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A Video Introducing Summer Scenery in Japan's Tohoku Region

This video, titled "Summer Passion in Tohoku, Japan 4K (Ultra HD) - 東北の夏," was uploaded by "TOHOKU JAPAN."

It introduces summer in Japan's Tohoku region, the perfect place for sightseeing while avoiding the summer heat, in beautiful 4K.
There are many things to see and do in the Tohoku region during summer, including appreciating the spectacular natural scenery and enjoying festivals rooted in the culture of the region since ancient times that represent the Tohoku region itself.

Enjoy Summer Festivals in Japan's Tohoku Region

Image of Soma Nomaoi, Fukushima Prefecture
Photo:Soma Nomaoi, Fukushima Prefecture

Tohoku has been attracting more and more tourists from overseas every year, and there are many popular tourist spots where people and nature live in harmony.
In the summer, Japan's Tohoku region is brimming with festivals.
The popular summer festivals introduced in the video are:

Fukushima: Soma Nomaoi [0:21-]
Fukushima: Fukushima Waraji Festival [0:40-]
Aomori: Aomori Nebuta Festival [1:09-]
Akita: Akita Kanto Festival [1:12-]
Iwate: Morioka Sansa Festival [1:15-]
Miyagi: Sendai Tanabata Festival [1:37-]
Yamagata: Yamagata Hanagasa Festival [1:40-]
Yamagata: Shinjo Festival [1:45-]
Akita: Omagari Fireworks Festival [3:00-]

The famous summer festivals in the Tohoku region are also shown.
The Aomori Nebuta Festival, Akita Kanto Festival, and Sendai Tanabata Festival are the three major festivals of the Tohoku region, and are therefore very famous in Japan.
It wouldn't be summer in Japan without the festivals of the Tohoku region.

Enjoy Nature in Mid-Summer in Japan's Tohoku Region

Image of Bentennuma Pond at Goshikinuma
Photo:Bentennuma at Goshikinuma

Fukushima: Goshikinuma Ponds [0:03-]
Fukushima: Sannokura Sunflower Field [0:10-]
Iwate: Jodogahama Beach [0:17-]
Iwate: Geibikei [0:34-]
Yamagata: Tamasudare Falls [0:46-]
Yamagata: Maruike Pond [0:52-]
Miyagi: Izunuma [0:54-]
Akita: Omono River [1:03-]
Miyagi: Zuihoden Temple [1:34-]
Yamagata: Zao Katakainuma Pond [1:54-]
Yamagata: Dokkonuma Swamp [1:57-]

Image of Sea of clouds from Azuma Kofuji
Photo:A sea of clouds from Azuma Kofuji

Miyagi: Katanuma [1:59-]
Iwate: Aragami Shrine [2:01-]
Miyagi: Futakuchi Kyokoku [2:05-]
Aomori: Jigokunuma [2:07-]
Aomori: Tanesashi Coast [2:10-]
Aomori: Ashigezaki Observatory [2:12-]
Fukushima: Azuma-kofuji [2:15-]
Miyagi: Zao Okama [2:24-]
Akita: Mototakifukuryusui [2:29-]
Aomori: Oirase Gorge [2:32-]
Iwate: Motsuji Temple [2:39-]
Akita: Kisakata [2:44-] and so on!

Japan is one of the most developed countries in the world, with the world’s third largest economy and a population of 120 million, but 70% of the country is still covered with forests, so there plenty of rich, natural scenery to enjoy.

Summary of Summer in Japan's Tohoku Region

Image of the Nebuta Festival, Aomori Prefecture
Photo:Nebuta Festival, Aomori Prefecture

Tohoku is also famous for delicious seafood from the seas and fresh ingredients from the mountains.
There are many nationally famous hot springs and scenic spots as well, making it a great place to get away from the stress of daily life.
If the sightseeing spot is in the mountains, you can avoid the heat as the temperature is much cooler at night.
Walking in the woods, surrounded by rich nature, you can revitalize your mind and body.
Japan's Tohoku region is a great place for solo travelers, couples, families and friends to travel.

During Obon, many tourists come to visit the three major festival of Tohoku, so we recommend making reservations early, before the hotels are fully booked.
Enjoy a trip to Japan's Tohoku region and enjoy summer festivals and delicious food!

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