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Kushiro City, Hokkaido

This video “KUSHIRO Hokkaido Japan in 8K HDR - 釧路 [summer ver.]" (KUSHIRO Hokkaido Japan in 8K HDR - 釧路 [summer ver.]), produced by “KUSHIRO Hokkaido Japan,” is a promotional video of Hokkaido's "Kushiro city," located in the eastern area of Hokkaido.
You can see sightseeing destinations and specialties of Kushiro City in high, 8k quality footage.

Kushiro city, a city facing the Pacific Ocean, is located on the eastern side of Hokkaido.
Here, you can enjoy the abundant nature of Kushiro city, and the wildlife unique to the area.

Access to Hokkaido Kushiro city is best done by plane, using the Kushiro Airport.
There are flights from Haneda Airport (Tokyo International Airport) and Itami Airport (Osaka International Airport) to Kushiro Airport.
This video captures the charm of Kushiro City, Hokkaido, in under 4 minutes.
It looks like summer, with the large green expanse spreading out to the horizon.
We hope you enjoy the video clip of Kushiro city, Hokkaido, the largest wetland in Japan.

The Most Famous Sightseeing Spot in Kushiro- Kushiro Marsh

Image of Kushiro Marsh, red crowned cranes
Photo:Kushiro Marsh, red crowned cranes

Kushiro Marsh” is the largest marsh in Japan, spanning 4 cities and towns in Hokkaido, including Kushiro city.
This marsh is designated as natural wildlife reserve, and wildlife, such as “red crowned cranes” and “white tailed sea eagles,” that can be found no where else, live here.
Also, it has been registered under the Ramsar Convention since 1980, to protect the important marsh through international cooperation.

Kushiro Marsh Observatory” is a popular spot among Kushiro city’s many sightseeing spots. From this observatory you can see a 360 degree view of Kushiro Marsh's scenery.Experience a spectacular view reminiscent of the Amazon.
Also, this is one of the best spots in Hokkaido perfect for taking beautiful Instagram photos.
The observatory hall displays a replica of precious flora and fauna from “Kushiro Marsh.”
There are also Kushiro Marsh satellite observatories along the loop trail, which is 100% barrier-free, so be sure to check it out!
Hosooka Observatory, near the Kushiro Marsh Station on Senmo Line, which runs through Kushiro Marsh, is another place we recommend.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors From Kushiro Marsh's Hiking Course

Image of Kushiro Marsh, Hiking
Photo:Kushiro Marsh, Hiking

To those who want to experience the untamed lands of Kushiro Marsh directly, we recommend Onnenai wooden walkway and Tsurui track course at the "Onnenai Visitor Center."
The Onnenai wooden walkway is a roughly 2 km course at Kushiro Marsh, and it takes you along a hiking course where you can breathe in the refreshing air of the Kushiro wetlands. Quite different from sightseeing in the city.

The hiking course also has a 100% barrier-free route, so it's great for those using wheelchairs, or families with strollers.

The Panoramic View From Kushiro Marsh's "Norokko Train"

Image of Kushiro Marsh Norokko Train
Photo:Kushiro Marsh Norokko Train

Train fans don't want to miss the Kushiro Marsh Norokko Train.
Norokko Train is a train that runs between Kushiro and Toro, and it is quite popular among the many trains of Hokkaido.

The 36-degree view of Kushiro Marsh from the window makes you feel as if you have come to another world.
If you're lucky, you might be able to see some of the wildlife in Kushiro Marsh.

Enjoy Canoeing Down the Great Kushiro River

Image of Kushiro Marsh
Photo:Kushiro Marsh

If you're a fan of the outdoors and want to move your body, we recommend Kushiro River’s canoe tour.

In this river tour, you slowly sail through the calm waters of Kushiro River by canoe, and enjoy the nature of Kushiro. You can enjoy another view of “Kushiro Marsh” from the river, which is a vastly different take from the view at the observatory.
The canoe tour has many plans: the 90 minute tour, 1 day tour, and the secret location tour.
Choose the one that best fits your schedule, or even schedule around which plan you want to enjoy.

Sightseeing in Kushiro City, Hokkaido

Kushiro Marsh and Kushiro River are not the only sightseeing spots near Hokkaido's Kushiro City.
At the foot of Oakandake, there is Lake Akan (Akanko) where spherical moss live, as well as the Akanko Hotspring village.
Challenging hiking the Meakandake near the Oakandake is also nice.
The mysterious lake “Onneto” is one of the 3 major secret lakes in Hokkaido, and changes its color by time and the angle you view it from. This is introduced from 1:03 in the video.

There are many sightseeing spots where you can enjoy beautiful, scenic views, for example, Shakubetsu Hill which is popular among train enthusiasts as the best location for the Nemuro Line as it runs through fields. There 's also the popular fishing spot Onbetsu Shore, the 24 hour operated international Kushiro Harbor, the European style Musamai Bridge that spans the Kushiro River, and the Musamai Rotary, as well as the Takimi Bridge which is a great place to view the beautiful autumn leaves, and the Ainu Kotan village where only about 120 people live.

Dining in Kushiro, Hokkaido

Image of Seafood rice bowl
Photo:Seafood rice bowl

This video introduces not only Kushiro's great nature and places of interest, but also many of the city's popular local delicacies.
At Kushiro Washo Market, there are many kinds of seafood on display, and Katte Don (a type of seafood bowl in which you pick your own choice of seafood) is a very popular dish.
We highly recommend this seafood market, for both delicious seafood and sightseeing, when visiting Kushiro.
The fishing industry is quite popular in Kushiro City, with the largest amount of saury landings in Japan. This is seen at 2:02 in the video.

There are many other attractive dishes to try in Kushiro, for example, Kushiro soba and Kushiro ramen, soba sushi, Ganpeki Robata located in Kushiro Fisherman’s Warf, MOO, and Kushiro Robata’s robatayaki.

By the way, did you know that the soul food of Hokkaido, zangi, originated in Kushiro?
You can see these popular Kushiro delicacies from 1:15 in the video.

Summary of Kushiro, Hokkaido

Please watch this video to learn more about the wonders of Kushiro, which this article can't even begin to describe.
There's a lot more to see in the video, and we highly recommend you watch it to see the Ainu’s traditional historical event "Iomante’s Fire Festival," from 3:27.

If this video has you interested in Kushiro city, consider booking a trip there the next time you come to Japan!
Hokkaido is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Japan, and there is a good selection of buses, car rental services, and hotels, so you won't have any trouble getting around.
You'll be amazed at the charm, spectacular scenery, beauty, culture and history of Kushiro city, Hokkaido.

【Official Website】Hokkaido Kushiro City’s City Hall Website (English site)

【Official Website】Kushiro/Akanko Travel Guide Official Website, SUPER FANTASTIC Kushiro Lake Akan (English site)

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