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A Look at Kofuku Station!

This video, released by "Shinji kawamura," introduces Kofuku Station on the former Japanese National Railways' Hiroo Line that used to run in Hokkaido.
The video is titled "Kofuku Station, a Holy Space for Lovers" (幸福の駅 恋人の聖地 Happy station A sweetheart's holy place).

Aikoku Station (愛国駅) and Kofuku Station (幸福駅) on the former Japan National Railways' Hiroo Line are popular stations that have become nationwide trends.
As you can see from 0:19 in the video, the inside of Kofuku Station is covered with copies of tickets, business cards, photos, and message cards
A tourist once stuck his business card on the wall in the station wishing for happiness and that's how the tradition of stickying lucky cards on the walls was established.

More About Kofuku Station, a Holy Space for Lovers in Hokkaido!

Image of Kokufuki Station - station nameplate, Hokkaido
Photo:Kokufuki Station - station nameplate, Hokkaido

Kofuku Station is a station on the Hiroo Line of the Japan National Railways that used to exist in the town of Kofuku (幸福町, Kofuku-Cho), Obihiro City (帯広市, Obihiro-Shi), Hokkaido.
The popularity of this station has exploded since 1973, when it was featured in NHK TV program "Shin-Nihon-Kiko" (A Travelogue for New Japan) and used as a filming location for a TV drama with the catchphrase "From the Land of Love to Kofuku."
It's said that buying a ticket at this station would bring love and happiness and because of this the station sold 13 million tickets.

Unfortunately, Kofuku station closed on February 2, 1987, when the Hiroo Line was discontinued.
Since the Hiroo Line was discontinued, Kofuku Station has become a railroad park and Aikoku Station was turned into a transportation memorial hall.
Both have become popular tourist destinations.

Things To Do Near Kofuku Station, a Holy Space for Lovers in Hokkaido!

Image of Kofuku Station & a diesel train, Hokkaido
Photo:Kofuku Station & a diesel train, Hokkaido

In 2013, with the concept of "old but new," the station building was renovated to reinforce its earthquake resistance.
A fountain called "Ai-no-Izumi" (The Fountain of Love), and a symbol tree called "Kofuku-no-Ki" were newly installed and the station was reborn as a more attractive site.
The diesel trains, platforms, and abandoned railroad cars are still in their original state, allowing you to glimpse back in time.

At Kofuku Station, known as a holy space for lovers, you can enjoy the "Kofuku Station Happy Ceremony," a wedding experience that includes a commemorative photo shoot while wearing a wedding dress.
At the gift shop in the station building, you can buy souvenirs, such as key chains and tickets.

Summary of "Kofuku Station," a Holy Space for Lovers in Hokkaido!

Image of Kofuku Station & a diesel train, Hokkaido
Photo:Kofuku Station & a diesel train, Hokkaido

The signboard and the Happiness Bell at Kofuku Station are just perfect for Instagram.
There is a Kofuku Shrine near Kofuku Station and an Aikoku Shrine near Aikoku Station.
These are also worth a visit.
Sapporo (札幌, Sapporo) and Hakodate (函館, Hakodate) are the most popular tourist destinations in Hokkaido, but now you might want to believe in the sign of good luck and visit Kofuku Station.

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Wish for Eternal Happiness at Kofuku Station, a Sacred Place for Lovers! The Romantic Station Building in Hokkaido That Was Once Booming Is Still a Popular Tourist Destination Loved by Many People
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