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Alps Azumino National Government Park, the City of Flowers, in Nagano Prefecture

This introductory video of the tulip fields in Alps Azumino National Government Park was created by AQUA Geo Graphic. It's titled "[ 4K UltraHD ] 国営アルプスあづみの公園 - Alps Azumino National Government Park in Spring - (shot on Samsung NX1)."

The beautiful 4k images of the brilliantly colored tulips that cover the fields of Alps Azumino National Government Park are a sight quite like no other!
Did you know Japan had such picturesque scenery?
The beauty caught on camera is a sight you can't afford to miss!

What is Alps Azumino National Government Park?

Alps Azumino National Government Park is a park located in the Koshinetsu region that covers an area from Azumino plateau (安曇野高原, Azumino kougen) in Azumino city (安曇野市, Azuminoshi) to Mount Jonen (常念岳, Jounendake).
The park covers a vast area of land, approximately 353 hectares, with superb views that change from season to season as a variety of flowers such as tulips and rhododendron bloom.

The park is divided into two areas: Horigane, Hotaka district, and Omachi, Matsukawa district.
You can access Horigane, Hotaka district by taking a tour bus from JR Hotaka station (穂高駅, Hotakaeki) which takes around 13 minutes. The Omachi, Matsukawa district, is accessible by the Gururin-go bus from Shinano Omachi station (信濃大町駅, Shinano oomachi eki) and takes around 15 minutes to arrive. Alternatively, you can take the Fureai-go bus which should arrive in around 25 minutes.
There is also free parking available at the park for those who are travelling by car.

As you can see in the video, in spring the fields are covered by approximately 240,000 tulips of 95 different varieties, along with approximately 5,000,000 rapeseed flowers.

The Flowers of Alps Azumino National Government Park

Making use of the high and low grounds of the plateau, from early spring to summer you can enjoy viewing flowers such as cherry blossoms, tulips, rhododendron, and more.
Alps Azumino National Government Park is one of the leading flower viewing spots in Japan, and the magnificent scenery is something that's sure to look great on Instagram!

There are lots of activities and experiences at Alps Azumino National Government Park to keep you entertained; Please make the most of the beautiful landscape and climate of the Shinshu region.

Throughout the video, you can see various flowers blossoming with the with the snow-capped Alps (アルプス山脈, Arupusu sanmyaku) in the background.
Red, pink, yellow, white, purple, blue...
Here you can find a park covered in what looks like a carpet of colorful flowers.

Sightseeing Spots at Alps Azumino National Government Park

Horigane, Hotaka district is divided into two separate zones: a countryside culture zone (田園文化ゾーン, Denenbunka zoon) and a woodland culture zone (里山文化ゾーン, Satoyamabunka zoon).
Horigane, Hotaka district was an area designed to conserve and restore the beautiful Azumino countryside so that we may continue to enjoy the scenery for many more years to come.
The Countryside Culture Zone recreates the bountiful nature of the Japanese Alps and there are facilities and parks where you can take part in various cultural and nature experiences.

On the other hand, the Woodland Culture Zone recreates the traditional woodland scenery of Japan. The area is equipped with facilities where you can experience traditional woodland culture and learn of the natural Azumino environment.

The Omachi, Matsukawa district is also divided into several zones: the Center Zone, Conservation Zone (保全ゾーン, Hozen zoon), Forest Recreation Zone (林間レクレーションゾーン, rinkan rekureeshon zoon), Mountain Stream Recreation Zone (渓流レクレーションゾーン, keiryuu rekureeshon zoon) and lastly the Nature Experience Zone (自然体験ゾーン, shizen taiken zoon). Through various hands on experiences you can learn more about the stunning landscape and environment of the area.

Alps Azumino National Government Park Area Dining Guide

Azumino soba and mountain vegetables are foods associated with the Azumino National Park area, and the local delicacy Kurobe Dam curry (黒部ダムカレー, Kurobe damu karee) is especially popular at the moment.
In hotel restaurants around the nearby JR Hotaka station (穂高駅, Hotaka eki) and Shinano Omachi station (信濃大町駅, Shinano oomachi eki), you can enjoy regional cuisine packed with locally grown produce typical of the rural Shinshu area.
We hope you enjoy the local cuisine on your next trip to Shinshu!

Alps Azumino National Government Park Event Information

Various events are held throughout the year in the Alps Azumino National Government Park area.
The most special of these events is the Summer Alps Adventure (夏のアルプス大冒険, natsunoarupusu daibouken)!
There are many family-friendly events and fun experiences planned every year that you can take part in!
In the winter months you can enjoy the illuminations at night!
For more information, please check the official home page.

Alps Azumino National Government Park Summary

We highly recommend visiting Alps Azumino National Government Park during spring on your next trip to Shinshu.
The traditional Japanese scenery in this vast national park is ever changing due to the different variety of flowers that bloom in each season and with the dramatic Japanese Alps in the background it's a destination you're sure to want to visit again and again.

The beautiful tulip fields of Alps Azumino National Government Park are a sight you have to see to believe!
Please enjoy the beautiful scenery brought to you in the video.

◆Alps Azumino National Government Park◆
【Address】33-4 Horiganekarasugawa, Azumino-shi, Nagano Prefecture 399-8295
【Access】20 minutes drive from Nagano Motorway Toyoshina Interchange (長野自動車道豊科IC, Naganojidoushadou toyoshina IC)
【Hours】9.30am - 5pm (Mar 1st – Jun 30th, Sep 1st – October 31st), 9.30am - 6pm (July 1st – Aug 31st), 9.30am - 4pm (Nov 1st – last day in Feb)
【Holidays】Dec 31st, Jan 1st, every Monday (or Tuesday when Monday is a public holiday)

【Official Website】Alps Azumino National Government Park

【Official Website】Azumino City Hall

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You've Never Seen a View Quite Like This! The Beautiful Tulip Fields Covering Alps Azumino National Government Park in Azumino, Nagano Prefecture, Are a Sight You’ve Got to See to Believe!
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