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Video introduction of "Oirase Keiryuu in fresh green" in Towada City, Aomori Prefecture

Located in Northern Japan in Towada city, Aomori, Oirase Gorge is a main attraction among Japanese tourist spots.
Oirase stream, which has a total length of about 14 km, is blessed with beautiful weather throughout the year, and in the spring, the spray of the clear stream is reflected in the lush greenery.

The riversides forest and streams are a paradise for plants and animals, such as wild birds, serows, chars, Tohoku salamanders and other precious flora and fauna.
From the moment you step inside, you'll be overwhelmed by the mystique of these woods.

This video introduces the beauty of Oirase Gorge’s fresh greenery with a wonderful BGM. It's in 4K, so be sure to enjoy the beautiful footage in full screen.

So Many Places to See! Recommended Tourist Spots at Oirase Gorge!

Image of Oirase stream
Photo:The Fresh Greenery of Oirase Mountain Stream

The recommended route of the Oirase River is a trail from the mouth of the Oirase River, which leads from Nenokuchi to the Shimei Gorge and then to Yakeyama. There are mossy benches throughout the trail and you can take some beautiful pictures, perfect for Instagram, especially during spring.

On the way from Ishikedo (石ヶ戸の瀬, Ishikedo no se) to Kumoi Falls (雲井の滝, Kumoi no taki), you'll come across a huge rock called Makado (馬門岩, Makadoiwa Rock). The highlight of Oirase stream is the Flow of Ashura(阿修羅の流れ, Ashura no nagare).
According to local legends, Ishigedo resthouse, the only rest house along Oirase stream, operated as a base for female bandits long ago.
This popular route is perfect for walking as it includes Choshi Falls (銚子大滝, Choshi Oodaki), Nenokuchi water gate (子ノ口の水門, Nenokuchi no suimon), Samidare stream (三乱の流れ, Samidare no nagare), and other amazing views.
Oirase Gorge was designated as a place of scenic beauty and a natural monument in 1928, and in 1936, it was designated as Towada National Park.

You can see the majestic greenery, waterfalls, and powerful river in the video as well.

Food & Access Information for Oirase Gorge

Image of Grilled salted fish
Photo:Grilled salted fish

At hotels and ryokan around Oirase Gorge, you can enjoy natural hot springs and local dishes using locally grown vegetables and freshly caught trout.
One of the most famous hotels is "Hoshino Resort Oirase Keikyu Hotel."

At Oirase Gorge's neighborhood facility "Oirase Stream Museum," there's a diorama of Towada Hachimantai, and "Community Land," where you can learn about history and nature.

To get to Oirase Gorge, you can take local bus from Aomori airport, Misawa airport, JR Aomori station, JR Misawa station or JR Towada station.
You can get more details on the official page for Towada Lake National Park Association.

There are different kinds of tours so pick your preference and enjoy your time at Oirase Gorge.

Summary of Oirase Gorge

Oirase Gorge's source is lake Towada. There are a number of waterfalls and rapids, and you can enjoy the abundant greenery of the surrounding area.

The video shows a lot of scenic spots at Oirase Gorge.
Feel the beauty of nature even more with the sound of the flowing river which doubles as a BGM.
The video shows us the seasonal beauty of Oirase Gorge, so we can enjoy the beauty of spring. If you've watched the video already, I bet you're already packing your bags!

【Official website】Lake Towada National Park Association

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