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This video, titled "[Kazumi Style] How to Put on a Yukata for Men" (Kazumi流男ゆかたの着かた How to put on Yukata for men), was uploaded by "kazumiryu."

There are few chances to wear yukata in Japan, summer festivals, fireworks displays, and other summer events, are a few such occasions. You might also get the chance when staying at a ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) or hotel during a vacation.

However, since there are so few opportunities to wear yukata, even in Japan, when it comes time to put one on it can be quite the challenge.

Being able to wear a yukata cool and comfortably will make you look nice and stylish! If you're looking to learn how to put on a men's yukata, then you came to the right place! Be sure to check out the video as you follow along!

How to Properly Put on a Yukata. Right? Left? Which Side Goes on the Outside?

Image of a man and woman wearing yukata at a hot spring inn
Photo:A man and woman wearing yukata at a hot spring inn

Yukata are always provided when staying at a hot spring resort in Japan. Many people do not know how to properly wear one, so they just throw it on and call it good.

Some may say, "Well, no one's watching so, who cares?", but there is one point you need to be aware of. While it might be okay to throw it on without caring about how well it's shaped, you should at least know which side goes in and which side goes out.
As long as you remember right hand in, left hand out, you shouldn't have too many problems.

It may be easy to make a mistake when wearing a yukata or kimono if you're not used to the undergarments, etc.

In the case of yukata, kimono, and other Japanese-style clothing, it's said to be bad luck to wear the left side in and the right side out. This is because this is how the deceased would be dressed in burial clothes. Be careful not to make this mistake!

Wearing a yukata at a ryokan is fairly easy, but it's important to first select a yukata that is appropriate for your height.
Since the length of the yukata is can't be adjusted like women's yukata, choose a size that sits above your ankles when worn.

1. Wear the robe so that it is evenly distributed on both sides.

2. Wrap the right side of the robe around the left hip while holding both sides of the yukata. While doing this, hold the left side firmly so your other hand is taut.

3. Wrap the left side of the yukata around the right hip, and tie the obi (sash) in a bow above the hip bone or below the belly button.

4. If you are a man and want to wear the yukata in a cool way, turn the knot clockwise and shift it to either the left or right side of the back. Be careful not to turn the obi around to the opposite side, as this will cause the yukata to become loose.

Everything You Need for Wearing a Men's Yukata!

Image of yukata at a hot spring inn
Photo:Yukata at a hot spring inn

Next, we'll go over how to make a yukata look more dignified. we'll explain, how to look cool while wearing a men's yukata. First, here's what you'll need in order to put on a yukata:
・Hadagi (undergarments) ※If you don't have hadagi, a v-neck shirt will do
・Koshi-himo (waist cord)

It's recommended that you wear undergarments that fit to prevent the yukata from clinging to your body due to perspiration. A koshi-himo (waist cord) will keep the yukata firmly in place and keep the yukata looking great without falling out of place.
In recent years, there are elastic waist cords whose length can be adjusted as well.

Tips for Putting on a Yukata for Men

Image of a man wearing a yukata
Photo:A man wearing a yukata

There are several points to keep in mind when wearing a yukata as a man. Let's look at them together.

・Right Side In
As mentioned above, the yukata should be worn with the right on the inside. Be careful not to get this backwards.

・Wear a Yukata Appropriate for Your Height
For men, it's especially important to choose a yukata that is appropriate for their height. This is because men's yukata are not adjustable like women's yukata.

・Be Careful Where You Tie the Waist Cord
The waist cord should be tied above the hip bone or below the belly button. If you tie it too high, it will look childish.

How to Put on a Yukata for Men + Pointers

Image of putting on a yukata
Photo:Putting on a yukata

Now that you have everything you need to wear a yukata and you're familiar with some of the do's and don'ts, it's time to put it on. Below we will tell you how to put it on, along with some tips. In particular, a beautiful V-line around the neck will make you look cool in a yukata.

1. Put on the undergarments.

2. Put on the yukata and keep the waist cord over your right shoulder.

3. To wrap the yukata tightly around the hips, grasp the collars firmly with both hands and pull them forward. At this time, make sure the left side seam is hanging straight down.

4. Check the position of the yukata in your left hand, as this will be the side that goes on the outside. Once the yukata is in place, return your hands to their original positions while making sure that the height does not change.

5. Pull the yukata held in your right hand diagonally down to the left, and hold it around your left waist with the side held in your left hand on top, as if to cover the yukata.

6. Place the koshi-himo (waist cord) in front of the stomach, slightly above the hip, and wrap it around your waist on both sides. Cross it behind your back and tighten it once. When tightening, pull in your stomach and tighten it really tight so that it knocks a little bit of air out of you, and then bring the waist cord to the front.

7. Tie the waist cord in one knot on either side, avoiding the middle. The end of the cord should be tucked inside.

8. Finally, place your right hand inside the bosom of the yukata and lightly tap it downwards to adjust the shape of the yukata. A tight collar is recommended for beginners.

Summary of How to Put on a Yukata for Men

This video ends with only the dressing of the kimono, but on kazumiryu's channel, they explain and obi knot called "kai no kuchi." This knot is often used for men's yukata, be sure to check it out with us!

If you want to wear a yukata to a festival, Bon Odori, fireworks display, or other traditional Japanese event, but don't have one, you can always use a kimono rental store.

When you wear a yukata, you'll naturally look more graceful. Women tend to be noticed for their gorgeous yukata, but as a man, if you know how to wear a yukata properly, you'll stand out just as much. One of the most important parts is getting that defined v-line to make the yukata look even better.

If you go out to one of Japan's summer festivals dressed in yukata while wearing geta shoes, you're sure to have a memorable experience!

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How to Put on a Yukata for Men! A Must for Any Guy Looking To Wear a Yukata During Summer in Japan!
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