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Suishohama Seaside Resort in Mihama

This video, titled "Suishohama" was created by "Wakasa Mihama Tourist Association" (一般社団法人若狭美浜観光協会).
It contains footage of the beautiful scenery of Suishohama Seaside Resort taken via drone photography.

The seaside resort was named Suishohama (水晶, "suisho," means "crystal" in Japanese) after the glistening white sand the beach is famous for.
Suishohama was selected as one of the top 88 beaches and top 55 swimming spots in Japan.

In this article, we'll introduce the hidden gem that is the Suishohama Seaside Resort.
You can take a look at the sandy white beach that stretches as far as the eye can see and the sea floor covered with crystal clear water via aerial photography.
It's hard to believe such beautiful scenery can be found near the Sea of Japan!

What Kind of Tourist Spot Is Suishohama Seaside Resort?

Image of Suisuihama Beach, Fukui Prefecture
Photo:Suisuihama Beach, Fukui Prefecture

Suishohama Seaside Resort, which is located along the west side of Tsuruga peninsula (敦賀半島) in Fukui prefecture, is a picturesque location looking out onto Wakasa Bay (若狭湾) with a great view of Tsunegami peninsula (常神半島) in the distance.
The crystal clear, cobalt waters of Suishohama Seaside Resort are also famous for surfing, swimming, and other marine sports, with people visiting early in the morning to enjoy them.

Suishohama Seaside Resort is also known as "Sunset Beach" and is a popular spot for couples who come to enjoy star-gazing together.
The beach takes on various beautiful forms throughout the day.
You are guaranteed to leave with some great photos to share on Instagram!
You can check out the sunset at Suishohama Seaside Resort from 1:42 in the video.

Suishohama Seaside Resort Tourist Information

Image of Suisuihama Beach parking lot in Fukui Prefecture
Photo:Suisuihama Beach parking lot in Fukui Prefecture

Suishohama Seaside Resort is easily accessible, taking approximately 15 minutes to reach by car from Wakasa Mihama Interchange (若狭美浜IC) on the Maizuru Wakasa Expressway (舞鶴若狭自動車道).
Parking is available next to the beach.
For those traveling by train, take the bus headed for "Shiraki" (白木) from JR Tsuruga station (JR 敦賀駅) and get off at "Suishohama."

The summer swimming season is from mid-July to late August and is often very crowded with tourists at this time.
There are guesthouses, campsites, and barbecue spots in the area as well.
If you're planning on staying the night, consider trying some of the delicious local seafood.
Near Tsuruga station is the fish market "Nihonkai Sakana Machi" (日本海さかな町) where you can enjoy shopping and also grab a bite to eat!

Also, along Tsuruga peninsula you'll find Daiyahama beach (ダイヤ浜) and Takenami Seaside Resort (竹波海水浴場) located adjacent to one another, meaning you can easily spend the whole day enjoying the area without having to travel long distances.

Summary of Suishohama Seaside Resort

Image of Suisuihama Beach, Fukui Prefecture
Photo:Suisuihama Beach, Fukui Prefecture

The video introduces the beautiful scenery of Suishohama Seaside Resort.
Enjoy the sandy white beaches, cobalt blue waters, and large rock formations from the sky.

In this article, we introduced tourist information for Suishohama Seaside Resort.
We hope after watching the video you're tempted to take a trip to Fukui prefecture!
Mihama is easily accessible from Tokyo and the Kansai region of Japan.
You can take a look at Suishohama Seaside Resort online 24 hours a day via live camera as well.

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