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Tea Fields and Mt. Fuji

This video, titled “Drone Shot Tea Plantation and Mt. Fuji Obuchi Sasaba(空撮 茶畑と富士山 静岡 大淵笹場 | Tea Plantation and Mt. Fuji),” is a video using drone footage of a tea plantation around Mt. Fuji in Shizuoka in the Tokai region of Japan. It was produced by "crescendo L DESIGN."

The Mt.Fuji area in Shizuoka has two famous tea growing locations called Obuchi Sasaba and Imamiya.
Early summer, when the lush tea plantation spreads across the slope on the outskirts of Mt. Fuji and shows natural scenic beauty unique to the famous tea growing locations, is the best time to visit.

You can watch drone footage of the tea plantation at Obuchi Sasaba in the video.
With Mt. Fuji faintly covered in snow in the background, the vast, solid green tea plantation creates a beautiful landscape unique to Japan.
Please watch the video and enjoy the scenic beauty that can only be seen in Japan.

How Japanese Tea Is Grown

A Tea Plantation
Photo:A Tea Plantation

Tea plants grow well in warm weather.
In Japan, the largest producers of tea are the Mt. Fuji area in Shizuoka, Uji in Kyoto, and Sayama in Saitama, and teas from these area are called the "Three Famous Teas of Japan."
An evergreen tree called camellia sinensis is grown in tea farms nationwide and tea picking is held during May when fresh tea leaves are harvested.
The tea is harvested and sold as new tea, so be sure to taste the freshly harvested, elegant flavors.

In Shizuoka tea plantations, windmill-like structures are installed to protect the new tea from frost damage in the early spring.
Obuchi Sasaba in this video is in Shizuoka Prefecture, which boasts the largest tea cultivation and production area in Japan.

Experience Tea Picking on the Outskirts of Mt. Fuji!

tea picking
Photo:Tea picking

A popular attraction in tea producing areas, including Obuchi Sasaba in the Shizuoka area, is tea picking.
There are also spots where you can borrow a tea-girl costume to pick tea and enjoy a memorable experience.

Picking tea in the sprawling tea fields of Obuchi Sasaba, is a great way to remember your trip.
We recommend that you buy some delicious tea as a souvenir after a leisurely tour of the tea plantations around Mt. Fuji.

When is the best time to visit "Oobuchi Sasaba", a tea plantation and Mt. Don't miss the Oobuchi Tea Festival!

The tea plantation of Obuchi Sasaba
Photo:The tea plantation of Obuchi Sasaba

Shizuoka Prefecture is known as one of Japan's leading tea-producing regions and there are many tea plantations in the prefecture. In spring, you can see the verdant landscape of tea fields at the foot of Mt. Fuji.
The scenery has become so popular among foreign tourists in recent years that you can take a tour of the tea plantations by minibus.

The best time to photograph the lush tea fields and Mt. Fuji at Oobuchi Sasaba is from late April to May. We recommend the "Oobuchi Tea Festival," which is held during the best time to view the tea fields. The festival is usually held on May 3, and visitors can enjoy a variety of gourmet foods and events, including a photo session where they can take pictures of tea girls picking tea along with Mt.
You're sure to get some great Instagram pics!

Summary of Obuchi Sasaba

In this video, you can see a spectacular view of the greenery of young tea leaves against the backdrop of Mt. Fuji.
After viewing the scenic beauty of Obuchi Sasaba, your everyday tea may be more flavorful.

We hope you enjoy your early summer sightseeing trip in the scenic beauty of Shizuoka, where you can experience tea picking, buy delicious tea, and enjoy Japanese tea culture!

◆Obuchi Sasaba◆
【Address】Near 1516, Obuchi, Fuji City, Shizuoka
【Access】About 35 minutes from JR Fuji Station by bus or about 20 minutes from Tomei Fuji IC/New Tomei New Fuji IC by car
【Parking】Toll parking is available near the tea plantation

【Tripadvisor】Obuchi Sasaba

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