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This video, titled "[4K] A Tree House & Chamomile Flower Garden in Fairy-Tale-Like Place. Kamitsure No Sato (Nagano Prefecture)" ([4K] おとぎの国のツリーハウス&カモミールのお花畑。カミツレの里(長野県) Fantasy Tree House in Fairyland,Kamitsure-no-sato,NAGANO.), was uploaded by "AQUA Geo Graphic."
The video features scenery of the likes you'd find in a fairy tale, with a treehouse surrounded by beautiful German chamomiles in full bloom. Be sure to check it out.

Kamitsure no Sato – A Tourist Attraction in Nagano Prefecture

Image of a field of chamomile
Photo:A field of chamomile

Kamitsure no Sato is located in Ikeda, Kitaazumi, Nagano, in Japan's Koshin-etsu Region and is a popular sightseeing spot in Nagano Prefecture. Kamitsure is chamomile in Japanese. Kamitsure no Sato is a tourist attraction rich in nature, with a factory that grows chamomile and manufactures and sells products using said chamomile, as well as a lodging facility, Yasuesou. When the chamomile is in full bloom, the area is filled with the sweet and gentle scent of the flowers.

Standing amidst the chamomile garden is a treehouse, a popular sightseeing spot in Kamitsure no Sato. The charm of the treehouse at Kamitsure is that anyone can freely use it. The chamomile fields in full bloom can be viewed from the treehouse as well. The treehouse, which looks like something out of a fairy tale, is great for taking Instagram photos as well.

Events at Kamitsure no Sato

Various events are also held at Kamitsure no Sato. The "Nature Experience Class" has been held for 16 years, ever since pediatric and dental doctors brought their children with allergies and atopic dermatitis to Kamitsure no Sato. In addition, there's a chamomile harvesting event in early June each year.

One of the major events is the "Ikedamachi Hirotsu Kamitsure Matsuri" (いけだまちひろつカミツレ花まつり), a festival held in early June when the chamomiles are in full bloom. The festival includes a walk through chamomile fields, a chamomile harvesting experience, and sales of products manufactured at Kamitsure no Sato.

Bloom Dates and the Language of Flowers for Chamomiles in Japanese Culture

Chamomile is a type of herb native to the Mediterranean region. It is also known for its harvested flowers and leaves, which are dried and used to make tea and traditional medicines. The flowering season for chamomile is from May to September in Japan. The flowers have small, white petals and a sweet fragrance. According to the language of flowers, the chamomile is associated with the birthdays February 14, March 14, and November 3. The meaning of the chamomile is "perseverance in adversity" and "strength in adversity."

Yasuesou Bio Hotel and the Tree House at Kamitsure no Sato

Kamitsure no Sato has an accommodation facility, Yasuesou, attached to it. This inn offers the aroma and warmth of wood made from local Shinshu timber. Certified by Bio Hotels Japan, guests can enjoy meals made with organic vegetables at Yasuesou. In addition, for lunch during your stay, you can enjoy a boxed lunch with pesticide-free rice and seasonal ingredients.

Yasuesou pays extra attention to not just the food, but the bathing facilities as well. "Hanamitsu Koi no Yu" is a bath that uses water from Japan's Northern Alps, which is boiled in a wood-chip boiler, and chamomile extract, extracted through a special process, is added to the water. In addition, visitors can freely use special skin care and hair care items containing chamomile extract.

Furthermore, the guest rooms are named after trees used as building materials at Yasuesou, for example, "Sugi" (Cedar) and "Hinoki" (Cypress). Bedding is made of organic cotton and down, and even the detergent used for laundry is carefully selected to create a comfortable environment for guests.

Summary of Kamitsure no Sato in Nagano, Japan

Azumino, where Kamitsure no Sato is located, is home to many other tourist attractions as well. A two-minute drive from Yasuesou is a 250-year-old tree called Nanairo O-kaede (七色大カエデ). This large tree shows its seven beautiful colors every year from October to early November. Its fresh greenery can also be enjoyed during spring and summer, and it has become a symbol of the town of Ikeda, where Kamitsure no Sato is located.

The beauty of the Northern Alps from Azumino is nothing short of breathtaking, attracting the eyes of many tourists. The sweet scent of chamomile and the fairy-tale-like world of the treehouse are just two of the many attractions that visitors can experience. When sightseeing in Nagano, consider stopping by Kamitsure no Sato, a place where you can experience the gentleness of nature!

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Chamomiles and Treehouses in a Fairy-Tale-Like Village… Discover the Beauty of Kamitsure no Sato in Nagano, Japan
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