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Kishin Shinoyama’s Exhibit!

This video, titled "[Gallery AaMo] A Kishin Shinoyama Exhibition|THE PEOPLE by KISHIN The Last Show" (【Gallery AaMo】篠山紀信展 写真力 THE PEOPLE by KISHIN The Last Show), is presented by “Tokyo Dome City.”
The video is about the exhibit "THE PEOPLE" by genius photographer, Kishin Shinoyama.

Kishin Shinoyama's photo exhibit "THE PEOPLE" was held at 32 venues across Japan for 7 years starting in 2012, and achieved the remarkable feat of having more than one million visitors.

Who is Kishin Shinoyama?

Kishin Shinoyama is a photographer from Tokyo.
He graduated Nihon University College of Art Photography Course and Tokyo College of Photography.
He shoots a wide range of work in various genres and themes, from kabuki to nude.
After divorcing his ex-wife, a model, he married idol singer Saori Minami.

In recent years, he has released a number of photo books, including "Gekisha" and "digi+KISHIN," in which he photographed not only the aforementioned Saori Minami, but also other actresses and models, such as Rie Miyazawa, Suzu Hirose, and more.
He also released "MAGIC," a photobook with a Disney theme.

Kishin Shinoyama's panoramic photography technique, which uses multiple cameras, is known as "Shinorama.
Kishin Shinoyama's photographs, taken using a highly original technique, have gained the support of people of all ages.


In an interview at 0:32 in the video, Kishin Shinoyama talks about the live nature of the exhibit.
At a time when it was difficult to find a venue, information about the exhibit spread by word of mouth, and he was able to hold it in Osaka and Nagoya, making it a positive experience for him.

Shinoyama's exhibit "THE PEOPLE" includes photos of Yukio Mishima, John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Shigeo Nagashima, and Kirin Kiki. At 2:32 in the video, you can see an exhibit featuring photographs depicting the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011.

The "Power of Photography" exhibit, which began at the Kumamotoshi Gendai Museum in 2012, reached 1 million visitors at the Tokyo Dome City Gallery AaMo in Suidobashi.

Summary of Kishin Shinoyama

As you can see in the video interview, he continues to take on new challenges with a lot of ingenuity.
If this video has piqued your interest in Kishin Shinoyama's work, be sure to check out his work!
You can also check out Kishin Shinoyama's Instagram page to see more of his work.

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Kishin Shinoyama - See the Japanese Photographer's Works and Learn About His Famous Exhibit
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