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Aoki Village, Nagano Prefecture: The Most Desirable Place to Live in Japan

This is a PR video for Aoki Village, in Nagano Prefecture, Koshinetsu, produced by the Aoki Village General Affairs Planning Division.
Aoki Village in Nagano Prefecture, surrounded by the beautiful scenery of Shinshu, was ranked first on the 2016 list of “Most Desirable Villages to Live in in Japan.”

Here, we'll introduce information about Aoki Village, where the countryside scenery of Japan remains.
Be sure to follow along with the video to find out why it's rated so highly!

Sightseeing in Aoki Village, Nagano Prefecture

Aoki Village is a mountain village surrounded by "The Aoki three," a trio of large mountains.

It's said that "Aoki is the home of peasant revolts and evening showers."
This alludes to the frequent revolts that took place throughout the history of Aoki village.
In Aoki village, the ancestors who were executed for defending their village are called "gimin" (meaning "righteous people"), and the culture of drumming in honor of their bravery (Gimin Taiko) has been passed down for generations. You can see Gimin Taiko at concerts held by the preservation society and at sightseeing events around the village.
You can hear the powerful sound of the taiko drums at 1:50 in the video.

The Most Popular Temple for Sightseeing in Japan's Shinshu Region

Daiho Temple (大法寺, Daihoji), known as one of the best sightseeing temples in the Shinshu region, is a sightseeing spot that represents Aoki Village.
The Daiho Temple three-storied pagoda, built in 1333, has been designated as a national treasure.
It can be seen at 2:06 in the video.

In recent years, Koiwato Shrine (恋渡神社, Koiwato Jinja) has become a popular spot for wedding ceremonies, and other hidden tourist attractions, such as Hiyoshi Shrine (日吉神社, Hiyoshi Jinja) and Sondanrei Shrine (子檀嶺神社, Sondanrei Jinja) are great places to visit.
The Keita Goto Memorial Park, named after Keita Goto, a businessman from Aoki Village, is a great place to go for a walk.
There are more than 800 stone Buddhas at Shunarara Pass on the border of Chikuhoku Village; you've got to see them!

Activities in Aoki Village, Nagano Prefecture

At Paragliding Park Aoki, you can experience an exhilarating paragliding experience while enjoying a view of the mountains.
This can be seen at 0:35 in the video. It's an awesome activity that allows you to have the most amazing view of nature all to yourself!

At Refresh Park Aoki, you can enjoy activities in the great outdoors, such as mountain stream fishing and athletic activities.
After sightseeing, we recommend relaxing at Tazawa Hot Spring (田沢温泉, Tazawa Onsen) or Kutsukake Hot Spring (沓掛温泉, Kutsukake Onsen).

Enjoy the Local Cuisine of Aoki Village, Nagano Prefecture!

If you're looking to grab a bite to eat, nothing beats Nagano Prefecture's locally made soba. If you're going sightseeing in Aoki Village, we recommend trying the Tachiakane soba!

In addition, Shinshu's specialty wine and matsutake mushrooms make great souvenirs.
These products can be purchased at Roadside Station Aoki.
Aoki Village cuisine is introduced at 1:06 in the video.
Aokinoko, the mascot of Aoki Village is shown at 1:38 in the video. It's based on the local specialty, mushrooms.

Summary of Aoki Village

We hope this video has given you a glimpse into the charm of Aoki Village. The number of tourists and immigrants to Aoki Village is increasing every year.

If you're thinking about sightseeing in Japan, why not visit the beautiful, natural scenery of Aoki Village in Nagano Prefecture?

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