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Introducing the Classic "Chocolate Banana"

This video, titled "Japanese Food Stall Classics – The Chocolate Banana|Fukuoka, Japan" (日本の屋台の食べ物 - チョコレートバナナ 福岡日本). It introduces one of the classic foods sold at food stalls around Japan- the chocolate banana.

In Japan, trying food from the various food stalls set up during festivals is an activity that anyone can enjoy.
In this video you can see chocolate bananas being decorated to look like cute characters before being displayed at the front of the food stand.

The chocolate banana is one of the most popular food stand items, along with other classics such as takoyaki, yakisoba, okonomiyaki, frankfurts, ikayaki, corn on the cob, baby castella, and buttered baked potatoes.
Enjoy watching this introductory video on the popular Chocolate Banana!

What are Chocolate Bananas?

Image of chocolate banana
Photo:Chocolate bananas

The chocolate banana, a popular food stall snack, is also sometimes called Choco Banana or Banana Choco.
Bananas are skewered onto sticks and coated in delicious chocolate. They're a popular item sold at food stalls during festivals and special events in Japan.

In this footage taken of a festival food stand in Fukuoka, you can see chocolate bananas being decorated with marshmallows and other sweets to look like cute characters.
These cute looking chocolate bananas have to be one of the most Instagrammable foods in Japan!

How to Make Chocolate Bananas

Chocolate bananas are actually pretty easy to make. First, dip your skewered banana into melted chocolate.
Once the banana is fully coated allow the chocolate to dry.
You can see this at 0:22 in the video.
Of course, you can also enjoy eating the chocolate banana as it is but why not have fun decorating your chocolate banana with various toppings and colorful sprays?

At 0:37 in the video, you can see how simple chocolate bananas are transformed into cute characters by decorating them with mini potato chips and marshmallows!

You can easily make chocolate bananas at home too!
Any time you're in the mood to make a chocolate banana, don't be shy about watching this video for inspiration!

Chocolate and Banana Flavored Desserts Are Extremely Popular in Japan

Image of a chocolate banana crepe
Photo:Chocolate banana crepe

Chocolate and banana are very complementary flavors.

There are many other chocolate and banana flavored desserts you can enjoy in restaurants and cafes around Japan, such as chocolate banana cake, chocolate banana parfaits, chocolate banana tarts, chocolate banana pound cake, chocolate banana muffins, and so much more!

Summary of Chocolate Bananas at Japan's Food Stalls

In Japan, festivals are held throughout the year and it is common to see many food stands and night stalls set up in the area.

Chocolate Bananas are one of the most popular items sold at these stands.
Costing roughly 300 yen (~$3 USD) each, chocolate bananas are a very affordable and delicious snack. You should definitely try one the next time you come across one at a festival!

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