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The Gorgeous "Lover’s Cape" in Wakayama Prefecture!

This video, titled "Lover's Cape - Wakayama - 恋人岬," introduces Lover’s Cape, a famous tourist spot in Susami, Wakayama prefecture in Japan's Kansai region. Lover's cape is also included in the "8 Scenic Views of Susami."

The fierce waves split after hitting Kuroshima, and the shape and action of the 2 waves hitting each other again is said to be similar to putting one’s hands together in pray, thus, the waves are called "Gassho Nami" (合掌, Gassho, "Putting one's hands together in prayer, 波, Nami "Wave").
You can see the waves coming together at 0:48 in the video.
The mysterious waves are called "Meotonami" (夫婦波, Wedded Waves) and the towering rocks are called "Meoto Iwa" (夫婦岩, Wedded Rocks) and has been selected as one of the "66 Waterfront Areas to Be Cherished in Wakayama" for its beautiful view.
Because of its romantic name and scenery, it is popular with couples, and as the name "Lover's Cape" implies, many couples visit here.

Lover’s Cape, a Popular Tourist Spot in Wakayama Prefecture

Lover’s Cape, introduced in the video, has 2 main attractions.
The first is a cave called "Gama," located on the west side of Kuroshima.
Here, you can enjoy scuba diving from March to the end of April and from late June to the end of October.
Historically, there is a legend that it contains hidden treasures of the Kumano navy, and many people visit during scuba diving season.

The second attraction at Lover's Cape is that between October and January and between April and September, the slopes of Lover's Cape are covered with bougainvillea flowers.
You can also enjoy fishing here as well.

Lover’s Cape is A 15-minute walk from Mirozu Station or a 15-minute drive from the Susami Interchange on the Kisei Expressway. Free parking is also available, so be sure to take advantage of it if you're going by car.

The Waves of Lover's Cape

Image of Wakayama prefecture・Meotonami
Photo:Wakayama prefecture・Meotonami

Lover's Cape consists of two islands one with a large reef and the other with a small reef. The islands are called Oki-no-Kuroshima and Riku-no-Kuroshima respectively.
The Karekinada coastline, which was formed by upheaval and erosion of the Kii Peninsula, is famous for the phenomenon known as "Tombolo," where a road is formed between the two islands, and you can enjoy the dynamic ocean with waves on both sides.

The entire island of Esuzaki Island in Wakayama Prefecture, where Lover's Cape is located, is a sacred area, and Kuroshima Benzaiten (a Buddhist goddess) is located at the bottom of the cliff at Lover's Cape.
The bright red torii gate can be seen at 1:48 in the video as well.

The view from Lover’s Cape in Wakayama prefecture

Image of Susami・Sunset from Roadside Station Susami
Photo:Susami・Sunset from Roadside Station Susami

The sunset that can be seen from Lover’s Cape is so gorgeous that it was chosen as one of the Top 100 Sunrise / Sunset Views of Wakayama Prefecture, and many tourists travel to see it.
Being that "Meotonami" was selected as one of the "8 Scenic Views of Susami," it's a great place to quietly spend time gazing at the sunset and waves.

There is also a restaurant at Lover's Cape called Italian Café BUSH. The interior of the restaurant is modeled in a Mediterranean style and you can enjoy pastas or pizza made with local ingredients. Their business hours are 9:00-18:00 so you can appreciate Wakayama prefecture’s sunset while enjoying a delicious meal at the restaurant.

Lover’s Capes Around the World

Photo:Izu・Lover's Cape Bell

In addition to Lover's Cape in Wakayama Prefecture, there are many other Lover's Capes around the world.
At Lover's Cape in Izu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, there's a story about a man who rang a bell when he passed through the cape, and it is said that if you call out the name of your beloved while ringing the bell, your love will be fulfilled.

Lover's Cape in Guam is a spot where you can enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of Tumon Bay, which is depicted on the national flag of Guam.
It's called "Lover's Cape" because of a story about a couple who pledged their eternal love to each other and jumped into the sea.
The Lover’s Cape in Kashiwazaki in Niigata prefecture, is located at the Nihonkai Fisherman’s Cape, and it is a place where you can ring a bell with a heart-shaped plate for good romantic fortune.

Summary of Lover’s Cape

What did you think about Lover's Cape? Lover’s Peak is definitely a place to go to when sightseeing in Wakayama. It has incredible views of nature romantic sunsets as well. Be sure to bring your lover with you when you visit!

【Official Website】Lover’s Cape – Izu City Tourist Information dedicated website

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The Encounter of Waves, Brought Together by Two Islands, Is Reminiscent of Long Lost Lovers Being Reunited. Come Check Out the Amazing Scenery at Lover’s Cape in Wakayama Prefecture!
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