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Introducing Tamagoyaki- A Staple of Japanese Dining

This video shows a large number of Japanese omelettes being baked by tamagoyaki craftsmen at the renowned tamagoyaki shop “Tsukiji Yamachou” in Tsukiji, Tokyo.

Tokyo has several Japanese restaurants where you can enjoy exquisite dashi tamagoyaki, baked by superb omelette artisans.
Let’s delve into the secrets of the delicious taste of tamagoyaki, an ever-popular Japanese gourmet specialty.

As introduced in this video, Tsukiji, a well-liked tourist spot among foreign travelers, boasts numerous tamagoyaki shops side-by-side, which offers a good view of what the preparation and cooking of these omelettes is truly like.
You can also enjoy these piping hot tamagoyaki omelettes cooked before your eyes by sticking them on a skewer and eating them on the spot.

The Appeal of the Traditional Japanese Food, Tamagoyaki

Image of Tamagoyaki

Ever since olden days, Japanese dining tables have been host to meals with fluffy omelettes thick-grilled to perfection and eaten with delight.
Tamagoyaki is, indeed, a beloved menu item that has captured the hearts of people from all generations.

The Tokyo metropolitan area is home to an enormous number of shops and restaurants selling high-grade tamagoyaki elaborately prepared with carefully selected ingredients.
It can also be said that tamagoyaki, handled and cooked by craftsmen at lightning fast speed, is yet another undeniable part of Japan’s unique culture.

The Amazing Skills of Tsukiji Yamachou's Tamagoyaki Chefs

One unique aspect of dashi-rolled omelettes at the long-established tamagoyaki shops in Tokyo is that you can appreciate the delicious taste of tamagoyaki's ingredients as well as the melt-in-your-mouth texture.

It’s a joy just to see the near-supernatural skill of the artisans at the prestigious Tsukiji Yamachou as they use their square frying pans to roll their omelettes into a succulent shape.
The storefront, which allows for observation of this amazing omelette cooking spectacle, has virtual lines of customers wanting a taste of tamagoyaki at its freshly baked best.

Check Out the Recipe for Tsukiji Yamachou's Tamagoyaki!

As was just mentioned, tamagoyaki from Tokyo's specialty restaurants is characterized by how they're cooked with square frying pans.
The omelette artisans in this video use great finesse to prepare their tamagoyaki with as many as three frying pans going at one time!
These culinary experts create their omelettes solely with eggs, dashi soup stock, and mild soy sauce, without the use of any unnecessary ingredients or seasonings.

The tamagoyaki preparation process starts by mixing in an ample amount of dashi stock and seasonings into the egg liquid, which is then poured into the frying pan in a few gradual batches. An important point in making delicious tamagoyaki is that it’s rolled with impeccable timing.
Tamagoyaki at specialized shops is deliberately and diligently prepared, so that customers may enjoy its fluffy texture to their heart’s content.
Those viewing this video may want to pay careful attention to the tamagoyaki-baking techniques of the pros seen here, so that you can try to emulate them in your own home!

Taste the Ultimate Tamagoyaki at Japan's Traditional Shops!

Tokyo has several, well-established tamagoyaki speciality restaurants.
One such location in Tokyo’s Tsukiji Market, known as Marutake, has a history of more than 80 years since its inception.
The tamagoyaki at this shop, prepared one by one with care by practiced artisans every morning from 3:00 a.m., are ideal, not only for dining, but as souvenirs as well.

Tamagoyaki from Yamachou in Tsukiji, Tokyo, as presented in this video, can be purchased on sticks for the reasonable price of just 100 yen.
We recommend this to tourists who are looking for a quick snack around lunchtime.
When sightseeing in Tokyo, please be sure to taste the scrumptious tamagoyaki that can only be found in Japan!

Summary of Tamagoyaki

As noted in the video, people in Tsukiji, Tokyo can eat hot and fresh tamagoyaki as it's made before their very eyes!
We suggest watching the video to try and learn how to make this seemingly simple yet deeply profound Japanese dish!
You might find that even you can enjoy tasty tamagoyaki, just like pro chefs make it, in your very own home!

【Official Website】Tsukiji Yamachou

【Yelp】Tsukiji Yamachou

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