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Ome City, Tokyo "Ome Sightseeing" Video Introduction

This video, titled "Ome, Tokyo|Tourism PR "Another World Just an Hour the Heart of Tokyo|Long ver." (東京青梅 観光PR「都心から約1時間の別世界」長編 Ome City Tokyo Long ver.), was uploaded by "Ome Blue|Ome, Tokyo Sightseeing Video Channel" (Ome Blue 東京青梅 観光動画チャンネル).
The city of Ome, located just an hour from Tokyo, is an otherworldly place surrounded by nature. Check out the video to learn about the joy of sightseeing in Ome, including traditional indigo dyeing experiences, delicious gourmet food, and activities that you can enjoy in the surrounding nature of Ome.

Ome – Just 1 Hour From the Heart of Tokyo

Image of Mt. Mitake, Ome, Tokyo
Photo:Mt. Mitake, Ome, Tokyo

Ome, Tokyo, located in Japan's Kanto region, is located in the northwestern part of the Tama area, just one train ride from Shinjuku. Despite being within day-trip distance from central Tokyo, the city boasts spectacular natural beauty. There are many sightseeing spots in Ome, including Mt. Mitake, where visitors can enjoy hiking, Okutama, a place with breathtaking seasonal scenery, and Mitake Gorge, where visitors can enjoy a variety of aquatic activities.

Ome is also home to many culinary delights, featuring dishes made using local vegetables and sake made from the famous water of Okutama, which will satisfy both your stomach and your spirit. With the Aizome Experience (indigo dyeing experience), visitors can try their hand at making Omejima, a traditional textile of Ome that has been produced since Edo-period Japan. You can also see the indigo-dyeing experience in the video via the below timestamp.
[Video] 2:33 - Indigo-Dyeing Experience

Ome is a great place for sightseeing, as visitors can enjoy nature, recreational activities, gourmet food, culture, and more.

Highlights and Sightseeing Spots in Okutama, a Place Surrounded by Mountains

Image of autumn leaves at Lake Okutama, Tokyo
Photo:Autumn leaves at Lake Okutama, Tokyo

Okutama is a must-visit place if you're sightseeing in Ome, Tokyo. In the Okutama area, visitors can enjoy exciting activities in a scenic natural setting. Lake Okutama, with its beautiful rural scenery, is popular for hiking, as it offers different scenery in each of Japan's four seasons.

SUP (stand-up paddleboarding) is another activity that can be enjoyed at Lake Okutama, and allows visitors to ride a board on the quiet surface of the lake. You can also rent a bicycle and enjoy trekking through the mountains of Okutama. Hybrid electric bikes are also available for rent, so even those who are not confident in their stamina can enjoy trekking in Okutama comfortably.
[Video] 2:20 - Activities in Okutama

Leaving Lake Okutama and moving to the Nippara area, you'll find the Nippara Limestone Caves, a sightseeing spot created by Mother Nature. The Nippara Limestone Caves are the largest limestone caves in Japan's Kanto region, and there are many attractions to see within the caves, including Buddhist statues and giant frog-shaped rocks. The temperature inside the cave is around 11°C year-round, making it cool in summer and comparatively warm in winter, making it a pleasant place to walk around.

The Tama River, Mt. Mitake, and Other Highlights – Explore the Beautiful Views of the Mitake Gorge

Image of the Gyokudo Art Museum
Photo:Gyokudo Art Museum

The Mitake Gorge hiking course, which starts at JR Ikusabata Station and takes you along the Mitake Gorge Trail to visit tourist spots, can be completed in about an hour and a half on foot. You can also take a break from hiking and stop by the Ozawa Sake Brewery for a sake tasting.
[Video] 0:48 - Ozawa Sake Brewery Sake Tasting

Mitake Gorge is also known for its beautiful autumn foliage, and in the fall, visitors can stroll along the clear streams enjoying while admiring the changing of the leaves.

Mitake Gorge also offers a variety of water-based activities, such as canoeing and rafting. Whether canoeing down the river in the great outdoors or enjoying a thrilling rafting session, you're sure to experience the beauty of the Mitake Gorge.
[Video] 2:12 - Canoeing and SUP in Mitake Gorge

Musashi Mitake Shrine, a Power Spot at the Top of Mt. Mitake

Image of Musashi Mitake Shrine at the summit of Mt. Mitake
Photo:Musashi Mitake Shrine at the summit of Mt. Mitake

Mt. Mitake has long been worshipped as a sacred mountain, and Musashi Mitake Shrine, said to be a power spot, is located at the summit of Mt. Mitake. The guardian deity of the shrine is the Japanese wolf Oguchimagami, also known as O-Inu-sama. The eyes of O-Inu-sama, which are depicted on a talisman with the power to ward off fire and protect against theft, are in the shape of a crescent moon.
[Video] 1:36 - Musashi Mitake Shrine

Along the mountain path leading to Musashi Mitake Shrine, there is also an ancient zelkova tree, which legend has it was planted by Yamato Takeru during his expeditions to the east. Check out the video for a close-up of the zelkova tree.
[Video] 1:18 - The Jindai Keyaki Zelkova

To get to Mt. Mitake, first take the Nishi-Tokyo Bus from Mitake Station on the JR Ome Line to Takimoto Station on the Mitake Tozan Railway. Walking from Takimoto Station to Mt. Mitake takes about 60 minutes, so we recommended taking the cable car to Mt. Mitake. Be sure to check out the scenery from the cable car as well.
[Video] 1:09 - The Takimoto Station Cable Car

Mt. Mitake also offers easy hiking courses that can be enjoyed by both children and the elderly. Please check the Mitake Tozan Railway website for information on various courses.

Summary of Ome, Tokyo Sightseeing

If you still haven't watched the video yet, be sure to check it out, as it's filled with all the charms of Ome. Ome is a place rich in natural beauty, but it is also a place where you can enjoy old-fashioned Showa-retro atmospheres. The Showa Retro Goods Museum exhibits candy shop packages and posters from Japan's Showa period, and is sure to be a memorable experience. It's a great place for Instagrammers and photographers as well.

The museum also serves delicious food, which is a must when sightseeing in Ome. Mayugura, which has a gallery attached to it, serves nutritious and well-balanced meals centering on seasonal vegetables. The plum manju (steamed buns) at Kobaien, a plum confectionery, are perfect as souvenirs. You can also enjoy them inside the restaurant, which also has a tatami room.
[Video] 2:48 - Plum Manju and the Showa Retro Goods Museum

A trip to Ome, Tokyo, will leave you feeling like you're in a different world. We hope you enjoy a satisfying sightseeing trip to Ome that will stimulate all 5 senses!

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Ome City, TokyoOme City, TokyoOme City, Tokyo, one hour from the center of Tokyo, surrounded by great nature, experience Ome's sightseeing spots in this video! Full of activities, gourmet food and attractions! Experience the sightseeing spots in Ome, surrounded by great nature, in this video! Full of activities, gourmet food, and attractions!
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