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This video, titled "[Handmade] How to Make a Bamboo-Copter" (【手作り】たけとんぼの作り方), was released by "Ekapyon Maru" (えかぴょん丸).
There are many bamboo forests in Japan, and various tools and toys have been made from cut bamboo since long ago.
The bamboo-copter shown in the video is a popular toy that is easy to make.

Bamboo-copters require thin blades that act as propellers and a stick that is used to build up momentum.
The way in which the wings are shaved changes the way the bamboo-copter flies, so it's important to make the wings very thin.
The finished bamboo-copter can be flown and played with as shown at 6:48 in the video.
If making your own is too difficult, you can buy bamboo-copters from grocery stores, candy stores, and online as well!

Enjoy a Traditional Japanese Kids Toy, the Bamboo-Copter! This Video Will Show You How to Make One!
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