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Roppongi Art Night Video Introduction

This video, titled "Roppongi Art Night|Spin-off Project_Message Video 'Right Now, Can Art Revitalize the City?'" (六本木アートナイト スピンオフ・プロジェクト_メッセージ映像「いま、アートで街を元気にできる?」), was uploaded by "Roppongi Art Night - Digital [RAN TV]" (六本木アートナイト・デジタル【RAN TV】).

The video contains a powerful message with the theme, "Right Now, Can Art Revitalize the City?" Be sure to check it out.

Roppongi Art Night - An Art Festival in the City of Tokyo

In March 2009, Tokyo's leading art festival began with the launch of Roppongi Art Night.
Roppongi Art Night was held with the aim of proposing a new lifestyle of enjoying new art in daily life and creating a pioneering model for urban development in the Tokyo metropolitan area.
The festival has been gaining popularity year after year as a one-night-only art festival that allows visitors to experience the extraordinary by arranging a variety of artworks, not only contemporary art, but also design and music, throughout Roppongi, where various commercial and cultural facilities are concentrated.

Roppongi Art Night 2021 Canceled Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic

Image of people wearing masks
Photo:People wearing masks

Roppongi Art Night has been held since 2009, but due to the spread of the novel coronavirus, Roppongi Art Night 2021, which was scheduled to take place in the fall of 2021, was postponed to March 18, 2022.
However, unable to escape the effects of the pandemic, the Roppongi Art Night Executive Committee decided to outright cancel the festival, and many users on Twitter expressed their disappointment and sadness at the announcement.
In response, an online event called the "Inclusive Art Program" was held to encourage people to share the enjoyment of art despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and many art fans participated and had a great time at the events.

Have an Amazing Time at Roppongi Art Night!

The charm of Roppongi Art Night is that visitors can enjoy art outside of art museums. The entire town of Roppongi is the stage.
The main attraction of Roppongi Art Night is that everyone is welcome to participate in the event, including those who are invited to submit video works and other artworks.

In past Roppongi Art Night events, furoshiki was the main theme, and furoshiki designed by Yayoi Kusama and Takeshi Kitano were shown to the public. In addition, although it was canceled, Roppongi Art Night 2021 was a collaborative project with Doraemon.

There was also a program in which participants could enjoy guided tours by volunteers. Rather than a typical commentary on artworks, the program focused on a dialogue with the participants to convey the charm of Roppongi as a town. It was a fascinating program that offers each participant a unique experience.
In addition, Roppongi Art Night also featured a program in which visitors could enjoy the gorgeous aroma and taste of Suntory's "Hibiki" whiskey while viewing exhibits and stories related to the whiskey. Roppongi Art Night is an event where the entire town of Roppongi becomes a stage for enjoying art.

Summary of Roppongi Art Night

Roppongi Art Night is a one-night event where the town of Roppongi is filled with all kinds of art. You can really feel the energy and vitality from the video!

When Roppongi Art Night, one of Japan's premier art festivals, is held, consider picking up a guidebook and visiting one of the Instagram-worthy art spaces? Whether you're alone, going as a couple, with family, or participating in a guided tour or event, there's something for everyone to enjoy.
Buses will be in operation during the festival, allowing visitors to enjoy the art throughout the night. Special tickets are also available, so be sure to come out and enjoy this art festival in Roppongi to the fullest!


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Roppongi Art Night – A One-Night Art Extravaganza! Experience a Festival of Art in the Heart of Tokyo!
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