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Autumn Leaves at Hatonosu Valley in Okutama: Video Introduction

This video, titled "[4K Ultra HD] Okutama|Autumn leaves in Hatonosu Valley, Tokyo (3-axis gimbal stabilizer)" ([ 4K Ultra HD ]奥多摩 鳩ノ巣渓谷の紅葉 Hatonosu Valley,Okutama,Tokyo (3-axis gimbal stabilizer)), was uploaded by "AQUA Geo Graphic."
Hatonosu Valley, upstream of the Tama River, is located in Okutama, Tokyo. Despite its location in Tokyo, this sightseeing spot is rich in nature. The video, which captures the autumn leaves, dynamic boulders, and oddly shaped rocks in Hatonosu Valley, Okutama, along with the sound of the mountain stream, is sure to provide a relaxing experience. It's 3 minutes and 25 seconds long, and is full of beautiful natural scenery.

Recommended Things to Do in Okutama

Image of Okutama, Tokyo
Photo:Okutama, Tokyo

Located on the western edge of Tokyo, Okutama is a tourist destination with easy access from central Tokyo, despite the fact that 94% of the town is covered by forest, leaving plenty of nature for visitors to enjoy. In addition to its natural scenery, the town offers a wide range of outdoor activities, such as camping, fishing, mountain climbing, and hiking.

Because of Okutama's rich natural environment, beautiful autumn foliage can be seen in the fall, as shown in the video.

Visitors can enjoy mountain climbing and hiking while viewing the autumn leaves in the rich valleys and giant boulders of the upper reaches of the Tama River. You can also enjoy camping and fishing while listening to the murmuring water of the valley. The paved mountain pass is also popular for scenic drives, offering beautiful scenery throughout Japan's four seasons.

When to See the Autumn Leaves in Okutama

The autumn leaves can be seen in Okutama every year from late October to mid-November. We recommend checking out the live cameras if you're looking to take photos of autumn leaves. Live video footage of Okutama is available on YouTube 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you want to visit during autumn to see the leaves, be sure to check these out.

The Best Places to View the Autumn Leaves in Okutama

Image of autumn leaves in Akigawa Valley, Tokyo
Photo:Autumn leaves in Akigawa Valley, Tokyo

The most recommended places for viewing the autumn leaves in Okutama are Lake Okutama and the valleys in the upper reaches of the Tama River. Here we'll introduce so of the recommended spots in Akigawa Valley, Mitake Gorge, Hikawa Gorge, Hatonosu Valley, and Lake Okutama.

Akigawa Valley
The Akigawa Valley is full of natural attractions, such as waterfalls and large boulders. When the autumn leaves are in season, the contrast between the large river and the brightly colored autumn leaves is simply exquisite. In addition, the view of the valley from Ishibune Bridge, a red suspension bridge for pedestrians, which is located near a hot spring facility called Seoto no Yu (瀬音の湯), is superb.

Image of Mitake Gorge
Photo:Mitake Gorge

Mitake Gorge
Mitake Gorge is said to be the most beautiful valley in Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park. A promenade has been well maintained, and the upper reaches of the Tama River valley can be viewed from this spot alongside the autumn leaves.

Hikawa Gorge
Like Mitake Gorge, Hikawa Gorge is another easy-to-visit destination that you don't want to miss. Located just 3 minutes from Okutama Station, Hikawa Gorge has well-maintained walking trails and a hiking course that can be completed in about 2 hours, even without full-fledged hiking equipment. Visitors can enjoy the autumn leaves in a relaxed atmosphere here.

Image of Hatonosu Valley, Okutama, Tokyo
Photo:Hatonosu Valley, Okutama, Tokyo

・Hatonosu Valley
Hatonosu Valley, introduced in the video, boasts the largest number of boulders among the valleys in the Okutama area. The powerful view of the autumn leaves and giant rocks seen from Hatonosu Kobashi Bridge, a suspension bridge over the valley, is especially breathtaking, and makes for great photos.
[Video] 1:55 - Hatonosu Kobashi Bridge

Lake Okutama
Lake Okutama is the most famous lake in Okutama. This beautiful lake was artificially created as a result of the construction of the Ogouchi Dam and has been selected as one of the 100 most beautiful dammed lakes in Japan. The sight of the mountains with autumn leaves on the shores of the beautiful blue lake is exceptional! If you want to enjoy the autumn leaves in Okutama, this is a must-visit spot.

Summary of Autumn Sightseeing in Okutama

Although this article focuses on sightseeing and viewing the autumn leaves of Okutama, Okutama has a wide range of attractions. The Nippara Limestone Caves on the way to Lake Okutama are cool and refreshing with a year-round temperature of 11°C. It's a tourist attraction that can be visited even on rainy days.

Okutama Shuyu Road around Lake Okutama is beautifully maintained and is ideal for going on drives, as there are parking lots throughout the area. There are also many delicious restaurants in the area, where visitors can enjoy lunch while viewing the natural scenery, or try exquisite Kurobuta pork dishes.
Furthermore, there are many inns and hotels around Lake Okutama, making it a recommended tourist destination for those looking to enjoy a relaxing overnight stay instead of just a day trip. Come and experience the charms of Okutama!

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Autumn Leaves and Boulders in Hatonosu Valley! Enjoy Sightseeing and Autumn Leaves in Okutama, Tokyo via Video!
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