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The Udon Prefecture - Kagawa!

This video, titled "VISIT KAGAWA Promotion," was produced by "Udon Prefecture" (うどん県), the official channel of Kagawa Prefecture.

As you may or may not know, Kagawa Prefecture is famous for its Sanuki udon.

You can see delicious looking udon, such as kake udon or kamaage udon during this video (0:34).
However, Kagawa Prefecture has more to offer than just its delicious udon!

Art and History in Kagawa

Image of a Woman Traveling Around Shrines and Temples
Photo:A Woman Traveling Around Shrines and Temples

Naoshima (直島: Naoshima), shown in the video (1:00), is a famous island where you can enjoy modern art.
If you want to immerse yourself in the world of art, we recommend visiting Kagawa Prefecture's Higashiyama Kaii Setouchi Art Museum, the “Marugame Genichiro – Inokuma Museum of Contemporary Art,” and Kagawa Prefectural Art Museum.”
Also, don't miss the Hyoryu Post Office, with a collection of unaddressed letters, and Zenigata Sunae of Kannongi City (観音寺市: Kannongi – Shi ).

Kagawa Prefecture, is also famous for Shikoku Henro, a pilgrimage through the 88 temples of Shikoku.
You can visit famous historical temples, shrines, and castles such as Kotohiragu, Zentsuji, Marugame jyo and Takamatsu jyo.
We also recommend checking out Japanese traditional art and culture at the former Konpira Grand Theatre, the oldest theatre in Japan.

Art Appreciation in Kagawa Prefecture!

Image of Ogijima seen from Megijima
Photo:Ogijima seen from Megijima

Ogijima (男木島: Ogijima), known as "Cat Island," and Megijima (女木島: Megijima) with the Onigashima cavern are two more famous tourist spots in Kagawa.
Shodoshima (小豆島: Shodoshima), famous for "Angel Island", and Tsushima (津島: Tsushima), known as a power spot of Tsushima Shrine are also great places to visit.

From a ferry, you can see a beautiful view of Seto Shirube (The guide of Seto), a famous red light house.
Also, Yashima (屋島:Yashima) in the middle of Seto O-Hashi bridge is another spot where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the ocean!

Tons of Sightseeing Locations in Kagawa Prefecture!

Image of Low tide of Chichigahama
Photo:Low tide at Chichigahama

Kagawa Prefecture has many scenic locations to visit, such as Kuribayashi park, Sanuki Manno National Government Park, Flower Park Urashima, and the Shotsuji Mountain observation deck.

Also you shouldn’t miss Chichibugahama (父母ヶ浜: Chichibugahama), an instagrammable location known as the “Salar de Uyuni of Japan,” and Honenike Dam, a dam with the oldest masonry in Japan.
If you have children, we recommend visiting New Reomaworld or Sanuki Kodomonokuni.

Kagawa Prefecture Summary

Kagawa prefecture, facing the Seto Inland Sea, has more than enough tourist locations to see during a one or two day trip.
We recommend lining up your visit with the Sanuki Takamatsu Festival, the Kotohira Festival, the Sanuki Toyohama Chosa Festival, and other popular festivals and events if possible.

  There is various transportation, including buses and trains, in Kagawa prefecture as well.
You can go anywhere you want without needing car.
Also there are many places to stay as well, making Kagawa Prefecture very tourist friendly.
If you want to see beautiful views and rare contemporary art, be sure to visit Kagawa Prefecture!

【Official Website】Official Website run by Kagawa Prefecuture

【Official Website】Udon Prefecture Travel Net: Kagawa Prefecture Tourism Association Official Site

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