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Camping and Gas Canisters in Japan

Japan is experiencing an unprecedented camping boom. Its popularity is increasing year after year. There are two types of gas cans used for camping in Japan: "OD cans," short for "OutDoor Cans," and "CB cans" (Cassette Bombe Cans), which are used in at home. In Japan, "CB cans" are inexpensive and easily obtainable, but in some cases, "OD cans" are better for camping. In this article, we'll take a look at the different gas canisters used for camping in Japan.

Video Introduction

This video, titled "[Gas] the Difference Between CB Cans and OD Cans. Which Is Better for Camping and How to Use Them Properly" (【ガス】CB缶とOD缶の違いについて キャンプでは結局どっちがいいのか?使い分けのポイントについて解説), was uploaded by "Sports Authority" (スポーツオーソリティ).

Japan's Different Types of Gas Canisters

In this video, a specialist in outdoor equipment explains Japan's gas canisters in detail. Gas canisters are necessary for using gas burners, cassette stoves, and lighting lanterns when camping and enjoying other outdoor activities in Japan. However, because there are different types, you might be confused about which one is best for you.

If you choose the wrong canister when venturing outdoors, you may not be able to start a fire. This time, we'll introduce Japan's gas canisters so that anyone, from beginners to experienced campers, can experience camping in Japan with ease. Learn the differences and be prepared for camping!

The Difference Between CB and OD Gas Canisters

Image of an OD can gas canister
Photo:An OD can gas canister

CB cans are vertical cassette cylinders used not only for camping but also for gas stoves in many homes in Japan. They are generally inexpensive and can be purchased at convenience stores and 100-yen stores, making them easy to obtain and use. The two main components are butane and isobutane. There are also CB cans that contain propane gas, but these are far less common.

OD cans, on the other hand, are round, stout, and are made with containers that can withstand pressure. Available at specialty stores and home centers across Japan, they are more expensive than CB cans and contain 30 to 35% propane gas. The canisters themselves are also thicker and feature a strong, stable output that is resistant to cold.

The Components of Gas Canisters and Their Boiling Points

Image of a gas stove
Photo:A gas stove

Butane, isobutane, and propane have different boiling points. The boiling point of butane is around 0°C, isobutane is around -10°C, and propane is around -40°C. This means that propane gas is the most resistant to cold.
[Video] 3:00 - Boiling point of liquid gases

As the liquid gas vaporizes, it takes heat from its surroundings, so the gas canister gets colder as it is used. Therefore, even outside of extremely cold weather, it's possible that a gas can will become cold and unusable while in use.

Even in the spring and fall, depending on the time of day and location, the outside temperature can drop below 10℃. In such cases, it's a good idea to have an OD can that can withstand the cold. When camping in Japan, you'll probably make fewer mistakes if you purchase not only inexpensive CB cans but also OD cans with stronger output just in case.

How to Properly Dispose of Gas Canisters in Japan

Image of gas canister disposal
Photo:Disposing of gas canisters

When disposing of gas canisters in Japan it's important to empty the contents of the containers before discarding them. Hold the can and shake it to see if it makes any noise. If the OD can has a cap that can be used to vent the gas, use it to make a hole in the can, or if not, use specialized items available at stores to vent the gas.

That being said, some municipalities in Japan recommend not opening holes in gas canisters, so be sure to dispose of them correctly according to guidelines prescribed by the local government.

Summary of Gas Canisters for Camping in Japan

Most people tend to focus on the inexpensive CB cans, but hopefully this has helped you understand the differences and merits between CB and OD cans. The expert in the video listens to customer questions and feedback as well, so you know they're looking out for the best interests of the customer.

If you're particular about how you want your food cooked when camping then output is especially important. Be sure to do your research when deciding which gas canisters to buy.

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CB or OD? Gas Canisters for Camping in Japan: Which Gas Canister Is Right for You?
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