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Amanohashidate - One of the Three Most Scenic Spots in Japan

This video, titled JG☆☆☆☆☆4K HDR Kyoto, Amanohashidate (Special Scenic Beauty)" (JG☆☆☆☆☆4K HDR 京都 天橋立(特別名勝)), created by “JAPAN GEOGRAPHIC” is a promotional video that introduces “Amanohashidate,” a sandbar in Miyazu Bay (宮津湾, Miyazuwan), Tango, on the Sea of Japan, in northern Kyoto, as well as nearby sightseeing spots.

Along with “Mutsunomatsushima” in Miyagi and “Akinomiyajima” in Hiroshima, “Amanohashidate” located in Miyazu, Kyoto is listed as one of the "Three Views of Japan," attracting many tourists with its mystical scenery.
Located about two hours from Kyoto Station by train, Amanohashidate is an area where you can enjoy spectacular natural landscapes, historical sites, and mysterious power spots, which are quite different from sightseeing in downtown Kyoto.

It is said that from about 7 to 8,000 years ago, the sand from rivers was deposited in an almost straight line due to collisions of ocean currents, and then an earthquake 2-3,000 years ago caused the accumulated sand to appear on the sea, and has continued to grow even to this day.
It took thousands of years to create Amanohashidate as we know it today.
You can see the mysterious and beautiful scenery that nature has created in 4K.

Other sightseeing spots around it are introduced as well.
There are so many spots to see around Amanohashidate!

Two Observatories Where You Can Try “Matanozoki” at Amanohashidate

 Image of matanozoki at Amanohashidate
Photo: Matanozoki at Amanohashidate

Amanohashidate, with its sandy pine tree and spit beaches, is 20-170m wide and 3.6 km long, and is called "Amanohashidate" because of its slender, bridge-like appearance from the sky (The kanji roughly translates to "heavenly bridge").
Amanohashidate can be seen from the observatories at Amanohashidate View Land and Amanohashidate Kasamatsu Park. If you try “Matanozoki” (looking at Amanohashidate from between your legs upside down), you'll have to face away from Amanohashidate to see it.
This makes the sky and the ground upside down and it looks like a bridge in the sky when viewed from “Kasamatsu Park” in the north, and it looks like a dragon flying in the sky when you look at it from “Amanohashidate View Land” in the south.

At Kasamatsu Park, you can climb up to the observatory using a lift or cable car while looking at the beautiful scenery of cherry blossoms in spring. You can also enjoy seasonal flowers, such as hydrangea and beautiful autumn leaves.
The top of the mountain where Amanohashidate View Land is located, can be reached by a lift, a ropeway and a cable car.
On top of the mountain, there is a facility that even children can enjoy, with a ferris wheel and go-carts.
You can see the ride to the top and a view of Amanohashidate at 0:28 in the video. Don't forget to bring your camera if you go!

Historical Locations and Sightseeing Around Amanohashidate

Image of the Three views of Japan, Amanohashidate, Rotating bridge
Photo:Three Views of Japan, Amanohashidate, Rotating bridge

Chionji Temple is known for the wiseman Monju-san, and is visited by many students before taking their entrance exams.
Monjudo Hall (the main hall) and Amanohashidate are depicted in the national treasure "Amanohashidatezu" by Sesshu.
Also, Manai Shrine, located in the inner shrine of the prestigious Kano Shrine, called Moto Ise, is a famous power spot.
Shishizaki Inari Shrine, with its red torii gate and approximately 1,000 "Mitsuba Azaleas" that turn the surface of the mountain pink in spring, and Seisouji Temple, with its magnificent five-story pagoda, are popular tourist spots.
The temples and shrines around Amanohashidate are introduced at 1:52 in the video.

Another popular tourist spot is Kaisen Bridge. It's a bridge that rotates to let ships pass, and connects “Amanohashidate” and “Monjudo.” It's a very popular place for taking photos.
You can watch the bridge rotating at 2:05 in the video.
Next to Kaisen Bridge is Amanohashidate Hot Spring Street.
Chie-no-yu is a facility with an outdoor hot spring and an open-air bath, and there are other hot spring facilities where you can take a day trip to relax and recover from the fatigue of your travels as well.

Amanohashidate is lined with 5,000 pine trees and has a sandy shore, making it a popular destination that many people visit every summer.
The bridge can be crossed on foot or by bike. Isomizu is popular among tourists because of its mysterious fresh water gushing up from the sand surrounded by the sea.

Many of Japan’s top 100! Famous place in “Amanohashidate” Kyoto

“Amanohashidate” is home to many "top 100's." Amanohashidate is listed as on of the “100 Best Pines in Japan,” and “Isomizu” is listed on “Japan's 100 remarkable waters,” “Top 100 Roads of Japan”, “100 Best White Sands and Clear Pines in Japan,” “100 Best Historical Sites of Beautiful Japan,” “100 Best Historical Parks in Japan,” and “Top 100 Geological Sites in Japan.”

Summary of Amanohashidate

Image of the Three views of Japan, Amanohashidate, Lift and cable car
Photo:Amanohashidate, Lift and cable car

This article introduced the history and sights of Amanohashidate alongside the video.
We hope this article has shown you the beauty of Amanohashidate.

There is a lot more information about sightseeing that we couldn't include in this article in the video.
It's a beautiful 4K video, so be sure to take a look and see the sights we introduced in this article!

Amanohashidate is a must visit spot where you can fully enjoy the beautiful sea and natural scenery.
Consider putting it on your itinerary for your next trip to Japan!

【Address】314-2 Monju, Miyazu, Kyoto 626-0001
【Access】A short distance from Tantetsu Amanohashidate Station
【Parking】Payed parking lot available


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Amanohashidate - One of the Three Most Scenic Spots in Japan. Power Spots and Popular Tourist Attractions Around Amanohashidate to Make Your Trip to Kyoto 110% Fun!
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