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Nasu Highlands, Tochigi Prefecture

This video, titled "Renewal! Nasu Highlands in Tochigi Prefecture. Best Spots to Visit (Winter Version)" (【リニューアル】「栃木県那須観光」おすすめの見所をご紹介!【冬編】), shows winter in the Nasu area of Tochigi Prefecture, in Japan's Kanto region. It's produced by the "Nasu Town Tourism Association."

There are sightseeing spots that thrive as a summer resort that can also be enjoyed as a unique winter experience.
In this article, we'll introduce you to some of the best sightseeing spots on Nasu Highlands in winter, where you can enjoy the changing of the seasons in Japan.
The video, which starts with a dip at the Nasu Hot Springs (那須温泉, Nasu Onsen), is filled with information on nature, activities, gourmet food, hot springs, and more, all in the Nasu area of Tochigi prefecture in just 3 minutes.

Recommended Sightseeing Destinations on the Nasu Highlands

Image of Snow shoes and bags
Photo:Snow shoes and bags

Snowshoe Tours, that start from Komaru Mountain Observation Park (小丸山展望園地, Komaruyamatenbouenchi) and go to the Nasu Hot Spring Family Ski Resort, are a popular activity during winter on the Nasu Highlands.
The snowshoe tours that take you through the pure white landscape of the Nasu Highlands are introduced at 1:04 in the video.

Another great place to visit is the Nasu Stained Glass Museum, where you can see the Nasu Garden Outlet illuminations.
This is shown at 2:22 in the video, and we definitely recommend checking it out.
You can take the Nasu ropeway to the top of the mountain to see a beautiful view of the surrounding area.

There are several campsites on the Nasu Highlands that are open year round, so if you're looking to stay in the great outdoors, here's your chance.

Winter Destinations for the Whole Family on the Nasu Highlands of Tochigi Prefecture

Image of Capybara
Photo:Capybara in the hot springs

Nasu has many sightseeing spots where you can interact with cute animals even during winter.
Nasu Safari Park, Nasu Alpaca Ranch, and Senbonmatsu Dairy Farm are places where you can interact with farm animals and they are very popular with both adults and children alike.
The Nasu Alpaca Farm is introduced at 0:31 in the video.

We also recommend Nasu Animal Kingdom's Capybara Hot Spring, where you can enjoy the hot springs of Nasu.
Be sure to take some pictures of the cute critters and post them on Instagram!
Also, don’t forget to check out the popular amusement park, Nasu Highland Park.

Relaxing Destinations During Winter at Nasu Highlands

Nasu has many Japanese-style hot springs, such as Daimaru Onsen, Ashino Onsen, and Nasu Onsen Kanoyu.
If you stay at the resort Hotel Sun Valley Nasu, you can enjoy the buffet and hot springs to your hearts content.
There are many one-day hot springs and footbaths at the hot spring inns and hotels, so you can enjoy finding your favorite!
The hot springs can be seen at 1:34 in the video.

After taking a dip in the hot springs, why not try cold soba noodles, a winter delicacy in Nasu.
We also recommend enjoying lunch at the Nasu Highlands Service Area to purchase some refreshing Nasu Kogen Beer.

Summary of Winter on the Nasu Highlands

The Nasu Highlands are at a high altitude, and the weather can be rough in winter.
However, on the snowy Nasu Highlands, there are many special experiences that you can't experience any other time of the year.
Enjoy a trip to the beautiful winter wonderland known as the Nasu Highlands!

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The Nasu Highlands: Enjoy an Unforgettable Winter in Tochigi Prefecture. Winter Activities, Tourist Attractions, Hot Springs, and a Chance to Experience the Local Wildlife! What More Could You Ask For?
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