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Handy Goods From Japan's 100-Yen Shops

Camping is immensely popular in Japan! With camping's rise in popularity, solo campers looking to explore nature are on the rise. However, it can be a bit pricey to get started camping when you have to buy all of the equipment. This is where 100-yen shops like DAISO, Seria, and Watts come in handy. In this article, we'll introduce some 100-yen items that can be used for solo camping.

Video Introduction

This video, titled "[100-Yen Camping Gear] 100-Yen Items That kimu23 Would Use When Solo Camping" (【100均キャンプ道具】きむ23のソロキャンプに使えそうな100均アイテム), was uploaded by "CAMP HACK," a channel run by kim23, a popular Japanese YouTuber and avid solo camper.

For important items, like tents, sleeping bags, and sierra cups, you can get authentic outdoor gear, but for casual camping gear and useful outdoor goods, 100-yen shops are the place to go!

At Japan's 100-yen shops, you can find many lightweight and easy-to-use items. You may find it easier to get started with solo camping casually by first purchasing 100-yen items, and then gradually moving on to more authentic camping gear.

Japan's 100-Yen Shops and Camping Equipment

Image of DAISO

The three 100-yen stores that carry the stylish camping equipment featured in the video are DAISO, Seria, and Watts.
In response to Japan's recent solo camping boom, 100-yen shops now offer full lineups of outdoor-related goods. Also, you can use different items for different purposes, such as kitchenware and gardening tools, by slightly modifying them, or even by making your own camping tools. The best part is that 100-yen goods are easy on the wallet!

Precautions When Buying Camping Gear From Japan's 100-Yen Shops

Image of outdoor goods for sale
Photo:Outdoor goods for sale

In the video introduced here, goods from a 100-yen store are used as outdoor items. However, it's important to note that some of the items in the video are not used how they were originally intended to be used. Since this is not how the manufacturer recommends using them, if you use them as camping equipment, you'll be using them at your own risk. Care should also be taken around campfires.

Outdoor Equipment From Japan's 100-Yen Shops Shown in the Video

So, with that out of the way, let's take a look at the 100-yen camping gear introduced in the video. These 100-yen items, which are not originally intended for outdoor use, are transformed into useful outdoor goods! Check out the video to see how they're used!

■5-Piece 500 Yen Burner
Boil water and enjoy simple cooking with just 5 items: a stainless-steel plate, a stainless-steel bowl, a paulownia wood cutting board, solid fuel, and a cooker stand from Seria!
[Video] 1:00 - ¥500 Burner made with 5 100-yen items

■A tiered accessory container that can be used as a seasoning container.
Store salt, pepper, and other powdered seasonings in these containers made to hold small beads, decorative parts, and other items. The small containers can also be connected together, and there's even an 8-tiered type as well, so those who are particular about their spices can use this to keep their camping food nice and tasty!
[Video] 3:04 - A seasoning container using an accessory case

■Cosmetic carrying containers for liquid condiments
Seria's cosmetic refill set can hold three types of liquids. It comes with a clear zip-up case, which is great for preventing leaks.
[Video] 4:33 - Cosmetic containers used for liquid condiments

■Bungee cord with clips
When camping or outdoors, there are sure to be times when you want to hang something to dry. In such cases, Seria's bungee cord with clips can be used for various purposes. Since both ends can be hooked to something, you can hang various things by hooking the cord to a tarp and then hanging different items with the clips.
[Video] 5:27 - Bungee cord with clips

■Flexible band carabiner for hanging a lantern
The band can be wrapped around a pole to hang a lantern.
[Video] 6:05 - Flexible band with carabiner

■A tableware band to hold cups together
Even when camping solo, you may want to bring some small dishes with you. In such cases, these tableware band can hold the dishes firmly together when stacked.
[Video] 6:30 - Tableware band

■Ultra-light stainless steel chopsticks
Lightweight and non-slip stainless steel chopsticks
[Video] 7:00 - Stainless steel chopsticks

■Mini tongs that don't tip over when set down
Although palm-sized, these tongs are surprisingly convenient even for grabbing heavy items.
[Video] 7:18 - Mini BBQ tongs

■Mini crates for LP gas canisters
These mini crates are stackable if you have several of them. They're great for neatly storing smaller items when solo camping.
[Video] 7:35 - Mini crates

■A mini stool that you can place items on
The mini crates above, as well as other items you don't want to set on the ground, can be placed on top of this simple folding chair from Seria.
[Video] 8:03 - Mini stool

■Stylish garbage bags
If you don't like the look of simple trash bags, Seria's temperature retaining paper bags can be used to create a brightly colored trash corner. They're also convenient for separating burnable and non-burnable trash.
[Video] 8:20 - Temperature retaining bags as trash bags for solo camping

■A mini pipe-hammer that's more than meets the eye
DAISO's mini hammer can also be used to hammer stakes. It may require a little technique, but it's great for when you want to lighten your load as much as possible when solo camping.
[Video] 9:32 - Mini stake hammer

■ A carabiner for use in places where stakes can't be used
If there are trees or stones in the place where you want to stake a rope and you can't, you can use DAISO's 3-hook carabiner to split the rope into two halves. A small item that does an unexpectedly large job.
[Video] 10:03 - 3-hook carabiner

■A wire trash rack used as a firewood rack
A trash rack used with a plastic bag becomes a firewood rack, to avoid firewood getting wet from being placed on the ground. It is also lightweight and compact.
[Video] 10:54 - Wire firewood rack

■An amazing stainless steel towel rack used as a side table
A stainless-steel towel rack that can be used as a side table for solo campers. The shape can be used to hang things as well. It can be used for other purposes as well, according to your needs.
[Video] 11:21 - Campfire side table

■Sliding wire sink rack
Usually used for sinks, but can also be hooked to a fire pit to boil water.
[Video] 11:59 - Campfire rack

■Hanging clips for hanging up chopsticks and cups
Can be used to hang chopsticks or gloves that to prevent them from falling on the ground
[Video] 13:45 - Hanging clips

■900 yen for a convenient rack
Assembling Watts' 3-tier Multi Free Rack allows you to organize your smallest goods for easy access.
[Video] 14:55 - Multi free rack

Summary of 100-Yen Shop Camping in Japan

Camping is an outdoor leisure activity that can be enjoyed by one person or many, but it can require a large budget to prepare a full-scale set of camping equipment. For more expensive items, you can go for rentals or look for deals at specialty stores, but for smaller items, 100-yen goods can do the trick, as shown in the video.
Solo camping, in particular, often involves day-trip camping and carrying gear alone, so compact 100-yen camping gear can be very useful!
It is valuable to have information that introduces items that someone has actually used and found useful. Be sure to take a look at the video, which shows how these 100-yen camping items can be used.

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