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Chopstick Rubber Band Guns!

This video is titled "Easy★How to Make Chopsticks Rubber Guns★Handmade Toy" (簡単★ 割り箸ゴム鉄砲の作り方 ★手作りおもちゃ).

The chopstick rubber band gun is a popular toy among Japanese children.
It uses chopsticks, which is a very familiar item for Japanese people, to create a gun shape by tying them together with rubber bands.

They're not too difficult to make, so try to follow along and make your own as we explain the process.

Making a Chopstick Rubber Band Gun

First, prepare 3 wooden chopsticks, a few rubber bands and a pair of scissors.
If the chopsticks are still stuck together, break them apart so we can begin making the rubber band gun.
As you can see at 0:37 in the video, we'll be using the chopsticks and rubber bands to assemble it.
The grip of the gun is made by cutting the chopsticks into pieces with scissors. This is shown at 2:11 in the video.

The firing mechanism of the chopstick rubber band gun is simple, and you can make the rubber band fly far by hooking one to the finished gun and shooting.
When you finish making one, use a laundry clip as a scope to aim at your target.
You can see the rubber band gun being shot at 5:45 in the video.

Making a Strong Chopstick Rubber Band Gun

Image of Chopstick Rubber Band Gun
Photo:Chopstick Rubber Band Gun

You can make cool handmade guns other than the one in the video, such as a laundry clip pistol, a multi-fire pistol, dual handguns, and a gatling gun.
There are even crazy strong guns like machine guns, sniper rifles, and semi-automatic gun.

Use the internet to search how to make the more advanced rubber band guns and try making one with your friends!
These days, there are classes and workshops for chopstick rubber band guns. We recommend giving one a try!

Rubber Band Gun Competitions

The Japan Rubber Band Gun Shooting Association was established in November 2000. It is an organization that aims to popularize rubber band guns, including the chopsticks rubber band gun variation.

The Japan Rubber Gun Shooting Association has established three rules: Matchbox, Fly Shoot, and Coin Pendulum, as official rubber band gun competitions, and there are also events and competitions held.

Summary of Rubber Band Chopsticks

In this article we talked about how to create chopstick rubber band guns.
The chopsticks rubber band gun is a handmade toy that can also be enjoyed by adults.
We recommend making one during your summer vacation!

Check out the video to see how to make chopstick rubber band guns and try to create a powerful device!

【Official Website】Japan Rubber Band Gun Shooting Association

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Last Updated : Sep. 15, 2020
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How to Make a Chopstick Rubber Band Gun: An Easy to Follow Tutorial Video for the Handmade Toy. All You Need Is Rubber Bands and Chopsticks to Create a Powerful, High-Quality Toy!
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