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Hokkaido Yuni Town "Yuni Garden" Video Introduction

Image of kochia at Yuni Garden, Yuni, Yubari, Hokkaido
Photo:Kochia at Yuni Garden, Yuni, Yubari, Hokkaido

This video, titled "Yuni Garden 'Kochia' 2021" (2021 ゆにガーデン「コキア」), was uploaded by "Yuni Garden Official Channel" (ゆにガーデン公式チャンネル).

In the video, you can see approximately 32,000 kochia (summer cypress) plants dyed in their autumn colors at Yuni Garden, an English-style garden in Yuni, Hokkaido, in Northern Japan. Enjoy the aerial video showing the neat fields of kochia, and other gardens in the area.

Yuni Garden Facility Information

Image of Kochia at Yuni Garden, Yuni, Yubari, Hokkaido
Photo:Kochia at Yuni Garden, Yuni, Yubari, Hokkaido

Yuni Garden, located in Yuni, Hokkaido, is an English-style garden with a vast area of approximately 34.5 acres. The garden is home to a rose garden, fragrance garden, and other themed gardens, and the 32,000 kochia plants make it one of the most numerous kochia spots in Hokkaido! It takes about one hour to walk around the park, and visitors can enjoy the scenery in every season!
[Video] 0:58 - The English-style Yuni Garden

The Best Season to Visit Yuni Garden

Image of Kochia at Yuni Garden, Yuni, Yubari, Hokkaido
Photo:Kochia at Yuni Garden, Yuni, Yubari, Hokkaido

At Yuni Garden, visitors can enjoy many types of flowers, but the main attraction is the kochia (summer cypress). The Kochia Hill is home to 32,000 kochia plants.

Kochia is an annual plant with a lovely, fluffy appearance. What makes kochia such a nice plant is that it changes with the seasons. The best time to see the kochia at Yuni Garden is from August to October: from early August to early September, the kochia is fresh and green, and from mid-September, the leaves begin to turn from green to a vivid red.

Both the green and red kochia are very photogenic, and are sure to be a hit on Instagram!
[Video] 2:05 - The Colorful Kochia at Yuni Garden

Chery Blossoms and Other Seasonal Flowers at Yuni Garden

Image of roses at Yuni Garden, Yuni, Yubari, Hokkaido
Photo:Roses at Yuni Garden, Yuni, Yubari, Hokkaido

In addition to kochia, a variety of other flowers can be enjoyed at Yuni Garden. Here are some of the flowers that can be enjoyed during the different seasons at Yuni Garden.

● Spring (late April to May)
In late April, the glory of the snow flowers, which herald the arrival of spring, begin to bloom, followed by a variety of cherry blossoms in early May. In the White Garden, visitors can enjoy cherry blossoms and wood anemone. Additionally, guests can enjoy peach blossoms, crab apples, rape blossoms, and tulips decorating the flower beds.

● Summer (June to August)
From June, Moroccan toadflax spreads over the hills, and lupinu, peonies, and other early summer flowers brightly decorate the garden. In the Rose Garden, roses are in full bloom and the air is filled with their sweet fragrance.

In early July, approximately 400 hydrangeas begin to bloom in "Hydrangea Alley," and in late July, scarlet sage and lilies are in full bloom.

● Autumn (September to October)
In September, autumn roses, cosmos, Japanese anemone, Thunberg's bushclover, meadow saffron, and rose of Sharon can be seen. The leaves on the maple trees also change to brilliant colors during this time.

The blooming conditions can vary from year to year due to climatic conditions and other factors. The official website is constantly updated with the blooming conditions, so be sure to check out the current blooming conditions before visiting!

Enjoy Lunch at a Restaurant or Café at Yuni Garden

Image of Yuni Garden, Yuni, Yubari, Hokkaido
Photo:Yuni Garden, Yuni, Yubari, Hokkaido

Yuni Garden is also home to restaurants and cafes with which you can enjoy the local flavors of Yuni and its gardens.

The restaurant "Chive" is a buffet restaurant where you can enjoy a healthy buffet. It has approximately 40 dishes using plenty of colorful vegetables, and has good reviews.

Enjoy tea time on the open terrace of the cafeteria "Basil" while taking in the natural surroundings! The ice cream here is especially popular.

"Jingisukan House" is a hands-on farm where you can enjoy fresh lamb Jingisukan. Keep in mind that it requires a reservation of at least 10 people.
Enjoy a lunch of fresh vegetables in the nature-filled Yuni Garden!

Things to Do Near Yuni Garden

Image of Yuni, Hokkaido
Photo:Yuni, Hokkaido

Yuni, the town where Yuni Garden is located, is a relatively small town with not a lot to do, but there are definitely some things to check out if you're looking to get off the beaten path and explore some lesser-known areas of Japan.

Kitanaganuma Ski Area
During the winter months, Kitanaganuma Ski Area is a small ski resort that opens where locals gather to enjoy some light skiing together with friends and family. The ski resort has 3 lifts: the first lift being an alpine course, the second being the main skiing hill, and the third lift being a family course. There is also a sledding area for kids.
At the lodge, you can take a break and enjoy some curry, beef bowls, or some noodle dishes like ramen, udon, and soba.

Hours: 9:00 am - 8:30 pm (winter only) ※Ski season starts around the end of December.
Pricing (1-day Pass): Adults: 1,800 yen, Children: 900 yen

Laugh Tale Campground (由仁町見立の沢キャンプ場 LAUGH TALE)
Laugh Tale is a new campground that opened in 2022. It's not the largest campground, but if you're just looking to get out and enjoy some time outdoors during the summer months, it's definitely not a bad option. You can throw up a tent and enjoy camping with friends, family, or even solo, and the campground also has firewood available for campfires.
There is also a barbecue corner that can be rented out for 3 hours, and a dog run available for those coming with dogs.

Hours: The campground opens around early May and ends in late October.
Junior high school students and older: 500 yen, Elementary school students and younger: Free
[Barbecue Area]
450 yen per person. Comes with a barbecue and chairs ※Charcoal sold separately (350 yen/1 kg)

Yuni Garden is approximately 50 minutes east of Sapporo by car and 1.5 hours by train, making it a nice place for a day trip if you're in or around Sapporo.

Summary of Yuni Garden, Hokkaido

Image of Kochia at Yuni Garden, Yuni, Yubari, Hokkaido
Photo:Kochia at Yuni Garden, Yuni, Yubari, Hokkaido

Kochia changes with the seasons, with green and red kochia able to be seen in various seasons. It's recommended that you visit the "Kochia Hill" viewing area, which is scheduled to open to the public on Friday, September 1, 2023.

Elaborate events such as live music, painting exhibitions, and orienteering are also held at Yuni Garden from time to time. In addition, the 1st and 11th are "Doggy Day," and guests can enjoy a walk through the gardens with their dogs.

Yuni Garden is approximately 50 minutes from Sapporo by car, and 35 minutes from New Chitose Airport by car! Please visit Yuni Garden, where you can enjoy a different floral landscape each time you visit.

【Official Website】Yuni Garden, Yuni, Hokkaido

【TripAdvisor】Yuni Garden

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Yuni Garden in Yuni Town, Hokkaido is famous for its kochia! Aerial video of the best time to visit and seasonal flower attractions.
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