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Why Japanese Food Is Loved Around the World

This video, titled "日本食ドキュメンタリー 江戸前穴子 Documentary of Japanese "ANAGO SUSHI" 日本美食记录-江户前穴子," introduces the splendor of Japanese food with a focus on Edomae anago (conger eel).
In this video, Chef Eiichi Ueda, a sushi chef in Ginza, shows everything from purchasing ingredients to preparation and talks about his passion for Anago.
The answer to why Japanese food is loved by so many people around the world may be found in this video.

What Is Edomae Anago?

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“Edo” is the old name for Tokyo and Anago was caught in what is now Tokyo bay which is in front of Edo. “Mae” means “in front of” in Japanese.

The Edomae Anago absorbs nutrients from the river flowing into Tokyo Bay, and is considered a seafood gourmet that is a symbol of Edomae and is backed by history and culture.
Eiichi Ueda, the sushi chef from Ginza, who is also the star of this video, was fascinated by anago, and says that when he purchases anago at Tsukiji fish market, he uses anago caught off the coast of Haneda in Tokyo Bay, and through this, we get an understanding of his dedication to his craft.

A Commitment to the Art of Japanese Cuisine

One of the reasons why Japanese food is as popular as Western food around the world is because of its artisan's extraordinary attention to detail.
In this video, Mr. Ueda mentions the significance of the process of buying fish from a trusted supplier, processing it himself, and cooking it using time-tested cooking methods.

He is committed to cooking Edomae Anago, and the pride of being a craftsman of Japanese food, is the reason why Japanese food has become one of the most popular gourmet foods in the world today.

The Merits of Japanese Food

The beauty of Japanese food lies in the preparation of each and every ingredient.
The pride and responsibility to devote time, effort, and gratitude to every ingredient served to the customer, and to cook with the pride and responsibility of a craftsman is considered to be the essence of Japanese cuisine.
They are also very particular about the way they prepare their rice and how to process and prepare fish.
Chef Ueda, also says that cooking with gratitude for the ingredients is the only way to bring out the best in them and provide customers with the best food possible.

Summary of Edomae Anago

In the video, The Japanese craftsmans, Chef Ueda Eichi, shows us Edomae Anago, and what makes Japanese cuisine such an amazing gourmet experience.

Watch this video to find out all about why Japanese food has become one of the world's leading gourmet foods.
We explained just a small fraction of the video’s contents in this article, so we recommend watching the full video to get the full story.
Thanks to Edomae Anago, perhaps even more people will begin to understand and appreciate Japanese cuisine.

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Sushi Chefs and Their Fixation With Edomae Eel! What Is It About the Ingredients, Techniques, and Other Aspects of Japanese Food That Make It So Popular? An Interview With an Artisan at Sushi Kappoueda in Ginza, Tokyo Reveals Their Secrets!
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