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Enjoy a Traditional Japanese Breakfast!

This video, titled "日本の朝ごはん 和食編 How to make a Japanese Breakfast.," was uploaded by "makira cooking channel."
It shows how to make a traditional Japanese breakfast using an earthenware pot.

If you stay at a Japanese onsen ryokan (hot spring inn), you can enjoy a traditional Japanese breakfast made with local ingredients.
You can even make that same delicious food in your own home!
Cook a unique Japanese breakfast and experience Japanese culture.
But first, be sure to check out how it’s done in this video.

Traditional Japanese Rice Cooked in an Earthenware Pot

Image of earthenware rice
Photo:Earthenware rice

In this video, you can see how a traditional Japanese breakfast is made.
First, as shown at 0:37 in the video, you’ll need to cook the rice in an earthenware pot.
Start by putting the rice in the earthenware pot and washing it.
Add 200-230 ml of water per 180 ml of rice, and put the earthenware pot over the flame.
Bring the pot to a boil, then lower the heat to a simmer and cook for about 15 more minutes.
After the 15 minutes have passed, let the rice steam for another 10ish minutes to finish your delicious earthenware rice.

It may be difficult getting used to at first, but with a little practice, you'll have it down in no time!
The reason why this method is so appealing is that the rice has a very different flavor from that cooked in a rice cooker, so we really recommend giving it a try if you have the chance.
You can see the glistening rice cooked in the earthenware pot at 7:37 in the video.

Miso Soup - An Essential Part of Japanese Breakfast

Image of washoku, miso soup
Photo:Washoku, miso soup

The dashi (soup stock) for the popular Japanese dish, miso soup, is made with ingredients such as dried bonito flakes, kombu, and niboshi (dried sardines).
Putting these ingredients in just the right amount of water and letting them soak overnight makes for a delicious broth.
For the miso soup, add your favorite ingredients, such as leeks and tofu.
If you use abura-age, be sure to wash it with boiling water before adding it your soup.
This removes any excess oil.
You can see this recipe at 4:14 in the video.

The Japanese Breakfast Menu

Image of cooked salmon
Photo:Cooked salmon

In Japan, cooked salmon is another essential part of any Japanese breakfast.
The plump, grilled salmon pairs well with white rice.
We also recommend adding tamagoyaki, another traditional Japanese snack.
If you add dashi to the battered egg before grilling it, you can make a fluffy dashi omelette!

You can also try other dishes, such as boiled spinach and hijiki.
The key is to use only soy sauce and other seasonings to bring out the flavors of the ingredients while keeping it simple.
These popular dishes can be seen in the video as well.

Summary of Japan's Traditional Breakfast

Image of Japanese breakfast
Photo:Japanese breakfast

Rice, miso soup, and many other Japanese dishes have a long history in Japan.
Cooking and eating a delicious traditional Japanese style breakfast is a great way to start the day!
You can see the finished Japanese breakfast at 7:57 in the video.

If you're interested in Japanese food, you can follow the instructions in this video to prepare a delicious traditional Japanese breakfast.

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Last Updated : Jan. 31, 2022
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A Traditional Japanese Breakfast Is the Source of Energy for the Japanese! Enjoy a Classic Japanese Menu of Rice Served in an Earthenware Pot, Miso Soup, Grilled Fish, and Tamagoyaki!
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