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Introducing Nagasaki Kujukushima Tenkaiho

The video “Kujukushima Tenkaiho 8KHDR(Kujukushima Tenkaiho 九十九島 展海峰 8KHDR),” created by “Japan Explorers,” is a promotional video introducing the popular tourist spot “Kujukushima Tenkaiho,” part of the Saikai National Park in Sasebo, Nagasaki.

Kujukushima is easily accessed from Sasebo station, (home to the popular tourist spot “Nagasaki Huis Ten Bosch”) taking only about 30 minutes to reach by car.
It's an area of ocean 25 km north of Sasebo Port, dotted with islands.
Many people visiting Kujukushima visit Nagasaki's Huis Ten Bosch and vice versa.

The scenic view from the Tenkaiho observatory in Kujukushima, is introduced in the video with a famous Japanese song called “Jupiter.”
Enjoy the contrast of the green islands and blue ocean as far as the eye can see.

The Top 100 Landscapes of Japan - Kujukushima

Image of Tenkaiho Rapeseed field
Photo:Tenkaiho rapeseed field

Kujukushima is an archipelago located in the north of Nagasaki, 25 km from the west coast of the Kita-Matsuura Peninsula.
It contains the highest density of islands in Japan.
The word “Kujuku” means 99, but there are actually a total of 208 islands.
There are only 4 inhibited islands, and they are: Kuroshima, Takashima, Maejima, and Toudomari. The rest are uninhabited.

There are 4 observatories as well. Tenkaiho, Yumiharidake Observatory, Ishidake Observatory, and Kujukushima Hakkei. Tenkaiho is the one introduced in the video.
From Tenkaiho, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Kujukushima which is included in the "100 Landscapes of Japan."
The most popular view among photographers is of the cruise ship weaving through Kujukushima. It's also great for taking Instagram pictures, and many young adults come here to take photos.
You can see the full view of Kujukushima from Tenkaiho in the video.

Tenkaiho is also a popular spot for tourists who come to see the flowers. In the spring, rape blossoms are in full bloom and more than 150,000 cosmos bloom in the fall.
There are also cherry blossoms and a night view as well.

Sightseeing Around Kujukushima's Tenkaiho

Image of Scenery from Ishidake Observatory
Photo:Scenery from Ishidake Observatory

Among the observation decks, the most popular one for viewing the sunset is the Ishidake Observatory, where the silhouettes of islands floating in the sunset are as beautiful as an ink painting.

You can also experience the view from the ocean by cruise ship or on a sailboat.
The Kujukushima Pleasure Boat "Pearl Queen" is popular among tourists as you can see the southern islands of Kujukushima up close on a 50 minute cruise.
While listening to the explanations of the legends and lore that remain on the island of Kujukushima, you begin to imagine its rocks turning into lions and turtles.

On top of that, you can also experience the sunset cruise, where you can see the beautiful sun setting between the islands.
There's also Kujukushima Aquarium Umikirara, and the Kujukushima Zoological and Botanical Garden Morikirara at Pearl Sea Resort. At 0:24 in the video, you can see the 2 ships floating in the distance.
Sea kayaking, yachting, swimming and other marine sports that take advantage of Kujukushima Island's topography are also popular.

From Sasebo Port, where Kujukushima is located, you can also take a ferry to enjoy sightseeing at the Goto Islands.

Dining in Kujukushima

Image of Grilled oysters
Photo:Grilled oysters

If you're going to Sasebo, you've got to try the Sasebo Burgers and fresh seafood.
Kujukushima oysters are a famous winter food as well.
In November and February, they hold the Kujukushima Oyster Festival.
It's a fun event with 400 grills and endless oysters!
Visitors can experience grilling their very own oysters too. Kujukushima rice crackers (from Kujukushima Group CO.,LTD.), Kujukushima Iriko Somen (a type of thin noodles), and Kujukushima puffer-fish, are some of the other popular foods in Kujukushima.

A little-known souvenir spot on Kujuku Islands is "Kujukushima Namino Michi," a direct sales outlet on the westernmost tip of the Japanese mainland.
It is a very small roadside station, but there are variety of fresh vegetables and sea food.
It is a very small roadside station, but you can buy local vegetables and seafood here, as well as enjoy the local gourmet food of Kujukushima.

Summary of Kujukushima

With it's vast blue seas and incredible islands, it has to be one of the best natural landscapes in the world.
The video shows some amazing views, so be sure to check it out if you still haven't yet.
If you're looking for a vacation why not stop by Kujukushima? You definitely won't regret it.

Sightseeing is also very convenient as there are several hotels around Kujukushima.
There's also the Sasebo Convention & Visitors Association which is very useful for travelers.
Gather your information beforehand and enjoy your trip to Kujukushima!


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Kujukushima in Nagasaki Has a Total of 208 Islands, and It Contains the Highest Density of Islands in Japan! Check Out the Superb View at the Tenkaiho Observatory!
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