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The Izura Coast of Ibaraki Prefecture, Famous for Its Spectacular Coastal Scenery!

This video, titled "[4K] Superb Aerial Views of the Izura Coast in Kita-Ibaraki, Chiba" ([4K] 絶景空撮:五浦海岸(茨城県北茨城市)の海岸絶景 Superb view of the coast at Izura Coast), was uploaded by "AQUA Geo Graphic."
The video introduces the Izura Coast of Ibaraki Prefecture.
As its name suggests, the Izura Coast (五浦, Izura, lit. "Five Inlets") in Ibaraki Prefecture consists of five inlets: Koizura, Daiizura, Tsubaki-iso, Naka-iso, and Hata-iso.
Its address puts it in Kita-Ibaraki, but it is located on the border with Fukushima Prefecture.

The Izura Coast belongs to Hanazono-Hananuki Prefectural Natural Park, and has been selected as one of the Top 100 Beaches of Japan, 100 Soundscapes of Japan, Top 100 Views of Ibaraki, Top 100 White Sand and Green Pine Beaches of Japan, and Top 100 Geological Sites of Japan.
It is also called "Kanto no Matsushima" because of its black pine trees and is a scenic spot with plenty to see and do.

It is also said that the large carbonate concretion reefs along the Izura Coast are most likely derived from natural gas gushing from oil and gas fields that existed on the surrounding seafloor.
In this video, you can enjoy rare images taken from the Pacific Ocean side.

The Izura Coast, Deeply Associated With Okakura Kakuzo

Image of Rokkakudo, Izura Coast , Chiba Prefecture
Photo:Rokkakudo, Izura Coast , Chiba Prefecture

The Izura Coast is closely associated with Okakura Kakuzo (Okakura Tenshin), an artist and thinker of Japan's Meiji Period (1868-1912 AD).
Okakura Kakuzo's former residence with its magnificent garden and Rokkakudo, which can be seen from 0:40 in the video, still stand on the beach and are well known as tourist attractions on the Izura Coast.
Rokkakudo was designed by Okakura Kakuzo himself as a place of thought.
It was damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, and what can be seen today was rebuilt in 2012.

Beautiful Views of Cape Otsu

Image of Cape Otsu on the Izura Coast, Chiba Prefecture
Photo:Cape Otsu on the Izura Coast, Chiba Prefecture

The spectacular Cape Otsu can be seen from 3:24 in the video.
The cliffs eroded by the rough waves of the Izura Coast are nine-sided and layered, and the video provides a dynamic image of them.
The overlapping oddly shaped rocks of the Goura Coast, which is said to be the art of nature, will fascinate the viewer with its mystical power.

Ibaraki's Izura Coast as a Tourist Destination

Image of Rokkakudo and the Izura Onsen hotel
Photo:Rokkakudo and the Izura Onsen hotel

Ibaraki Prefecture's Izura Coast is a popular tourist destination, and with so many attractions, it's a place that can easily be enjoyed over a few days by staying at a hotel or other such accommodation.
Ibaraki Prefecture's Izura Coast is a popular tourist destination, and with so many attractions, it's a place that can easily be enjoyed over a few days by staying at a hotel or other such accommodation.
It's said to be a sacred place for modern Japanese painting, and visitors can enjoy an art museum, the Okakura Tenshin Memorial Park, the Okakura Tenshin Location Set used for filming a movie in 2013, and the fishery history museum "Yo Soro."

Other attractions include playing on the seashore, swimming, and fishing in the vicinity, making it a fun place to visit even if you're not a history buff.
In addition, there's Izura Onsen (hot springs) and other hot springs, which attract many tourists.
Regarding local cuisine, the area is famous for monkfish, which can be enjoyed at certain restaurants even for lunch.

Summary of Ibaraki Prefecture's Izura Coast

This video introducing the Izura Coast, where you can feel the rich nature and history of Japan, can be enjoyed in beautiful 4K quality. This scenic spot is popular among both Japanese people as well as foreign tourists. The Izura Coast is an easy trip from Tokyo, and there is a parking lot at Cape Izura Park, where a memorial tower is located. If you're looking for a spectacular view in Kita-Ibaraki, we highly recommend checking out the Izura Coast!

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Breathtaking Footage of the Izura Coast's Scenic Precipitous Cliffs in Ibaraki Prefecture! Check Out the Amazing Aerial Views in This Video!
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