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Making Inaniwa Udon

This video shows how "Inaniwa Udon," a specialty of Akita Prefecture, said to be one of Japan's top 3 udon noodles, is made.

As you can see in the video, Inaniwa Udon is made through several steps:

1. Neri (練り): Kneading
2. Komaki (小巻): The noodles are cut into pieces, stretched out to about 1.5 cm in thickness, and coiled inside a tub.
3. Nai (綯い): This involves wrapping the noodles around two small bars that resemble a sort of "noodle loom."
4. Tsubushi (つぶし): Using a special rolling pin to flatten the noodles that have been wrapped around the bars.
5. Nobashi (延ばし): Lengthening the noodles by hanging, etc.
6. Kansou (乾燥): Drying the noodles.
7. Saidan (裁断): Cutting the noodles to length.
8. Senbetsu (選別): Separating and removing any imperfect noodles.

Inaniwa udon has a long history of being served to lords since the Edo period, and it was not allowed to be eaten by ordinary people.
It is characterized by its translucent milky white color, smooth, slippery texture, and firm noodles.

Be sure to try a bowl if you get the chance!

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Last Updated : Sep. 15, 2020
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These Noodles Go Down Smooth! Inaniwa Udon - How One of Japan's Top 3 Udons Is Made!
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