website】Odaiba DiverCity Tokyo Plaza - Mitsui Shopping Park

【TripAdvisor】DiverCity Tokyo Plaza

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Kirakira Donki - An Amusement Park of Candy in Tokyo's DiverCity! Check Out All of the Trendy Goods for Sale at This Shop in Odaiba!
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