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The Kakita River, a Unique Stream Flowing Through Shizuoka, Japan: Video Introduction

This video, titled "Explore the Enchanting Crystal Waters of Kakita River with 8KVR!!!" (『静岡県清水町』が制作の『神秘の清流 柿田川 〜8KVRで体験!空中散歩と絶景癒しスポット〜) was uploaded by "Shimizu, Shizuoka" (静岡県清水町).

The Kakita River is Japan's shortest Class 1 river, one of the three clearest rivers in Japan along with the Nagara River and the Shimanto River, and is fed by spring water from Mt. Fuji.

In 1985, the Kakita River was selected as one of the "100 Famous Bodies of Waters" by the Kakita River Spring Group because of the purity of its water.
Be sure to take a look at the beautiful 8K VR video of the clear stream created by the spring water from Mt. Fuji.

The Kakita River, a Clear Stream Filled With Spring Water From Mt. Fuji!

Image of spring water at Kakita River Park
Photo:Spring water at Kakita River Park

The Kakita River is a Class 1 river in the Kano River system located in Shimizu, Shizuoka, in Japan's Tokai Region. It boasts the largest volume of spring water in Japan, and most of the water in the Kakita River is spring water from melting snow and rainwater from Mt. Fuji that seeps into the Mishima lava flow. It is one of the most unique rivers in Japan.

It is one of the three clearest rivers in Japan and is also designated as a Natural Monument by the government of Japan in the category of geological minerals.

The Kakita River stays at a cool 15°C throughout the year, with a constant volume, allowing the Mishima Baikamo, an underwater plant unique to rivers, to grow in abundance, nurturing a rich natural environment that provides comfort to the local people.

At one time, factories moved into the area to exploit the abundant spring water, and the deteriorating quality of the water made it uninhabitable for fish. However, thanks to the efforts of the local people to improve the water quality and protect the habitat for kingfishers and various fish, the Kakita River continues to flow as a clear and transparent stream.

What Gives the Kakita River Its Blue Color?

Image of spring water at Kakita River Park
Photo:Spring water at Kakita River Park

Kakita River Park is located upstream of the Kakita River. Originally the ruins of Izumigashira Castle built by Hojo Ujiyasu, a daimyo known as "The Lion of Sagami," this historic place is home to one of the most photogenic spots on the Kakita River.

The "Wakima," is one of the sources of the Kakita River and can be seen from the observation deck of Kakita River Park. This place was originally used as a well by a nearby factory. The blue-colored source seen from the second observation deck is a mysterious beauty and has become quite popular on Japanese social media.

The Kakita River spring water appears blue because of the water's ability to absorb red light. The deeper the water gets, the bluer it becomes. The color of the spring water changes slightly depending on the season, weather, and time of day, but the deepest and most beautiful blue can be seen in the mornings during the summer.

Highlights of Kakita River Park

Image of Kifune Shrine at Kakita River Park, Shizuoka
Photo:Kifune Shrine at Kakita River Park, Shizuoka

In addition to the Wakima, you can also enjoy a picnic at Kakita River Park! You can rent a picnic set at the Shimizu Town Tourist Information Center "Wakura Kakita River" and have a picnic without having to bring your own equipment. You can also rent equipment for activities such as badminton, dodgeball, and Othello/Reversi. Kakita River Park is located in the town of Shimizu in Sunto Ward, not Shimizu Ward, so be sure not to mix them up if you plan on visiting!

Kifune Shrine, famous for boosting one's luck in love, is located in Kakita River Park. This shrine is a branch of Kibune Shrine in Kyoto and is dedicated to the god of water, but it has become known as a shrine for praying for love. On the approach to the shrine, there is a stone monument, and touching the stone shaped like a rice ball is said to bring good luck. There is also a mizu-mikuji (water fortune) that when placed in water makes the characters appear, making it a popular power spot for couples and those seeking love.

Restaurants Near the Kakita River

Image of tofu cuisine at Kitchen Kawasemi
Photo:Tofu cuisine at Kitchen Kawasemi

There are a variety of restaurants and cafes near the Kakita River. At the roadside stop Yusui no Michi (湧水の道), adjacent to Kakita River Park, you can find Kitchen Kawasemi (キッチンかわせみ) and Shokuji-dokoro Kawasemi Honkan (食事処かわせみ本館) where you can enjoy tofu dishes using fresh spring water from the Kakita River.

At Kitchen Kawasemi, you can enjoy cold tofu and yuba (tofu skin) the freshest wasabi. Coffee brewed with spring water from the Kakita River is also available.

Shokuji-dokoro Kawasemi Honkan offers a kominka (traditional Japanese home) experience, with reservations given priority. Here, the serve bento boxed lunches with a choice of either hot tofu or cold tofu made the famous spring water from the area.

Also nearby is a store where you can purchase tofu ice cream, firm or soft tofu made spring water, green rice crackers, and coffee beans called Kakitagawa Yusui Blend (柿田川湧水ブレンド). Stop by after a stroll in Kakita River Park!

A Brief Overview of Shimizu, Shizuoka

Shizuoka Prefecture is the 10th largest prefecture in Japan based on population (3.5 million), and is located 1 hour from Tokyo and Nagoya via shinkansen (bullet train). Shimizu is a small town located in northeastern Shizuoka with a population of just 32,000. It's close to both the sea and mountains and even hot springs.

Summary of the Mysteriously Clear Kakita River

The Kakita River is one of the smallest rivers in Japan, at approximately 1.2 km long. However, it's so transparent that it is one of the three clearest rivers in Japan.

The blue spring water gushing up from the earth, which can be seen from the second observatory in Kakita River Park, is a popular, photogenic spot. Kakita River Park is also a sightseeing spot where families can enjoy picnics and outdoor activities during the spring and fall.

Nearby is Sun to Moon Kakitagawa, a large commercial facility that includes a movie theater and a shopping mall.
When sightseeing in Shizuoka Prefecture, be sure to stop by Shimizu!

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The Mysterious Beauty of the Kakita River in Shizuoka, Japan! Video of the Kakita River Flowing With Melted Snow Water From Mt. Fuji!
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