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The Shinshu Ueda Fireworks Festival of Ueda, Nagano: Video Introduction

This video, titled "[4K] An Up-Close & Powerful Display! Sparks Rain From Above! The Shinshu Ueda Fireworks Festival 2018 Highlights" ([4K] 激近大迫力!- 火の粉が上から降ってくる - 信州上田大花火大会 2018 ハイライト - Shinshu Ueda Fireworks 2018 Highlights -), was uploaded by "AQUA Geo Graphic."

Ueda, Nagano – The Town and the History of Shinshu Ueda Fireworks Festival

Image of Ueda from the Arato Castle Ruins
Photo:Ueda from the Arato Castle Ruins

Ueda, Nagano, located in Japan's Koshin'etsu region, is known as the birthplace of the three generations of Sanada, one of the most influential clans in Japanese history, and is a popular tourist destination with its historical and cultural heritage, magnificent nature, and hot springs that can be enjoyed in Japan's four seasons. The historical atmosphere of the city has led to it being used as a filming location for movies and TV dramas.
Since it was the setting for the animated movie Summer Wars, some fans go on a tour of the places that served as models in the movie itself.

The Shinshu Ueda Fireworks Festival is held every year on August 5 from the banks of the Chikuma River (Shinano River) in Ueda, Nagano, and usually attracts more than 100,000 spectators.
After being cancelled for two years due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, the 35th annual fireworks display was scheduled to be held in 2022.

A Beautiful Fireworks Display Created by Skilled Pyrotechnicians

Image of Shinshu Ueda Fireworks Festival 2018
Photo:Shinshu Ueda Fireworks Festival 2018

The Shinshu Ueda Fireworks Festival consists of a competition among three local fireworks companies.

・Beniya Aoki Fireworks (紅屋青木煙火店)
・Shinohara Fireworks (篠原煙火店)
・Musha Fireworks (武舎煙火工業)

The Shinshu Ueda Fireworks Festival, which has become a summer tradition in Ueda, Nagano, is made possible by the advanced technology of three local firework companies. Normally, 3,000 stars are packed into a firework shell.
If even a few of them are out of alignment, the resulting explosion will be lackluster.

It is no exaggeration to say that the Shinshu Ueda Fireworks Festival is a success due to the incredibly skilled pyrotechnicians.

The Shinshu Ueda Fireworks Festival – Up Close and Personal

The Shinshu Ueda Fireworks Festival is a popular fireworks display in Nagano Prefecture because of its diverse program. The night sky is completely lit up as approximately 10,000 fireworks of various sizes are launched, centering on the gorgeous starmine and musical fireworks.
In addition, the finale, a series of launches, is a spectacle that captivates the audience. The powerful music and the continuous launching of fireworks herald the arrival of summer in Ueda.

One of the reasons why the Shinshu Ueda Fireworks Festival is said to be so powerful is that the spectator seats are close to where the fireworks are launched. Because of the proximity, the spectators are sometimes sprayed with sparks from the fireworks.

Summary of the Shinshu Ueda Fireworks Festival

The 31st Shinshu Ueda Fireworks Festival in 2018 was broadcast live on the Internet.
The popularity of the event can be seen in the many photos and videos posted on Japanese Twitter as well.

If you would like to experience not only the beauty of the fireworks seen in this video of the Shinshu Ueda Fireworks Festival, but also the power sounds and vibrations, considering seeing the fireworks in person.

◆Information for the 35th Shinshu Ueda Fireworks Festival 2022◆
【Date】Friday, August 5, 2022, from 7:00 p.m.
【Address】The Chikuma River (downstream from Tokidashin Bridge)
Public Transportation: JR Ueda Station, Shinano Railway Ueda Station, Ueda Electric Railway Ueda Station→5 min. walk
Car: 6 km/15 min. from Ueda-Sugadaira IC on the Joshinetsu Expressway via Route 144
【Parking】No parking available (please use paid parking lots around the venue)

【Official Website】UEDA – Nostalgic Japan/Nostalgic Castle Town

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The Shinshu Ueda Fireworks Festival – An Up-Close Fireworks Display Created by Local Pyrotechnicians in Nagano Prefecture!
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