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This video, titled "Grandma's Recipes|Grandma Masami's Osechi" (Grandma's Recipes|まさみおばあちゃんのおせち), was released by "Grandma’s Recipes."

Grandma Masami, introduced in the video, left her home at the age of 8 to work as an apprentice.
She is now 99 years old and has been working hard all her life.
She lives near Mt. Kokuzo in the Matsumoto-Ueda area of Nagano Prefecture, growing various crops in the fields.

Some of the dishes introduced in the video include pickled Nozawana and Oyaki (fried round wheat or buckwheat flour cakes with various fillings​), which are local delicacies in Nagano Prefecture.
These dishes, carefully prepared by grandma Masami, are sure to be a treat!

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A 99-Year-Old Grandma Shares an Important Recipe! A Woman's Long Life and Her Thoughts on Cooking
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