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An Interview With Rola in Her LA Home

This video, titled "Rola's Happy and Sustainable LA Life! Vogue Japan" (ROLAのハッピー&サステナブルなLAライフを公開!| VOGUE JAPAN), was created by VOGUE JAPAN.
Model and television personality Rola, who is now based in Los Angeles, gives us a look inside her home and at her sustainable lifestyle in this special video.

Rola introduces some of the environmentally friendly kitchen tools she uses in her beautiful LA kitchen.
She also takes you on a tour of her office, where she introduces her self-produced lifestyle brand "Studio R330."
In this article, we'll introduce both Rola and the sustainable lifestyle she follows.

More About Fashion Model and Television Personality Rola

Rola debuted as a model and television personality at the age of 16. Her father is from Bangladesh and her mother is Japanese.
She was born in Tama city, Tokyo.
She works exclusively for the talent agency "ViVi" and is well known for her carefree attitude.
As well as appearing on entertainment shows, she also performs as both a singer and an actress.

She actively posts messages and videos on social media regarding recent environmental and social issues.
In 2013, she launched her own fashion brand "Vasilisa" and has been based in Los Angeles since 2016.

More About Rola's Sustainable Lifestyle

From 0:24 in the video, Rola introduces her current lifestyle in her home in Los Angeles.
She starts by introducing various kitchen tools made with natural materials, such as a kitchen sponge.
In place of saran wrap, she uses products made from natural ingredients such as beeswax that are reusable and therefore environmentally friendly.

Rola explains how she prefers to eat organic and vegan produce and enjoys gardening and growing her own vegetables.

More About Rola's Original Lifestyle and Her Brand "Studio R330"

At 3:45 in the video, Rola shows off some of the clothing from her new brand "Studio R330," which she launched from her home office on June 5th 2020.
Her brand's workout clothing, which took more than 2 years to make, is made from 83% recycled materials.
Rola explains how she wanted to create a workout clothing collection as she believes exercise is important for both the mind and body.

Summary of Rola's LA Lifestyle and Original Brand, Studio R330

We hope you enjoyed the video "Rola's Happy and Sustainable LA Lifestyle! Vogue Japan," featuring the cute and charming Rola at her stylish LA home.

We can't wait to find out what's to come next from eco-conscious celebrity Rola's lifestyle brand!
If, after reading this article you're interested in learning more about Rola or her new lifestyle brand, be sure to give the video a watch!

【Official Website】Studio R330

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A Look at the New Brand of Fitness Clothing by Popular Idol Rola, and Her Environmentally Friendly Lifestyle in Los Angeles!
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