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Introduction to Yagenbori Shichimi-Togarashi Kojo

This is a video that introduces the sales pitches for Yagenbori Shichimi-Togarashi.
"Yagenbori Shichimi-Togarashi Honpo" is a shop that sells a spice called "Shichimi Tougarashi" (七味唐がらし, a 7 flavored peppercorn blend), in Asakuksa, Tokyo.

In this video, you can hear the sales pitch speeches of the peppercorn vendor at a booth during a festival.
His light-hearted sales pitch while mixing the seven-flavored spice is sure to have both your eyes and mouth watering!

What Is Yagenbori Shichimi-Togarashi?

Image of Yagenbori Shichimi-Togarashi
Photo:Yagenbori Shichimi-Togarashi

Yagenbori Shichimi-Togarashi Honpo is a prestigious shop established nearly 300 years ago in the early Edo Period (1603 – 1868).
Their peppers are extremely high in quality, so much so that they even used to be offered as gifts to Edo’s third shogun, Tokugawa Iemitsu.

Yagenbori Shichimi-Togarashi is made with care which brings out its aroma and spiciness through the blending of the following 7 medicinal ingredients:
-Chili peppers: to give it a kick
-Roasted chili peppers: to give it a mellow, savory scent
-Poppy seeds: to strengthen the body and aid in digestion
-Hemp seeds: for nutritional balance
-Sansho powder: for tingly spiciness and a sturdy stomach
-Black sesame: a fragrant all-purpose ingredient
-Dried citrus peels: an aromatic Chinese medicine

These are all herbal medicines that, if eaten, can be expected to have a relaxing effect, prevent colds, and regulate the intestines.

Watch and Listen to the “Yagenbori Shichimi-Togarashi” Vendor!

As shown in the video, you can watch the performance of the salesman at his food stall repeating his sales pitch while blending and selling his spices.
The 7 different spices are layered side by side like a rainbow and blended beautifully- a process that gathers quite an audience.

In the video, the male artisan repeats his sales pitch while blending the Yagen Shichimi-Togarashi, and the woman standing next to him swiftly wraps the merchandise to hand to the customers.
Many tourists gather around the stall to catch a glimpse of the artisan’s amazing performance. In Japan, this type of sales pitch/vendor performance dates back to long ago.

Summary of the Tougarashi Salesman

Did you enjoy the enchanting voice of the spice slinging salesman?

Yagenbori Shichimi Togarashi is an attractive addition to various Japanese dishes such as ochazuke (rice soaked with green tea, dashi, or hot water), eggs over rice, and tsukudani (seafood, meat or seaweed simmered in soy sauce and sugar).
The medicinal ingredients used in Yagenbori Shichimi-Togarashi can be used in everyday cooking, or bought as a souvenir/gift.
Yagenbori Shichimi-Togarashi is also available at online retailers. The cost is reasonable, so be sure to try it if you have the chance.

If you watch this video after purchasing the product online, listening to the sales pitches might make you feel as if you bought it at an actual festival stall!

【Official Website】Yagenbori Shichimi-Togarashi Honpo

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Oct. 26, 2020
坂崎 なお(Nao Sakazaki)
Interested in Japanese culture and traditions! I'll be introducing lovely scenery to you!

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