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Keisei Rose Garden: Video Introduction

This video, titled "4k Most Beautiful Rose Garden in the World Keisei Rose Garden"(4k Most Beautiful Rose Garden in the World 京成バラ園 ローズガーデン) was uploaded by "Discover Nippon."

This 4K video introduces the Keisei Rose Garden, one of the best rose theme parks in Japan with 10,000 roses of 1,600 varieties in bloom. The fragrant interior of the garden shows a variety of expressions each time you visit, with different atmospheres depending on the blooming conditions and weather conditions, even for the same rose variety. Roses floating in the light, roses swaying in the wind, roses spreading far and wide like rippling waves, and roses whose fragrance seems to be wafting through the air. Please take your time and enjoy the video.

Roses in Japanese Culture

Roses are a popular flower in Japan, with places like the Keisei Rose Garden creating their own varieties of roses. The Japanese word for rose is "bara" (バラ), and in the Japanese language of flowers, roses mean "beauty" and "love," but different colors of roses have different meanings as well. For example, white roses mean "purity," while yellow roses mean "friendship" and "devotion."

Keisei Rose Garden Entrance Fees, When to Visit, and Time Required

Image of Keisei Rose Garden, Yachiyo, Chiba
Photo:Keisei Rose Garden, Yachiyo, Chiba

Next, we'll take a look at the best time to see the roses at the Keisei Rose Garden, as well as the required time peruse the garden and admission fees.

●When Are the Roses at Their Best?
There are two types of roses in the Keisei Rose Garden: spring roses and autumn roses. The best time to see the spring roses is from mid-May to early June, and the best time to see the autumn roses is from mid-October to early November. The best time to see the roses may vary depending on the weather, so please check the website or social media for information before visiting.
[Video] 0:09 - Colorful Roses Blooming in May

●How Long Does It Take to Tour Keisei Rose Garden
It takes at least one hour to see all the roses blooming in the 30,000-square-meter garden. On an average year, when the roses are in full bloom, the park is often crowded, and it's not uncommon for it to take up to 2 hours to tour the garden. If you get caught up looking at the roses and want to take pictures, it may take longer than expected. Please allow plenty of time for your visit.

●Admission Fees
Ticket prices vary depending on the blooming season.
[General Admission]
April 21 to June 30: Adults (high school students and older): 1,500 yen
October 1 - November 30: Adults (high school students and older) 1,200 yen
Other periods: Adults (high school students and older) 500 yen
※Junior high school students and younger are free of charge (but must be accompanied by a parent or guardian).

●A maximum of 5 children may accompany one adult.
Children cannot enter the park alone. For educational visits, please inquire and confirm separately.

●Discount rates are available by presenting the smartphone application "Mirairo ID."
Discounts are available only in May, June, October, and November.
Discounts cannot be combined with other discounts or discounts based on blooming conditions.

●Annual Passport: 4,000 yen
1,000-yen discount for Tomonokai members. Membership cards must be presented.
Yachiyo Citizens Discount: 500-yen discount. Proof of address must be presented. Discounts cannot be combined.

Highlights and Photo Spots at the Keisei Rose Garden

Image of Keisei Rose Garden, Yachiyo, Chiba
Photo:Keisei Rose Garden, Yachiyo, Chiba

The Keisei Rose Garden in Yachiyo, Chiba, is one of the best rose theme parks in Japan. Visitors can enjoy spring roses and autumn roses, but the peak season throughout the year is spring. There are many attractions and photo spots throughout the garden. Here are some of the best areas.

●The Rose Path From the Rose Arches
This is an impressive pathway where visitors can pass under countless roses while enjoying a view of the entire rose garden.

●Word of the Roses of Versailles
The terrace offers a panoramic view of the area where all six types of the famous "Rose of Versailles" are covered.

●Formal-Style Garden
This is a formal, French-style garden. Screens, poles, arches, and pergolas are used to create a three-dimensional appearance for the 80 varieties of roses blooming in the rose garden.

●Rose Gazebo
The Rose Gazebo is recognized as a sacred place for lovers! This is a gazebo made of marble donated by designer Yumi Katsura. Weddings can also be held here.

●Merry-go-round "Brilliant Tree" (700 yen per person):
The first attraction in the Keisei Rose Garden, this merry-go-round can accommodate three people. Visitors can enjoy a fantastic experience surrounded by the scent of roses wafting from diffusers and bubbles floating magically in the air.

