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Tashirotai Marsh: Video Introduction

This video, titled "Time Lapse #129|Mt. Hakkoda|Tashirotai Marsh|A Marsh of Rhododendrons and Cottongrass|4K" (Time Lapse #129 Mt.Hakkoda Tashirotai ツツジとワタスゲの湿原 八甲田・田代平 4K), was uploaded by "aomorigonta."
Tashirotai Marsh is a high-elevation marsh located in Aomori City, Aomori Prefecture, in Japan's Tohoku region. The video shows the beautifully blooming cottongrass and azaleas in early summer, as well as the beautiful Milky Way in the night sky, and other breathtaking views that are sure to captivate. Be sure to check it out before reading along.

Tashirotai Marsh – Discover the Beautiful, Natural Scenery of Aomori, Japan

Image of Ryujin-numa at Tashirotai Onsen
Photo:Ryujin-numa at Tashirotai Onsen

Tashirotai Marsh is located at the northern end of Towada-Hachimantai National Park in Aomori City, Aomori Prefecture, and is a high-elevation marsh designated as a Natural Monument.
Tashirotai Marsh was formed from a caldera lake that was created by volcanic activity in the Hakkoda Mountain Range approximately 2 million years ago, and is located at a relatively low elevation at 560 meters above sea level. Furthermore, Tashirotai Marsh is the largest and oldest of all the marshlands in the Hakkoda mountain range.
Ryujin-numa (Ryujin Marsh), located at the entrance to Tashirotai Marsh, is filled with emerald green water, and its mysterious scenery has made it a popular spot among both tourists and the people of Aomori Prefecture.

Tashirotai Marsh – Autumn Leaves & Other Seasonal Views

Image of rhododendrons in the Hakkoda Mountains, Aomori
Photo:Rhododendrons in the Hakkoda Mountains, Aomori

A variety of alpine plants can be seen in Tashirotai Marsh, and from June to July, cottongrass and azaleas bloom, providing beautiful scenery. In summer, zenteika and eleorchis bloom, and the yellow flowers of kinkoka are especially popular. The yellow flowers bloom all over the area and are a must-see, especially if you're a photographer or instagrammer.

From late September to mid-October, it's a popular spot for tourists to view the colorful autumn leaves, and the entire marshland changes to a golden hue, fascinating visitors.

Tashirotai Marsh has a 1,600-meter-long walking trail that takes about one hour to complete. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful nature and fresh air in the summer and fall.

The Tashirotai Marshland Course – Journey Through Nature in the Hakkoda Mountains

Image of autumn leaves at Tashirotai Onsen, Hakkoda Mountains
Photo:Autumn leaves at Tashirotai Onsen, Hakkoda Mountains

The Tashirotai Marshland Course is a recommended way to enjoy the nature of the Hakkoda Mountain Range, and starts from Aomori City. Driving along the driving route through the foot of the majestic Hakkoda Mountains, visitors can enjoy viewing the marshlands scattered throughout the Hakkoda Mountain Range. During the summer, visitors can enjoy the blooming flowers and the greenery of the Hakkoda Mountain Range, and in the fall, the autumn leaves add color and beauty to the natural scenery. It's a course we definitely recommend trying if you have the chance.

The highlight of the Tashirotai Marshland Course is the natural beauty of the marshland, which changes with the seasons. Tashirotai Marsh is a diverse wetland with a variety of aquatic plants and offers a wide range of natural attractions, from alpine flora to the mysterious marshes created by the melting snow of the Hakkoda Mountains.

There are also a number of delicious restaurants and footbaths along the driving route. The course is 88.2 km long and takes 3 hours and 38 minutes to complete. We urge you to visit Aomori and take your time to enjoy the seasonal natural beauty of the Hakkoda Mountains.

Summary of Tashirotai Marsh

Around Tashirotai Marsh, you'll find Hakkoda Onsen, where you can relax in hot springs after a long day of hiking/walking. There's also lodging facilities, such as the Hakkoda Hotel, so if you like the outdoors, consider planning a trip to enjoy the natural beauty of the Hakkoda Mountain Range.

Before visiting, you can also check live cameras that provide video of Aomori Prefecture Route 40 (青森県道40号線, Aomori Kendo Yon-juu Go-sen) to see the weather and traffic conditions. Parking is available for those coming by car.

When sightseeing in Aomori, consider stopping by Tashirotai Marsh to experience the natural attractions of the Hakkoda Mountain Range.

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Tashirotai Marsh – Fantastical Cottongrass and Breathtaking Views of the Milky Way in Aomori Prefecture! Explore the Oldest Marshland in the Hakkoda Mountain Range!
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