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This video, titled "「若葉」築地場外市場 中華そば / WAKABA Japan Tsukiji Outer Market Ramen," was released by "TomTomJp01."

This video introduces the ramen restaurant "WAKABA" in Tsukiji's outer market.
In Tsukiji, where many ramen shops are located, WAKABA stands tall, serving traditional Chinese soba.
The noodles are characterized by their ultra thin and curly shape, and when combined with the chicken broth, the flavor of the noodles is truly exquisite, making it a favorite among tourists.

In this video, you can see the whole process Chinese soba being made at WAKABA, so be sure to check it out!

Dive Into Some Old-Fashioned Ramen Made at Wakaba at Tsukiji's Outer Market! The Chinese Noodles Tasted at This Long-Established Restaurant in Tokyo's Kitchen Are a Special Treat for Anyone!
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