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An Entire Bonito Processed and Turned Into Exquisite Dishes

This video, titled "Japanese Street Food - Seared Bonito and Sushi," was uploaded by Japan Food Adventure.

If you're going to visit Japan, a country surrounded by water on all sides, then not trying the sushi and other delicious cuisine would be a crime!
For those looking to try delicious Japanese cuisine, we recommend trying bonito tataki, one of the most popular sushi items in Japan.
This time, let's take a look at how a professional chef makes bonito tataki and nigiri sushi!
The video is 22 minutes long, but it’s full of fine details and highlights.

Bonito Tataki – A Popular Dish in Japan

Image of straw roasted bonito tataki
Photo:Straw roasted bonito tataki

Bonito (or skipjack tuna) is a delicious fish that is low in calories and rich in nutrients.
It has been a favorite menu item in Japan since ancient times.
It's said that the reason why bonito tataki is called "tataki" comes from the sound of the chef tapping the cutting board as he cuts the bonito with his knife (tataku 叩く means "to tap" in Japanese).
You can see freshly caught bonito at the beginning of the video, so be sure to check it out.

Preparing the Finest Bonito Tataki

First, at 3:01, you can see the fresh bonito being processed.

The traditional way to make roasted bonito tataki is to sear it with straw, as shown at 10:55 in the video.
After the surface of the bonito is slowly baked with rice straw, the bonito is quickly cooled in ice water and cut into pieces, as shown at 14:18 in the video.
It's also delicious when arranged with Japanese ginger, grated daikon, or thinly sliced onion.
Season it with ponzu sauce, dipping sauce, or other seasonings, and you've got yourself a delicious gourmet Japanese dish.
The finished bonito tataki can be viewed at 17:17 in the video.

In Kochi, a place famous for its bonito, it's standard to eat bonito tataki with salt.
Not only can you eat it as it is, but you can also nigiri it with sushi rice, which is shown from 18:12 in the video.

Summary of Bonito Tataki

This video introduced the artisanal skills of a Japanese chef as he processes and prepares bonito with great skill.
In Japan, there are many seafood dishes that use an abundance of fresh seafood, such as bonito tataki, grilled fish, and sashimi.

If you're looking to taste the finest in Japanese cuisine and learn about Japanese food culture, definitely visit an authentic Japanese restaurant and enjoy lunch or dinner.

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Fresh Bonito Processed and Made Into the Finest Dishes! Check Out the Skills of This Chef as He Prepares Nigiri Sushi and Tataki!
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