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More About the Dynamic Ogawa Falls of Kagoshima Prefecture

This video, titled "(4K) Drone Aerial Photography "Ogawa Falls" Minami Osumi (南大隅町, minamioosumimachi), Kimotsuki district (肝属郡, kimotsukigun), Kagoshima prefecture" filmed by drone, was created by Studio Kama.

Ogawa Falls is a beautiful waterfall located in south-eastern Kagoshima prefecture in an area called Nejime on the Osumi peninsula.
It's approximately 60 meters wide with a drop of 46 meters.
If you're looking to enjoy sightseeing in Japan, we highly recommend the beautiful, dynamic scenery of Ogawa Falls.

In this video you can take a look at the picturesque scenery of the crystal clear river and the flowing waterfall.
You're sure to be captivated by its beauty.

Ogawa Falls Was the Filming Location for a Famous Japanese Drama!

Image of Ogawa Falls
Photo:Ogawa Falls

Ogawa Falls is a beautiful waterfall in Minami Osumi, Kimotsuki district in Kagoshima prefecture.
The opening scenes for the Japanese drama "Segodon," released in 2018, were shot at Ogawa Falls, leading to a huge increase in popularity.

Ogawa Falls was also used as a filming location for the 2019 movie "Kingdom."
Many fans have been known known to visit Kagoshima to see these film locations as well as many visitors on pilgrimages.

Enjoy Hiking to Ogawa Falls

The walk from the tourist parking area to Ogawa Falls is approximately 1200 meters.
You can access the parking area by bus or car and then enjoy walking the invigorating trekking route to Ogawa Falls that takes past mountain streams and is surrounded by nature.

If you plan to go to Ogawa Falls for sightseeing, we recommend stopping by Aqua Base Café, which can be found just before arriving at the trekking route parking area.
Why not buy a drink and enjoy the much talked about scenery from the café, overlooking the basin of the waterfall. It's the perfect spot to take photos to share on Instagram!
You can take a look at the area surrounding the waterfall at 0:59 in the video.

More of the Amazing Features of Ogawa Falls

There are many tourists who visit the dynamic Ogawa Falls to experience the healing effects of the negative ions.
Here you can enjoy your time relaxing whilst looking out onto the emerald green waters of the waterfall basin and sparkling waters of the waterfall.

The highlight of this video has to be in the second half of the video at 02:11, where you can catch a beautiful panoramic view of Ogawa Falls.
We highly recommend stopping by the observation deck found upstream of Ogawa Falls.
There generally tends to be less people here making it a relaxing spot to enjoy the scenery of the waterfall and towering gorge.

Summary of Kagoshima Prefecture's Ogawa Falls

The beautiful and fascinating Ogawa Falls is gaining popularity as a tourist destination in Kagoshima prefecture.

The scenery of the emerald green waters of the waterfall basin seen in this video, is a sight you're sure not to forget.
Be sure to take a look at the wonderful scenery in the video!
We highly recommend a trip to Ogawa Falls in Kagoshima prefecture to anyone who wants to make the most of their trip to Japan!

◆Ogawa waterfall◆
【Address】Nejime Kawakita 12222, Minami Osumi, Kagoshima prefecture
【Access】Around a 1 hour 45 minute drive from Kagoshima airport (鹿児島空港, kagoshimakuukou)
【Admission Fee】Free of charge
【Hours】No entry during evening hours
【Phone number】0994-24-3115 (Minami Osumi Town Hall Tourist Section)

【Tripadvisor】Ogawa Falls

【Tripadvisor】Minami Osumi

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The Beautiful Ogawa Falls in Kagoshima Prefecture's Kimotsuki District. The Emerald Green, Crystal Clear Waters Are Truly Captivating! So Beautiful It Was Even Used for One of NHK's Long Running Dramas!
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