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Jigoku Meguri, Located in Beppu Onsen, Oita Prefecture

This is an introductory video of Beppu Onsen's Jigoku Meguri, produced by "Japan Explorers."
Hot springs are a must when traveling in Japan.
Oita prefecture’s Beppu City is popular among tourists from both Japan and overseas as one of the most famous hot spring places.

Let’s check out the video about Jigoku Meguri, where you can fully enjoy the greatness of Kyushu's Beppu Onsen.
This video introduces the hot springs that are literally called "Hell."
Does it really look like hell though? Find out for yourself!

What Is Jigoku Meguri?

Image of Oniishibozu hot springs
Photo:Oniishibozu hot springs

Beppu Onsen's Jigoku Meguri is a sightseeing course where you can visit places called “Hells,” among Oita, Beppu's hot springs.
There are 7 hot springs referred to as "Hells": Sea Hell (about 98℃), Oniishi Bozu Hell (about 99℃), Kamado Hell (about 90℃), Oniyama Hell (about 99.1℃), White Pond Hell (about 95℃), Blood Pond Hell (about 78℃), and Tornado Hell (about 105℃).

The qualities of each "hell" is different. For example, the Sea Hell contains iron sulfate, creating a bluish color.
The blue Sea Hell is introduced in the video at 0:18. The water lily that younger elementary school children can stand on is quite famous.
Beyond the gate of Hell lays Blood Pond Hell. This spring contains magnesium oxide turning the mud within it red.

The red Blood Pond Hell is introduced in the video at 1:03, and you can see how creepy it is in the video.
People used to cook rice using the steam from “Kamado Hell.” Here there are many hot springs spanning several blocks (1 chome- 6 chome). You can eat hot spring eggs cooked using the steam from these springs.

The History of Oita Prefecture’s Jigoku Meguri in Beppu City

The history of Beppu city’s Jigoku Meguri goes back quite far. There are records that shows these hot springs were called “hells” even during the Edo Period (1603-1868).
From the Meiji Period, many villas developed near Beppu Onsen.

By this time, the natural hot spring "hells," with their boiling water, had become popular among hot spring visitors, not for bathing, but for sightseeing purposes.
On the Jigoku Meguri course, there are spots where you can enjoy a foot bath heated just right, which is perfect for taking a break during your sightseeing.

Sightseeing at Oita Prefecture’s Jigoku Meguri at Beppu Onsen

Image of Beppu's hot spring at night
Photo:Beppu's hot springs at night

At Oita prefecture’s Beppu Onsen area, you can see steam from hot springs rising up from all over the area.
Beppu Jigoku Meguri, where you can enjoy the unique landscape of the hot spring area, is a secret sightseeing course perfect for people who want to enjoy relaxing in Japan’s hot springs.

Make wonderful memories by checking out the unique landscape of these "hells," a sight you won't find anywhere else.
“Blood Pond Medical Cream,” made from the mud of Blood Pond Hell, is said to be good for skin disorders, and we recommended it as a souvenir. Be sure to check it out when you're souvenir hunting!

We also recommend taking a bath at the day-use hot spring accommodation “Oniishi no Yu.” The spring's natural minerals are effective against cold sensitivity and aid in recovery from fatigue, so if you're feeling weary, be sure to drop by!

Summary of Oita Prefecture’s Jigoku Meguri at Beppu Onsen

5 of the 7 sightseeing spots at the hot springs of Jigoku Meguri can be visited by foot, but Blood Pond Hell and Tornado Hell are located in the Kamegawa Area, which is a little far to walk to. That being said you'll want to use the local transportation, such as buses.
Be sure to check out all of the sightseeing spots and enjoy the supreme relaxation that Japan’s hot springs has to offer.
The admission tickets that allow you to visit all 7 hells, is sold at 2,000 JPY (~$20 USD) for adults (as of November, 2019).
Hours are from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

We we're only able to talk about the red and blue hot springs in this article, but the video has a lot more to offer, such as the green and brown hot springs.
Enjoy watching the hell-like scenery of Oita Prefecture's Jigoku Meguri, in the video!

◆Beppu Jigoku Meguri Basic Information◆
【Address】559-1, Kannawa, Beppu City, Oita, ZIP 874-0000
【Access】15 minutes by taxi from Nippou Line’s Beppu Station
【Admission fee】 Adults 2,000 JPY (as of November, 2019)
【Hours】8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
【Parking】Free parking for up to 690 cars among the 7 hells
【Telephone No】0977-66-1577

【Official Website】Beppu Jigoku Meguri Official Website (Beppu Jigoku Association)

【Official Website】Beppu City, Oita Prefecture City Hall Official Website

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Last Updated : Nov. 29, 2022
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Jigoku Meguri: A Sightseeing Spot at Beppu Onsen in Oita Prefecture. Maybe a Little Scary, but Does It Really Look Like Hell? Let’s Take a Look!
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