●Strawberry Hunt in the Land of Oz
The "Strawberry Hunt in Oz" takes place in the backyard of the rose garden, which is normally off-limits to visitors. This strawberry picking facility opened in 2022, and here, visitors can enjoy a one-of-a-kind strawberry picking experience in a photogenic space.

●Installation of Light and Roses
The 2023 event has not yet been announced, but the 2021 event was a collaboration between "Nippon Akari-Haku" and the art group "Mirror Bowler," and was well received.

Must-See Roses at the Keisei Rose Garden!

Image of Keisei Rose Garden, Yachiyo, Chiba
Photo:Keisei Rose Garden, Yachiyo, Chiba

It is honestly difficult to recommend or choose the most popular roses among the 1,600 varieties and 10,000 plants, and so we will focus on highly popular roses and popular roses sold online.

This is a new variety born at the Keiyo Rose Garden. It has an orange color, which is rare among roses. They gradually change from apricot to orange when they begin blooming, which is another of their unique aspects.

●Gaku no Yume
This rose is popular for its vivid strawberry red and white coloring, with more than 10 buds per cluster. It has a mild fragrance and 25-35 petals.

●Pearl earrings
The name "Pearl Earring" comes from its elegant and friendly appearance. It produces large, fragrant white flowers and has a sweet citrus scent. New seedlings are also available for purchase at the garden.

There are still countless other roses that we can't introduce here. When you visit the garden, be sure to keep an eye out for all of the different varieties.

[Video] 5:20 - Close-Up of a Beautiful, Glossy Rose

How to Get to the Keisei Rose Garden

Image of Yachiyo-Midorigaoka Station, Toyo Rapid Railway Line
Photo:Yachiyo-Midorigaoka Station, Toyo Rapid Railway Line

If you choose to use public transportation, there are two ways to get to the Keisei Rose Garden: by walking from the nearest station, Yachiyo Midorigaoka Station, or by transferring to a bus. The following is an introduction to each of these methods.

[Public Transportation/Train → Walking]
Toyo Rapid Transit: A 15-minute walk from Yachiyo Midorigaoka Station.

[Public Transportation/Train → Bus]
Take the Toyo Bus bound for Yachiyo Medical Center (八千代医療センター, Yachiyo Iryo Senta) or Yachiyo-Chuo Station, and get off at the "Keisei Rose Garden" (approximately 5 minutes by bus).
If you take the Keisei Line, get off at Yachiyodai Station and take a bus.

[Public Transportation/Train→Bus]
Get off at the west exit of Yachiyodai Station on the Keisei Line and then take the Toyo Bus No. 1 bound for Yachiyo Medical Center via Yachiyo Midorigaoka Station or Yachiyo Chuo Station, and get off at Keisei Rose Garden (approximately 30 minutes by bus).

※Bus travel time may vary due to crowding during the rose blooming season.

Summary of Keisei Rose Garden

The Keisei Rose Garden attracts many visitors. In addition to the Anniversary Garden, the Grand Arch, the Artemis Garden, and other gorgeous rose courses, this theme park has a variety of faces, including a popular rose store, restaurant, and garden center.

At the garden restaurant, a chef with a passion for natural ingredients serves lunch using organic herb vegetables picked in the morning. The original ice cream, a specialty of the Keisei Rose Garden, can only be found here. The Keisei Rose Garden is, for the most part, wheelchair accessible as well. That being said, there are some places that are not accessible by wheelchair, so be sure to check out the garden map on the official website for more info.

The Keisei Rose Garden is a place you'll want to visit again and again! Experience the fragrance and beauty of roses with all your senses!

◆Keisei Rose Garden◆
【Address】755 Owada-shinden, Yachiyo-shi, Chiba
【Hours】December~March 10 10:00~16:00
March 11 - mid-April 10:00-17:00
【Admission to the Rose Garden (April 22-June 30) 】
Adults (high school students and older): 1,500 yen, Junior high school students and younger: free
※Please check the official website for details.

【TripAdvisor】Keisei Rose Garden

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The Keisei Rose Garden – All You Need to Know About the Garden, Including Fees & When to Visit + Highlights of the Garden in 4K Video!
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