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Introducing Baby Castella Stalls!

"Japanese Stall Series: Baby Castella Edition(日本の屋台シリーズ ベビーカステラ編)" is a video that people who love Japanese festival culture and event stalls should definitely watch.

Baby Castella is a standard for festival menus.
At the stalls, they use a special baking machine similar to a takoyaki machine and bake round and cute castella with amazing craftsmanship.
Check out the amazing skills of real craftsmen at baby castella specialty stores that are especially popular at Japanese food stalls.

What Are Baby Castella? Origins and How They're Made

Image of Baby Castella
Photo:Baby Castella

It is said that the history of Baby Castella began in the Taisho era (1912 to 1926 AD) with a stall in Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture in Japan's Kansai region. A stall craftsman made a menu that closely resembles a commercially available bell castella, and it became a very popular product. You can learn more about how to make baby castella at 0:53 in the video.
Just pour the dough into a special baking machine that the craftsman has, close the baking machine lid and bake it.

As you can see from 3:34, the baked baby castella uses a skewer to fly neatly into the pom-pom and saucer.
It looks easy, but baking a lot of baby castellas requires the quick work of a skilled craftsman.

Calories and Prices of Baby Castella

Image of Baby Castella
Photo:Baby Castella

Nakazawa Seika, a famous baby castella store that has opened stores in Fukagawa Fudo and Asakusa Tori-no-ichi, is a castella specialty shop where you can wait for up to three hours. The baby castella sold at the shop is pretty reasonably priced however. They start at 12 for 300 yen (~$3 USD).

One baby castella is about 30 calories, but these babies are freshly made and super tasty, so you might want to be careful about eating too much.

Making Baby Castella at Home!

Image of Baby castella made with a takoyaki pan
Photo:Baby castella made with a takoyaki pan

It is often thought that a special machine used in a specialty store is needed to make baby castella, but you can actually make them at home, using a takoyaki machine.

If you use a hot cake mix and bake the dough with a takoyaki machine, you can make your very own delicious baby castella.
We recommend giving it a try if you have the chance!

Summary of the Baby Castella Stalls

There are many people who look forward to eating street food at festivals.
On festival and event days, eating lunch and snacks at the stalls is a great way to try new foods and make some great memories.
One of the pleasures of Japanese food stalls is to be able to see the craftsman's skills in action.

If you are sightseeing in Japan, be sure to stop by the baby castella stalls where you can see the amazing techniques shown in the video.

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Last Updated : Dec. 1, 2021
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What's That Amazing Smell?! The Skill Of These Baby Castella Craftsmen Is Nothing Short Of Amazing! Be Amazed by the Mouth-Watering Performance While You Wait for Your Chance To Buy!
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