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Popular Spots Around Ichigaya Station

This article features a video by "Tokyo Promotion Channel," titled "Tokyo Ichigaya Promotion."

Ichigaya Station, as seen in the video, is a station of the East Japan Railway Company (JR East), Tokyo Metro, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation (Toei Subway) in the Chiyoda (千代田区, Chiyoda-Ku) and Shinjuku wards (新宿区, Shinjuku-Ku) of Tokyo.
The station name "Ichigaya" can be spelled in a variety of ways in Kanji.
The JR East and Tokyo Metro stations spell Ichigaya "市ケ谷" (with a big "ケ" (ga)) but Toei Subway station spells it "市ヶ谷" (with a small "ヶ"). Both are pronounced the same.

It is located in Gobancho (五番町, Goban-Cho), Chiyoda for JR East, Ichigaya-Tamachi (市谷田町, Ichigaya-Tamachi) 1-chome, Shinjuku for Tokyo Metro, and Kudan-Minami (九段南, Kudan-Minami) 4-chome, Chiyoda for Toei Subway.
In this article, we'll introduce Ichigaya Station and its surrounding tourist spots.

Popular Sightseeing Locations Around Ichigaya Station

Image of Akasaka Palace, a guesthouse in Ichigaya, Tokyo
Photo:Akasaka Akasaka-Rikyu, a state guesthouse in Ichigaya, Tokyo

In the Ichigaya area around Ichigaya Station, the north side is a historic high-end residential district, while the south side is lined with universities, schools, and offices that attract many young people.

Ichigaya is bounded by and around Yasukuni-dori, Gaien-higashi-dori, Okubo-dori and Ushigome-chuo-dori (Ichigaya, Akebonobashi, Ushigome-yanagicho and Ushigome-kagurazaka railroad stations) and corresponds to the northern part of the section of Yasukuni-dori from Gaien-higashi-dori to Gaien-nishi-dori.

In Ichigaya, there are many popular facilities and sightseeing spots for people of all ages.
These include Akasaka Palace, the Ministry of Defense, the Ground Self-Defense Force Ichigaya Base, the Tokyo District Court, Sotobori Park, the Shinjuku Historical Museum, Sainenji Temple, Oiwa Inari Tamiya Shrine, Tokaido Yotsuya Kaidan, the Tokyo Toy Museum, and Fire Museum Tokyo.

Other Sightseeing Spots Around Ichigaya Station

Image of Chidorigafuchi in Ichigaya, Tokyo
Photo:Chidorigafuchi in Ichigaya, Tokyo

Chidorigafuchi [0:22~]
Chidorigafuchi is a moat that was created by blocking off the Tsubonesawa River, (局沢川, Tsubonesawa-Gawa) with earthen bridges at Hanzomon Gate and Tayasumon Gate during the expansion of Edo Castle after the opening of Edo.
The moat is located on the northwest side of the Imperial Palace and is famous as one of the best flower viewing spots in Tokyo as it is full of beautiful cherry blossoms in spring.

・Fukuju Shrine [0:33~]
Fukuju Shrine is a small shrine built by an Edo period bannerman in a corner surrounded by offices and houses.
Although the deity, origin, and the year of its founding aren't known, it's still a popular spot in the community. ・Takatoro (Jotomyo-dai) Stone Lantern [0:42~] Takatoro (Jotomyo-dai) was built in 1871 along Yasukuni-dori in Chiyoda, Tokyo.
At the time of its construction, it served as a lighthouse as it was very close to the sea.
To the people of Tokyo at the time of its construction, it was a tower to show the power of the newly formed government of the Emperor, and is now sometimes called New Edo Tower.

Nihon Ki-in [1:05~]
Nihon Ki-in is located in Gobancho, Chiyoda, Tokyo, in front of Ichigaya Station.
It's the headquarters of the Japanese Go community, and is a place where the traditional culture of Go has been inherited and cultivated since ancients times, and is a place where many professionals are trained.

Summary of Ichigaya, a Popular Spot in Tokyo

Image of Ichigaya Station, Tokyo
Photo:Ichigaya Station, Tokyo

Ichigaya has long been famous as a high-end residential area.
Because of its convenience, it's always full of people who wish to live there.

Ichigaya Station is home to many prominent buildings in Japan and offers easy access to major cities in Tokyo.
Ichigaya is a safe and appealing place to be, so be sure to explore the area when visiting Tokyo!

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